Kristian Alfonso & Peter Reckell Debut on 30 Rock Tonight!

Alright Days of our Lives fans! Don't forget to set your DVR's for Kristian Alfonso and co-star Peter Reckell's 30 Rock appearance on NBC. The View's  Sherri Shepherd will also reprise her role as Tracy Jordan's (Tracy Morgan) demanding wife Angie. Shepherd's co-host Whoopi Goldberg makes a special guest star apperance as well. 30 Rock airs at 9:30/8:30 Central.

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6 January 2008
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What the what!

I know I'll be lizzing tonight!

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28 May 2009
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I will definitely watching my favorite couple tonight!  Here's hoping Tina likes them enough and ask them back again and again!

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18 February 2009
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 That was a funny scene.  I love 30 Rock!  The HDTV stuff on this episode was HILARIOUS!  (Kenneth as a muppet! LOL!)

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18 January 2008
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That was so much fun to watch. And I loved Whoopi's remark to Tracy when he pointed out her Emmy was a Daytime Emmy: "Emmy's an Emmy.  Girl's gotta eat!"