Sarah Brown Discusses Landing B&B Role

Powerhouse actress Sarah Brown talks with On Air On Soaps’ Michael Fairman on how she came to the role of the mysterious Sandy/Agnes on The Bold and the Beautiful.

MICHAEL:How did this come to pass that you ended up on B&B?

SARAH: My contract with General Hospital was going to be up in January 2010 but they had written my character of Claudia out.   When they told me that the character was going to be exiting, someone heard that Brad Bell was interested in contacting me!  It was literally 48 hours at the most.  I was honored and flattered.  I was like, “Yeah, I want to talk to Brad Bell!”  I think there was an initial thought, “Will she talk or think about doing another soap?” and they said, “Brad Bell wants to talk to you.”  My mom had been a Y&R fan growing up.  So I saw the show and am familiar with the Bell legacy and the family’s work and thought, “This is really cool!”  I think I was watching Y&R one day when I went, “I want to do that,” and I remember watching Heather Tom when I was very young playing Victoria Newman.   I remember thinking, “I can do what she does.  I want to do that.

Brown also lets readers in on if there will be any sparring matches with her alter ego and B&B’s dynamo actress, Susan Flannery.

MICHAEL: So much was made of two daytime dynamos, Susan Flannery (Stephanie) and Sarah Brown on the same show.  Will there be a Stephanie/Sandy smackdown anytime soon?

SARAH:There will be no smackdown in the immediate future, but they definitely put us in proximity, and you will see that. You will be so excited and happy.  I work with her and I see her daily.  Susan is the Queen Bee and I am floored by her.  My first day of working with her was awesome!  She is revered and a wonderful actress.  I love Alley Mills (Pam) too.  I have been a fan of hers since “Wonder Years”.  It did not dawn on me till I had the best night with Alley.  I was hanging out with her at the International Women’s Courage and Journalism Awards, and we yapped and I loved her.  I come to work the next day, and I say, “Alley, why do I feel like you are my mom?  I feel like I know you forever!” Then it occurred to me, “Were you the mom on Wonder Years?  OMG!”

*Sigh* Now why did Sarah mention Victoria Newman and herself in the same sentence?! Just got my hopes up once again.

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  1. Profile photo of pecola

     I’m with you Jillian…this just reminded me that there was a window of opportunity to get Sarah Brown at Y&R and they just let it slip right through their fingers…


  2. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    Y&R really missed the boat by not swooping up Rick Hearst and Sarah Brown!

    these two can out-act any other younger (and older) cast!!!

    Sarah Brown would’ve been a fantastic Victoria. she has that fire, no-BS attitude. or she could’ve been cast as Jack’s daughter with Patty out for revenge!

    whoever the casting director is….FIRE HIM/HER NOW!!!!

  3. Profile photo of Dax

    I think it would have been hard for the writers to reincorporate Rick as Matt Clark. Also, they would have to do another doggelganger storyline to introduce the guy off of which Matt based his newer, non-Eddie Cibrian face. I suppose Matt’s model could have been Whip Jones, though.

    But, certainly, Sarah would have made an excellent Victoria. There is no disputing that truth.

  4. Profile photo of RockiDreams

    I’ve been watching her on B & B and find her exactly like Claudia but toned down. Not very interesting yet at all.  I was surprised at this since B & B moves story lines faster than most.  Maybe the character will get more interesting soon.

  5. Profile photo of Smitty

     OMG!!!  She mentioned the role of Victoria….Dear Bill Bell if you are in heaven please work a miracle with the Lord because we need her on Y&R…THANKS SMITTY!

  6. Profile photo of timepass

    I for one am glad she is on B&B I watch that show! Other than talentless Steffy, god she is bad, it is watchable which is more than I can say about Y&R nowadays! Love Sarah Brown and RH!

    I stop watching Y&R, it is a mess:  Phyllis crying over a turkey and Sharon sleeping with discusting Adam was the last straw!

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