Y&R’s Sharon Should Have Listened

Adam (Michael Muhney) and Sharon (Sharon Case) may have gone boink in the night, but maybe she should have listened to Jack’s (Peter Bergman) warnings. Watch the Y&R promo after the jump.

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    Is it me or have Sharon and Adam only been friends for two days?  That was quick…but did anyone catch Wednesday’s episode and she said something about Hope?  I had forgot that Sharon/Nick were together when Victor was married to Hope before Adam was born.

    Sharon better put THREE bullets in the chest of Adam when the truth is revealed!  He needs to die!

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    I can see where the actors playing Sharon and Adam may have an onscreen chemistry which apparently is pleasing to some fans but the idea of a relationship between the two considering the background is just horrible and wrong.  I can’t even begin to imagine how the writers are going to bring the baby incident to light, if they  ever plan to do so.  Having Sharon  become so dependent on having a man in her life( that she is willing to bed just about anyone who shows her the slightest amount of attention ) is sad and pathetic. IMO, it’s ruining her character and demeaning in so many ways. :(    

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    I dont know, but these days Y&R seems to be the soap to avoid like the plague.
    Its going in a direction that not number one soap direction. Instead its going backward.
    For instance, for the months of September and October it was all about the Newmans. Then the previous months before, it was something else. I am seriously not feeling Y&R these days.

    Sharon Case’s character has not evolved into nothing but the slut next door. She is hopping from one bed to another. I really can’t see the direction that Y&R is going with this character. I really thought after most of this year, Sharon would have picked up herself up and do something that seems to say I want to be a different person.

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    Doesn’t anyone at this show know how to pace a story? This is so fast, and so contrived. This is only happening because we are supposed to be so devastated when Sharon learns the truth, and has another breakdown, before she finds another man to ride. Add in the weird, creepy Adam character and the lack of chemistry and none of it works for me.

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     Doesn’t anyone at this show know how to pace a story? 

    Times like this I miss Bill Bell.  He was GREAT at pacing stories.  This whole romance just isn’t working.  It’s too rushed!
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    Sharon is Nasty with a capital "N"  ~sigh~ I really need her to go to a Sex Anonymous meeting.  Seriously, Sharon….bedding Adam?  Do you even know this dude?

    And Adam is a fool.  Doesn’t he know that EVERYONE has had a turn with Sharon in the last three months, at least!?  This show is a MESS!

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     I am no fan of Sharon, the character but that is not the issue! Sharon was Nick and Jack ‘s wife!! Adam has done some horrible things/criminal things BUT Sharon does not know this stuff so that is not valid, Sharon barely knows Adam and after a few weeks, she gets him into bed. But simply because she was married to Nick and has a history with him she should not be involved that way with any male member of his family. It is morally wrong not mention totally disgusting.

    You know if this is written the right way, this would change everything between Nick and Sharon. Sharon has now slept with Nick’s brother. This should have also  changed the way Jack sees her as she had an affair with his brother too. If I had a brother and my wife, girlfriend, ex, etc had been involved with him, I could never be with her again and the way I viewed her would be different.

    I could never get involved with a lady my brother had been married to or involved with in any way. That is the point!  You just don’t do that!

    Sharon Abbott is now Y&R’s Brooke from B&B. It’s official!

    I just don’t get it how Jack or Nick could look at her the same way again. I mean, she has banged their brothers! It should change it all just because of that. And what makes this so bad, is that Sharon knows exactly what she is doing and sees nothing wrong with this picture– her having been married to Jack and Nick and a history with both and then beds their brothers.

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    Some serious sexism going on here – people have talked about Sharon this way since her Diego days.  If a girl wants to get some, and enjoys it, more power to her. 

    I think this story has the potential of Bill-Laura-Mickey of the 70’s on DOOL when the paternity of Mike was not revealed for years, and much story spun from it.  I too am surprised MAB switched from following BB’s style after copying it, but I am looking at the show now as Another World meets Edge of Night, and I am accepting it.

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    [quote=sillysoapsupporter]Sharon is Nasty with a capital "N"  ~sigh~ I really need her to go to a Sex Anonymous meeting.  Seriously, Sharon….bedding Adam?  Do you even know this dude?

    And Adam is a fool.  Doesn’t he know that EVERYONE has had a turn with Sharon in the last three months, at least!?  This show is a MESS![/quote]

    Ain’t that the truth! Well, She has been married to Nick and Jack, both care about her, love at some level and despite the history with both she doesn’t respect it and bangs their brothers. How totally disgusting!

    Nick and Jack may never see her the same way again because now there is no illness. She knows exactly what she is doing. She barely knows Adam and beds him within a few weeks.  DISGUSTING!!

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    I see a "Who Killed Adam" story coming. There’ll be  many suspects, in fact most of the cast have good reasons to want him dead. MM is not long for this show, it’s only a matter of time.

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    I saw the scene on tv before I saw this. I almost threw up in my mouth. Adam needs to die a long, slow, cruel, painful death. Sharon needs to throw herself into an active volcano. I’ll never look at her the same now.

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    "Some serious sexism going on here – people have talked about Sharon this way since her Diego days.  If a girl wants to get some, and enjoys it, more power to her. "

    She wants to get some from the man who lied to her that her baby died of birth deformities. She doesn’t know that. If anything is sexist in this story it’s the writers. Not only do they repeatedly use Sharon as a blow-up doll to try to cause conflict between the men in her life, but they don’t even have the guts to allow Sharon to have a voice in this. Instead she is always reacting to men, she is always in the dark, or, as with her fling with Billy, they try to tell us she is mentally ill and can’t be blamed for her actions.

    Sharon is possibly the least empowered heroine I can remember.

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    Sharon is a HO…pure and simple. This is hard for me to say because Sharon and Dru were my favorite characters on this show! I know some prostitutes who would question Sharon’s morality!

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    The fact that Adam stole Sharons baby and gave it to Ashley simply to cover his ass is heinous enough, but now he is in her pants and no doubt will go as far as he has to, simply to "put Nick in his place".

    I said it before, and I’ll say ita again, Adam needs to die, not now,…….. right now.

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    The writers really piss me off here. To mix these two up – and then that fast – it’s just not right. And I begin to think that the MAB team writes only pathetic woman, who just doesn’t wanna know better.
    Sharon and Adam don’t know each other that long. And we go from a little kiss, to a love confession to sex in like two days!?!?!?
    In GC time, these two know each other as friends FOR A WEEK!!! A damn week for heaven’s sake. What’s wrong here?
    They can play other storylines over months and months and have to rush these in days??? Seriously!?!?!?

    IDK who much more I can take of this crap. The pairing itself is just wrong, but the writing for them is plain stupid too.

    I mean, do I hear wedding bells at Christmas? No, no, no! This has to stop. The entire storyline has to end already. Let Ashley and Sharon find out the truth about the baby.
    Give Sharon a decent love interest for once and not the lying bastards of GC.

    And send Adam to soap hell where he belongs. I feel sorry for Michael Muhney, but Adam has to die! It’s time a Newman loses his life and Adam is the perfect choice. The misery he is in … he can’t get out of there. Sadly the role got ruined by the writers after Muhney took over and that’s why I also begin to really miss Chris Engen’s portrayal these days. No disrespect to Michael, but the all-american boy could play the guilt Adam must feel so much better. Chris’ Adam was always conflicted with himself, Michael’s Adam seems just cruel and you can’t even believe him anything about feelings or the mistakes he supposedly regreds. Sorry, just not working for me!

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     Hey Jillian,

    I thought we were going to see the strong Sharon who wasn’t going to be taking no mess. What happened? I’m so sick of Y&R and how in the world are they staying in first place in the rating.  Too many people at home with nothing to do but watch them.

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    This writing team just can’t write an independent woman. Haven’t seen any in a long time…

    I don’t see a strong Sharon appearing onscreen anytime soon. I thought they would give the character a break after what they did to Sharon this year, but with this it seems like she is where she was several months ago. Getting involved with a man without thinking it through.

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    I don’t care that Sharon is having sex…I just have a problem with the person she is doing it with.  I don’t like her and Adam.  It’s disgusting!  She can get her freak on with anyone else besides him.

    Everyone on soaps sleeps around so that’s nothing new.  I am upset that she is being stupid with sleeping with Adam.  I mean like Jack was telling her, just a few months ago she was yelling at Jack saying you can’t trust him and now all of a sudden she is sleeping with the man.  Come on…NOT BUYING IT!!

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    I say live and let die. Adam has done some things but Sharon might be able to change him. Her love for him could make him a better man. She’ll just need to remember to forgive, forgive, forgive.

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    Poor dirty bird Sharon! Those two are hot together but no! And thank God for Sharon Case b/c no matter what they give her she sells it. And kudos to Michael Muhney too.

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    At 14secs does it look like Sharon is pregnant? I really think it’s a bad camera angle but IT BLEW ME AWAY for a second. And then it got me thinking…PLEASE do not let Sharon get pregnant by Adam! That will just complicate things more.

    I know that the writers and cast like MM but I can’t see the character of Adam staying for years to come. Y&R has had their history of redeeming characters but I for one miss the softer sympathetic side to him. Chris E had a way of playing a touch of vulnerabilty. Now that Adam’s house arrest is over he seems to show no remorse for any of his past or recent actions.

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    I quit watching this show, after hardly ever missing an episode since the 1980’s, about two months ago.  Right about the time of the Ashleigh / Sharon baby switch.  I follow the updates via this and other forums, hoping that things will sound more promising and I can return to watching it.  Sadly, it just keeps getting worse.  I would suspect that many former fans feel the same way.  Sharon’s excrutiatingly slow spiral into a crack house; Michael’s constant role as Sir Lancelot rescuing his mother or his brother; Ashleigh’s idiotic foray into motherhood – they finally went too far and drove this fan away.  I know I’m only one person, but I’m one less person for the advertisers to peddle their wares to.  Maybe some day the writing will get back on track and I’ll once again enjoy my afternoons from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

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    Scott Novick

    Properly written, this could pay off in the long run. The irony of Sharon being attracted, in her grieving, to the man who unbeknownst to her took her baby away, could mean a big payoff when the truth comes out, and the fact that he’s her first ex’s half brother and the former partner in crime of ex #2 is just icing on the cake. Given all the twisted stuff Adam has done, having him fall for Sharon and have it blow up in his face when the truth comes out would be fitting payback.

    Sadly, though, I share the fear others have stated that Y&R will go for the obvious and have Sharon get pregnant by Adam. That happening would just mute the impact of the truth coming out IMO, since it either brings yet another senseless death into a show that’s had too much of that already if that baby doesn’t make it, or it gives Adam a tether to hold onto if the baby lives. Either of those is a no-win situation for viewers who want Adam to get his for what he’s done.

    Regarding how quickly Sharon went to bed with Adam, I have to wonder if it would have gone that route had Jack not caught them. Unfortunately, Jack should know from experience that he’s the last person to be giving Sharon warnings about bad seeds, and his tone in telling Sharon to back away only made her more likely to do the opposite. So was her going to bed with Adam her way of saying, "I’ll show you I know what I’m doing, Jack?"

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    Sharon gettin blasted for bangin NoGood, hell she a single azz woman ain’t nobody biz who she put it down with and Jack with his Ho self, nobody was trippin when he Screwed his two Women Patty & Red in one dam day it was all good, Jack Was the MAN! So the hell what Sharon screwed Billy (Which I liked) serve Ole Smilin right just like he drove mom Jill when she was married to Precious John Abbott, this is how Cheatin on Soaps go It’s always kept in the Family (LMAO) why folk trippin.
    I ain’t diggin the SHAM s/l either but it is what is. Just won’t my Gurl Sharon to get her baby back and they stop with Fake baby ashes and plaques ish, That is annoying the heck outta of me.

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    I’m not much of a Sharon fan these days… and have always said that she was a hoe…  but Y&R’s new regime have done an extreme disservice to the character.  The 3 men in a row was bad enough — I mean, it was almost a menage-a-trois with the whole Nick, Billy, Jack thing…  but this is too much.  First, they have Sharon sleeping with Abbott brothers and NOW they have her sleeping with Newman brothers. 

    I’ve always hated Phyllis too, but I hate these writers more for making me root for her now. 

    And can goofy Adam puh-leeze get busted and sent to an off-screen prison with a life-sentence?  At least until a new regime can bring Chris Engen back?

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    I think the writers gives Sharon’s character so much space to do the unthinkable. Really, she went  to bed with Jack’s brother, NOW, Nick’s Brother =give me a break.  Phyllis summed it up good by saying that Sharon is always made the angel.  She is a no good hussy, who takes any man to bed, it doesn’t matter who, to hold her instead of being that woman of the 21st Century. The Writers need to give us the viewers a break.  The baby should have been Jack’s from the beginning.  Let the baby be Jack’s.  That is what I’m praying for from the writers and let the chips fall where the may with she being made a fool out of by Adam.  Nick needs something that will break the bond between him and Sharon in order for Phyllis and him to make it.  How will her son react to this new psychopath in his life?  Come on don’t  put it on post traumatic stress.

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    I think Sharon is a slut she has slept with both her husband’s brothers and would have slept with Victor given more time.  They demean Phyllis and gives Sharon more moral value.  We as women must understand that a woman can not do what a man does and come out smelling like a rose.  She is given the name of Slut and she deserves it.  The baby should have been given to Jack.  It is not fair for Nick to come out without the repercussions of being spanked for adultery instead he is given a baby that Phyllis has to acknowledge as though he had done no wrong.  I hope that him finding Adam in bed with her might turn his heart back to his wife for good. Phyllis has changed in good ways but stills need polishing when it comes to Amber.  Victoria needs to go home and be a mother. She is jealous of her husband’s success.  The Patty mess needs to end with Patty telling she changed the blood test. Let’s see how much Ms. Slutty wants the baby then knowing it belongs to Jack. Give the Abbotts their company.  Mrs. Chancellor should have given the Abbotts the chance to buy back the heritage after the conniving ass Gloria.

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    I’m speechless they had me for a minute what messed it up was when he sent the email to Nick.  His redemption was working in that I saw remorse for the switch and I actually believed he was beginning to feel bad about it…
    especially in that Ashley really befriended him and stands up for him really lended to the drama..

    I was only waiting for him to fall hard for Sharon then the BAM the baby switch reveal bites him in the bum…

    But after his latest bit of trickery re:setting her up for them to be found out by Nick….I don’t know they have chemistry but Adam is a real peice of work.

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