Susan Lucci: “Jackson May Be Back”

The interim writing regime is off to a running start over at All My Children. Michael Fairman spoke with the face of daytime, Susan Lucci, about her altar ego’s romance with Ryan and what fans can look forward to.

MICHAEL: Ryan, Greenlee and Erica will possibly have a triangle in the New Year. Are you looking forward to that story?

SUSAN: I have no doubts about that. The Ryan/Erica thing is very new and we have had some fun stuff to play just before Thanksgiving, and certainly Greenlee coming back into the picture will complicate things. I think it might also mean that Jackson may be back, so we can have a lot of complications all the way around.

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  1. Profile photo of josser

    Yes!  More Jackson Montgomery!!  Erica belongs with Jackson, not drippy Ryan. 

    I miss the days of the awesome Kane/Montgomery family when Erica and Jackson played parents to Greenlee, Kendall, Bianca, Reggie, and Lily. 

    Can I get a "Greenpea"?

    Bring back Bianca and Reese with a decent storyline, too. 

  2. Profile photo of Miry

    Ugh, I hope the new writers hurry up & drop the dud that is Ryan & Erica.  I cannot even bring myself to watch it (well, that goes for all of AMC).  I love Jack & Erica… & I just LOVED their last wedding when they were all a family!   Oh it was just the best thing ever, until someone decided to ruin it like 12 days after their wedding.
    Aww, I miss Reggie (MJ)!

  3. Profile photo of AllmyDaysatGh

    Please let Jackson come back for good! Erica NEEDS him. Dump this disgusting relationship between Ryan and Erica, and put her back where she belongs—–With JACKSON!

    Ryan can just LEAVE Pine Valley!

    Greenlee can be with David! wooT! Or..A new man. Or bring back Leo and recast him with Greg Vaughan, HOTT!

  4. Profile photo of preFronsAMCfan

    At least ONE person is excited for that disgusting triangle. The only competetion between Ryan with Erica and Ryan with Greenlee is which couple is worse because they both SUCK!!! I don’t want Greenlee back unless they bring back Leo. Recast with Greg Vaughn, fine, just keep her the hell away from Ryan Lavery. Let Erica dump him for Jackson too and Ryan can wallow in his misery all alone watching every woman he cares about being away from him and with their TRUE LOVES/SOULMATES!!!!!

    Death to Lavery!

  5. Profile photo of luverica

    I’m happy for Michael B. Jordan getting a role on NBC’s FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, one of my favorite shows, but unfortunately that will prevent him to come back as Reggie. With that said, as much as I love Michael B. Jordan, they can find someone else to play Reggie. Add Greenlee, Bianca, and Lily and let’s get this Kane/Montgomery reunion back on track. Unfortunately we want have Kendall but hey, in my opinion, the quick decimation of the Kane/Montgomery unit was the beginning of the current downfall of AMC. They need to come correct with JERICA and kids.

  6. Profile photo of Miry

    Josstheguy: Definitely.
    …& the Kane/Montgomery family dynamic was the best thing AMC had to offer since the 90’s/early 2000’s.  Them & Anna/David were the last great things I truly enjoyed on that show.
    (Jessie & Angie’s return was an entity unto itself).

  7. Profile photo of THEBEST

    YES, give me my Jack & Erica! She & Ryan are boring and als creepy. If we have to tolerate Greenlea, then Jack has to be in the picture. He’s her anchor…

  8. Profile photo of Clarissa

    Susan and Cameron are hot as hell, if it were another show, it’s like watching a car accident, Just NO! And I want David/Erica  or David/Liza not David/Greenlee that’d be just as creepy. Meanwhile IDK what to say about Rylee, I like them but I don’t love them. Here’s an idea. What if they start a hot triangle Madison/Ryan/Greenlee, Greenlee vs Madison and while Erica moves away from this disaster she can have Madison’s back and push her to mess up Rylee’s life.

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