Ask GH With Brian Frons and Laura Wright

ABC Daytime’s Big Kahuna Brian Frons and General Hospital star Laura Wright took part in’s "Ask General Hospital" clips. The duo dished on the "burning questions" fans had for them and the show. Uh not for nothing but at the 3:09 mark in the second clip, Fronsie and Laura may need to brush up on their GH history…


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    frons is an idiot for not knowing the reason carly & robin hate each other. i’ll cut laura a little slack since that happened w/ Sarah Brown ‘s Carly and because Laura is awesome. Frons gets no break though.

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    Jason was gonna leave Robin for Carly?! And Carly and Jason were together, as a couple(?), BEFORE she left town? In what universe? The 3:09 mark is just all shades of wrong. 


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    When Michael was born, Carly (Sarah Brown) got post partum depression. She left Michael with Jason.  Carly didn’t want AJ to know that the baby was his, so Carly was passing off the baby as Jason’s.
    Robin & Jason were living together in his penthouse at the time, so Robin was helping take care of baby Michael.
    Robin felt that AJ should know that Michael was his baby and she told the truth.
    This is why Carly hates Robin.
    And this caused Jason & Robin to break up.
    Carly and Jason slept together at Jake’s but they were NOT a couple.
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    Carly and Robin’s ire goes back a little bit longer than Michael’s birth. After Jason’s accident he and Robin became close. He hooked up with Carly not soon after that and they had a kind of no-strings-attached thing. When he decided he wanted to be with Robin only he stopped having sex with Carly. Carly was jealous of Robin. Carly always felt unloved and unwanted, like she was trash and Robin was the golden girl.

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    [quote=season1217]Laura Wright seems to be a method actor. Because her interpretation of the history between Carly and Robin is exactly something Carly would say.[/quote]

    I agree. It reminds me of those SoapNet promos they did awhile back. They asked her who was Carly’s soulmate and she said Jason.

    OoooK. LMAO!!

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