Caption This: Someone Get Jason Morgan an Advil

It appears the stress of Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) life is getting to him and now Franco (James Franco) may be hiding secret clues hidden in paintings. What happened to the days when he could just take someone out? Can’t a mobster get a break?  Take your best Caption This shot at this scene from today’s General Hospital.

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     I love my Jason don’t laugh  at him …

    Jason : " I need a break , maybe I should take a vacation with my girl Sam , and leave everyone"…..

    Jason:" Anger boy is back now I will be doing  train surfing." …..

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    Jason: "One blink for surprise, two blinks for anger.  One blink for surprise,  two blinks for anger.  One blink for  – damnit!  Cut!  Can someone tell me how many blinks for anger again!?!?!"

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    Dang…All the pimping and star-stroking of me and my appendage and we still are  tanking.

      Lost viewers with the debut of A-List Movie star?"

    Frons can you remove this bump off  my aZZ please?  

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    If I had known that Lizard would be rotating daddys every time she got someone new to hump I never would have let that be-yotch steal my son and now she wants more money from me – let her get it from her john.

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    "God, please…let Sam get a life of her own and leave me the Hell alone! The sex isn’t even that great.  I just want my beautiful, sexy Liz back. *sigh* Will Liz and I ever get to have a family with Jake and Cam or will I have to prop another pet again? Damn you Frons."

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