Damian Collapses Next Week on ATWT

Next week Damian collapses on As The World Turns. Is NutMeg responsible? Watch the promo after the jump.

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    Yay! Damian is AWESOME!!! I’m loving Damian and Lily!  It’s awesome that he’s going to stick it to that black mailing schemer Meg!!

    I haven’t had this much fun watching ATWT in years!  Woo-hoo! 

    BTW, if Mick Dante is a rejuvenated James, Barbara and the rest of Oakdale must be dumber than bricks or Mick/James has had darn good plastic surgery.

    ATWT is just awesome minus a few glaring errors (like missing characters who were frontburner and dropped off the face of the earth:  Adam, Tom, Kim, Bob, etc. BTW, what the hell happened to Jade????).

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    Wow this must be a spectaculair week for 8 weeks in a row.

    The triangle with Damian, Lilly and Meg
    The Ghost story with Henry and Brad.
    The reconnection between Jack and Carly.
    Emily’s feelings with Micks fountain of youth.
    That Mick is actualy James, who injected himself with the serum.

    To see Janet left alone.
    Liberty goes to hell.
    Teri, who gets hope about Dusty’s takeover at Metro, and finds out that she’s only working there.
    Noah leaving for rehab till January 11th.
    Luke getting in to another one.

    And many more, but I don’t wanna spoil everything. :-)

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    [quote=Mike Jubinville]Ok, so how many people have wanted to zap Paul like that?[/quote] 

    Never been a Paul fan. He was redeemable during his brief amnesia state over the summer, but ugh, I think pre-NutMeg ruined him for me. 

    So I guess Audrey didn’t inject something lethal to James afterall… could it be SHE’s in on it as well? I would LURVE nothing more then to see Lynn Herring back. 

    So now that November sweeps is over, I guess I won’t see Noah again until February sweeps.

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    I am so tired of Lily being portrayed as the damsel in distress.  When Holden find out about Meg’s blackmailing theme she needs to be committed.  She gave Paul hell for not being that stand up kind of guy and when he did she dropped him.  She is getting what she deserves.  Damien and Lily deserve each other.  Give Holden someone else to love besides Molly.  Carly can get mad with Rosanna for taking her man but she crossed the line first. What about Carly going behind Molly’s back with Holden.  Stop the family love nest (incest).Allow Lily to be alone and think about why all this happened in the first place due to her secret feelings for Damien. Yes, what happened to all the old characters?  Give us more action. Give Janet back her husband.

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