An Apple a Day Keeps the Clothing Away

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) has her eye on something, but is it fashion? Watch the promo after the jump.

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    Betty White was brought on to B&B just to kill her character off.  So Ann Douglas pops into Los Angeles so that she may die in Malibu.   What was the point?

    I was about as enthused with this plot point as the sea gulls flying above Betty White’s head – they looked bored out of their minds!


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    B&B needs to hire a publicist to push Jackie and Owen better.  All of these photoshoots are either sexy or hilarious.  They should be getting a ton of publicity for this. 

    Does B&B send these videos to non-soap related sites for publicity? 

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     I so agree with Gossip Girl!  It might be a cheesy campaign but Brandon………you make this old lady’s day!  LOL!  You too Rick!  Hey, Brad Bell, if you want to add another hunk there’s always Colin Egglesfield! 

    On the other hand, I thought the Betty White story was a waste of time and talent, and from the look on Susan Flannery’s face so did she.   And Bill, dear  Dollar Bill, you better watch your step.  Brooke is onto you and Steffy too, you are no match for a Logan!  Am I the only one still kind of weirded out by the Diamont n Tom pairing (as hot as they are)?

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    Nope.  I think that you’re the only one who perceives that. 

    Joss, you make me wanna holla and make me wanna swallow..

    you crack me up!  

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    This seems dangerously like DOOL’s "Virtual Eden" to me (in look–that one was Austin Peck in the fig leaf).  For many, that was also a huge "jump the shark" moment for that show–where "surface" took over.

    B&B is trying to keep in fun and light–I realize this is a "wink" to the audience.  But I think B&B needs to balance this out with some longer, deeper stories.  I’d love to see Beemer given a real chance to flex his *acting* muscles.

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