DAYS’ Dylan Patton OUT, Chandler Massey IN as Will Horton

Days of our Lives is recasting the important role of Will Horton, currently portrayed by Dylan Patton. According to Soap Opera Digest Chandler Massey is taking over the role of Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Lucas’ (Bryan Dattilo) son.

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    DAYS should really focus on re-casting the roles for younger characters who really need acting lessons.  We have someone like Crystal Chappell back on screen and she needs a co-star who can really hold her own. The Chappell factor can only go so far and last so long with the younger cast members.

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     I heard this recast was made because Will is going to be written as a gay teenager. And Dylan couldn’t handle (nor wanted to continue) the role. I liked Dylan, but I must say I’m excited at the possibility that Days could have a long-overdue gay storyline/character.

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    they better have made him a gay character. i see this guy & i think gay. personally i like dylan & i don’t want a recast but since their recasting the character making him gay would be a plus. hopefully this isn’t one of those recasts that really sucks. i hope dylan gets another gig on GH or something. he could be a love interest for kristina on the show after keifer.  

    reminds me of when they recasted ambyr childers colby w/ brianne moncrief & then brianne moncrief w/ that natalie hall. those recasts were pointless. i hope this isn’t like that.

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    I’m glad they recasted Patton out of the role, he couldn’t act at all, sadly. I hope Massey is a good actor! He would look great with Mia…

    I think the teen set will be energized now with him. Chad and Mia can act IMO. I’m interested in seeing how he meshes with them!

    And he looks like Drew Garrett(Michael) from GH kind of LOL!

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    If Will is going to be gay, how about pairing him with one of Justin’s sons? 
    We could have another Kiriakis on screen and we could bring Adrienne back as well.
    They aren’t going to make Phillip gay, but it would be great to see Victor’s reaction to a gay grandson!
    Is this the big storyline that Bryan Datillo is going to be involved in?

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    If Will’s going gay, they will probably write out Mia and Chad since their connection to the canvas is over now that everyone knows Sydney is Sami’s child.

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    Ken Corday is the executive producer of this show.  Isn’t he supposed to be very conservative?  So, I doubt that Will would be gay.  Given that the teen gay scene seems to be covered on other soaps, I don’t see the advantage for Days at this point. 

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    I doubt Mia’s going anywere I’m been wondering were Chad is lately, my guess is that there either going to do a gay storyline (hey EW did one and she’s mormon) or there going to pair him with Gabby. The new Will reminds me of a young Jensen Ackles, lets just see if he can act.

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     I really do not want Will to be gay.  He and Mia are great together.  Chad is more believable to be gay since he has no chemistry with Mia.  If anything they should make Daniel gay, he’s had zero chemistry with every female on this show!

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    I love the young actor who is  Will, he deserved a nomination for an emmy!

    But I totally understand not wanting to play the part of a gay teenager!

    OMG  Sammy is going to have a gay son, Johnny, Allie, and Sydney.

    How will Rafe behave toward a gay Will?  OMG how will Will’s father react?

    I do not want to see this character cast as being gay!  Days is gonna

    lose alot of viewers with a gay storyline!

    Young and the Restless tried it and they have lost a ton of viewers.

    Now the storyline is over  which is a very good thing!

    I cannot believe people would post saying they did not like the actor playing
    the part of Will.  He was a hottie!  A very good young actor!  He was one of my
    favorites on Days..

    He definitely has a bright future in acting…I say I would love to see him in
    the Twilight Saga!



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