Lisa Peluso Joins Gotham

In an interview with TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco, former Another World and Loving star Lisa Peluso discusses her upcoming role in Martha Byrne's Gotham and what she's been up to since her departure from daytime. Where in the world has Lisa Freakin’ Peluso been all this time?!

Lisa Peluso: Where have I been? [Laughs] I’ve been raising my two children. Since Another World, I had my son, Parker, who is now seven. My nine-year-old daughter, Phoebe, was born around the time I did One Life To Live as Gina Russo [Ed. Note: she had previously played Billie Giordano in 1987]. I’ve just been enjoying being a mom and wife. I have also been selling real estate.

TVG: Now you’ve joined Gotham. I think Martha Byrne made a very wise choice in casting you because we soap fans have missed you terribly. You are one of my all-time favourite soap actresses. Who are you playing on Gotham?

LP: Thank you. That’s nice to hear. As for Gotham, all I know is that I’m playing Michael Park’s ex-wife, Veronica. I haven’t received a script yet so there isn’t too much I can tell you.

After the jump watch clips of Loving with Amelia Heinle, Laura Wright, Catherine Hickland and Noelle Beck, among others. 


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They had the best promo during that time!!  I'm still sad to see that show go.

I remember the clicking of a pen, a flash bulb, and Gwen clicking that locket.  But what got me was that her face was in the promo the whole time and it was supposed to be a mystery.  I remember rewinding my old VHS one day and I caught a glimpse of Gwen.  It spoiled it of course, but I remember getting a chill down my spine.

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MB is grabbing the best ones and tossing them in her corral! I've been hoping LP would come back to daytime, but I'll settle for Gotham.

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Your link to Martha Byrne is dead because you've misspelled her name as "Bryne." Better keep an eye on that--she's in the soap news a lot these days! 

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Man, its been so long since last saw those scenes that I forgot how well done that murder mystery was.
And Christine Tudor was absolutely riveting in her final scenes. It was too bad that just as LOVING became really good it was being turned into that abomination THE CITY.

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AWWW Loving.  I loved that show and the all things ava

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 I always loved LOVING... I still miss it. Had they not had different head writers every year or so, they might have stood a chance. 

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 Loving was da bomb. Kudos to Christine Tudor who acted her heart out on that show. Why can't someone release these soaps on DVD bc I would pay a good chunk of change to get them. Thanks for posting these!