Crystal and Jamey One on One for Curve Magazine!

Venice show runner and star extraordinaire (She also plays that one character I sorta like on DAYS) Crystal Chappell recently gave a revealing interview to Curve for the publication’s upcoming March 2010 issue. Here’s a sneak peek, just in time for Venice‘s premiere episode tonight! I think you guys might recognize the author’s name…

Otalia fans were devastated when Guiding Light’s cancellation was announced. Now you’re doing Venice, a web soap featuring a gay couple played by you and Leccia. Was this inspired by Otalia fans?

It was totally inspired by them. I was completely invested in Otalia and always will be. I couldn’t quite let it go. It didn’t feel right. I had so many people writing to me telling me some of the terrible things that happened to them being gay, and also the really joyful things. So I went to my friend Kimmy [Turrisi], who is a writer, and said, “I wanna do a web soap about a gay woman. She’s out and proud of who she is, so it won’t be about her struggling with her sexuality and I want it to not just be about her, but about her community and family”. She came back to me with these amazing characters. I approached Jessie [Leccia] and she was like, “Well sure, I’ll do it!” She was just as committed to Otalia as I was. We were so inspired by this story and the hope it gave soap fans. With so many headlines about soaps dying it was nice to see this kind of passion for a couple and a story. I knew I couldn’t let it die.

Venice premieres tonight at 8 pm PST. Be sure to check out the March issue of Curve  for a lengthier feature when it hits your local bookstore!

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    Congratulations on your interview in Curve. 

    On a side note, Crystal Chappell must love Ellen Wheeler for having made Olivia bisexual.  Having Olivia fall for Natalia gave C.C. a megaboost in her popularity.

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    Crystal is hot as heck right now she is helping Days ratings go through the roof and Venice is blowing her up big time. I haven’t watched Days since 1995 and suddenly I am back again I was a Diehard in the Bo and Carly Days and switched to GL now I am back this  Bo and Carly thing is so hot. I can’t believe the chemistry between Peter and Crystal its off the charts like they are two twenty somethings again. Bo and Hope are stale. Go Crystal, Go Days, Go Venice, and Go Bo and get your woman "Carly".

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    Congrats for having your article published. 

    Off-subject:  How come the first three articles under DC’s Young & Restless page have nothing to do with Y&R?  I bookmarked the Y&R page so that I could read Y&R-related info. 

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    Jamey Giddens

    Hey Pure Diva,

    Thanks for the support. With certain stories, we feel they have a universal appeal for all soaps. Web soaps tend to fall under that category, that’s why the two Venice items are on the Y&R page. As for the third item, it’s the weekly ratings column, which is about all seven soaps.



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