Maddie Coleman Blogs on has a new official blogger and her name is Maddie Coleman. She just moved back to Oakdale and is full of insight about what makes people tick during tough times, like the current recession. Most of the time actors blog about their on-set experiences, but As the World Turns is turning Alexandra Chando's alter ego loose on the net. Her first post appeared yesterday.

Her message? Skip the vices and work on finding real, romantic love.

Stop clutching at those Disney dreams from childhood. We are no longer children. Love should never be sought after like a band-aid for an imperfect life. Love won't ride up on his trusty steed and take us galloping off into a permanent sunset. Life isn't static and neither is love, so if you're single or dating, you can always try to learn more about yourself and what love means to you so you and your relationships can grow. Finding the right person isn't the be all and end all, but love might just be the closest thing we have out there to finding meaning and happiness in our lives.

The blog certainly has the feel of Maddie writing and is worth a look.


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Is Alexandra Chando back on contract at ATWT or is she on recurring? If recurring, how long is Maddie expected to remain in Oakdale this time?