Countdown to Venice’s Premiere!

The final countdown to the debut of Crystal Chappell’s highly-anticipated web soap Venice has begun. Premiering on December 4, 2009 at 8PM PST Venice features a who’s-who of current and former soap stars, including Chappell’s former Guiding Light costars Jessica Leccia, Gina Tognoni, Tina Sloan and Jordan Clarke, The Bold and the Beautiful and As the World Turns’ Lesli Kay, One Life to Live’s Hillary B. Smith, Days of our Lives’ Nadia Bjorlin and Galen Gering.

According to the official Venice twitter page the first episode will be free to everyone while the rest of the season can be watched for the subscription price of $9.99. The subscription will offer behind-the-scenes footage and "all the fun stuff that happened on set."

If you haven’t watched the Venice trailer check it out after the jump. If you’ve watched it before I’d check it out again. I’ve enjoyed it each time I’ve watched it.

NOTE: For those time zone challenged among us 8PM PST is 9PM MST, 10 CST and 11PM EST.


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     I am not happy about this.  I am SUCH a supporter of online drama and all of the cast.  But I just can’t add anymore expenses right now.  I really wish I could watch it because as a GL fan I have waited for this since April.   You will all have to let me know how it is. 

  2. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

     I am not happy about this.  I am SUCH a supporter of online drama and all of the cast.  But I just can’t add anymore expenses right now.  I really wish I could watch it because as a GL fan I have waited for this since April.   You will all have to let me know how it is. 

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    I’m going to plagiarize myself (is that possible???) from what I posted earlier to the WLS site. Sorry if this is bad etiquette! But, I have to support the subscription idea for Venice.

    We’re in the infancy of the emergence of so-called Web soaps. Until such time as someone discovers the "magic bullet," the solution to how to produce these shows and make them financially viable, EVERY business model is legitimate. And I’d wager that if there’s one production that’s a good candidate to attempt the subscription model, it’s Venice.

    They’ve floated the subscription idea from day one; they’ve polled their fanbase; they can sit at their kitchen tables with a computer and a calculator and crunch some numbers based on their assorted fanbases; and I’d guess they could come up with a pretty educated estimate as to how much financing they could bring in through a ten buck subscription.

    Would I prefer it to be free? Of course! We’re all accustomed to content on the Web being free. Though we pay for cable, so for many of us, please don’t claim TV is free! And would they like to reach a larger audience than they will through subscription; ah, of course they would. They know what this means, trust me.

    I do believe someone had to try the subscription business model. And please don’t get mad, folks. They’ve been completely transparent about this from the beginning.

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     I still stand by that there is no need to charge.  I especially don’t know why B&B charges for those Fairman podcasts.  They have enough money…unless if it’s Fairman who wants it.

    I’ve been pitching some ideas over here at my university to get a web soap going.  Unless if your paying actors and crew it is not necessary to charge.  Yes web soaps are popular now, but there numbers are reflecting huge followings.  I truly believe for them to be popular and continue to grow they have to be free, at least for now.
    I fully support Crystal Chappel and Venice, a web soap is something I am trying to put together myself. I just don’t see it necessary to charge, especially after all the money they made in the Venice store.  All the merchandise sold out!  

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    Web series that lack sufficient funding typically expire after a season or so. If Venice is to continue for multiple seasons (which is the game plan), it will require a sustainable business model. It’s not fair or reasonable to expect the actors and crew to work for free indefinitely.

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    Other than travel expenses, I don’t think anyone working on Venice is expecting $.  I think they will cover their expenses, but I think that its it.  The only way for $ is to work on something sponsored like P&G’s show with Cameron Mathesion.   

  7. Profile photo of Renville68

    I, like many, are so looking forward to the start of Venice, and with Crystal at the helm, I know that I’m not going to be disappointed. I know, from having read comments on various websites, that a number of people are not going to be in a position to pay the subscription fee, and I can empathise with them having seen my own business diminish severely over the last year. But one thing that did keep me smiling through the horror of it all was the Otalia storyline, and Crystal giving us some of the best performances I have ever seen an actor give (daytime or otherwise). Considering Ireland is still in recession with a budget coming up next week, which is going to make it harder for all of us, I need something in my life that will make me happy…Venice makes me happy, Crystal makes me happy….so I will be supporting it all the way. To some, Venice is a luxury item…to me it’s a neccessity! And at times like this, I’m glad that the euro is worth 1.50dollars!

    I fully believe that if Team Venice could have made it free for us they would have. Subscription ensures that we continue to get a high end product without restrictions, that Venice will be able to run longer than a couple of seasons, that more cast members and locations can be added, and that every Otalia fan will finally get their long awaited fix!

    At the end of the day, Crystal could have taken all of the plaudits she received from her role as Olivia and just moved on to DOOL without a backward glance. Instead, she and the team have put their heart and soul, and countless hours away from loved ones, to make sure that we the fans are happy. I applaud them all and thank them for caring enough.

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    I don’t think any of the actors doing a webseries and Venice are expecting to make money.  they are doing it as a favor to CC and because they like the project.

    I think that Venice is limiting themselves an awful lot by having a subscription fee.

    I also have to comment on the announcement being made a day before the premiere, on twitter: REALLY??? 

  9. Profile photo of coffeebean

    Yes i agree….I’m willing to pay but VENICE are forgetting about their international fans who may have a problem paying cause US$10 can be a lot of money in some countries especially during this economic climate. Also not everybody has access to credit cards or whatever payment option they accept e.g. younger folk / students who again may also have trouble affording the subscription fee.

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    Ok here is my issue with paying… I love Otalia and most of the actors on the show. Jorden Clark!!! My Big ole Teddy Bear!!

    Now I may pay for HBO and other things but these things are coming with atleast five channels and the programing is alot longer than six min. Im now going to pay $10 dollars for one show that is six min. To me it is not worth it. I feel that the show would be worth it if the shows were longer. Im sure if the Otalia/Venice community payed for the first season they can pay for the second season,my only concern for this venture is how will it grow if people are not invested in the story? they may not wish to pay.

    It is alot to take in really it makes me wonder about alot of things- if this is the future and paying is the way to go for Soaps, then they need to do two things

    1. Make them longer. Extending these to 30 min would not be that bad if im paying for it.

    2. Make these things marketable all over. I know Crystal did some great things in promoting this but it will need more than that to sustain for years. If Crystal is still planning on doing the four seasons a year plan.

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    I didn’t realizie you had to pay for everything Episode One! I can’t afford this, because I am on a fixed income. I hope that someday Chrystal will consider offering the episode for free, or maybe offer DVD’s?

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