Is AMC Recasting Amanda Dillon?

Just when things were beginning to look up a little bit at All My Children comes this news. ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting  AMC is "in the process of recasting the role of Amanda." Apparently the show didn’t want to wait for Chishell Stause, who is on recurring, to land another job before recasting the role.

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    It’s too bad because CS is one of the few bright spots on AMC.   

    AMC has been so bad I don’t blame her for not signing another contract.  I understand AMC needs a long term commitment before they can invest more into the character.

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    Sucks, cause I really like Stause, but if the show has to. I would want to see Heidi Muller (Ex-Kay from Passions). I wanted Heidi to be Kendall, but I would accept her as Amanda.

    There is an unknown actress who is a DEAD RINGER for Crishell. If you go to YOUTUBE and search "GOING BALD LIKE A MAN" you will see her.

    She is at around the 1:27 mark. She is almost a TWIN of Crishell Stause.

    I know looks don’t really matter and talent does, but sometimes I can forgive a recast if they are similar to the original actor.

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    What was looking up for AMC?? The move? The Move doesn’t change crappy writing and acting….

    C.S. was ONE OF THE BRIGHT spots on this canvas… I would love to see her on Y&R (as anything. Just find her a spot!!) That’s how much I like her as an actress…..

    She’s far better off w/out Pine Valley dragging her down.


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    I going to miss CS, but I don’t blame her for leaving.  Pratt put a terrible taste in our mouths with this horrible writing.  I hope that the recast is good, but I don’t think that Judy will pick talent.

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    Not surprising at all.  There’s too much story going on with Amanda for CS to stay on recurring.

    Heidi Mueller would be great, I think.  They’ll probabl go with an unknown, though.

    goyankees, the firing of upChuck Pratt is the bright spot.

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    Katiebug–  I am with you!  I think Erin Hershey would be a great recast for a few reasons:
    1. WIth Amanda’s current storyline and her family history with the show- Amanda Dillion should be a leading younger lady for this show— and EH was that for Port Charles. 

    2. The nicest thing I felt about CS in the role of AManda was there was this glow about her– CS played the role in a way– that even when Amandea did sothing stupid or wrong–  you kind of felt she was still a good person who made a bad choice.  Not every actress can pull that off!!  I felt that way about AH as Babe– but did not see that with her recast!!!!!  I am confident EH could continue that in the role of Amanda.

    3.  There has been some talk that AMC put out a casting call for an actress in her younger 20’s for this role?????? HELLO???????????????  A 21 or 23 year old with JAKE OR DAVID??????????  NASTY!!  They need an actress in her early 30’s atleast if she is going to be linked in any type of romantic situation with Jake and David.

    4. I think EH & RPG will have chem. as Jake & Amanda

    EAST WEST– I hope Jamey puts out a wishful casting on this role too!!!  I am looking forward to seeing who he thinks would be a good fit!  

    **** I must admit though I have NO faith in the casting dept over at AMC.  They have been sooooooooooooooooo off the mark with their recasts when it comes to filling female roles!  In my opinion Liza and babe were sooo off the mark!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hmmm EHP??  Thats interesting.  But if they are going to do that, I would hope that they would be smart enough to bring back brian gaskill as Bobby Nelson.  Loved those two together on PC.

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    dang this sucks. she was the only bright spot on the show besides the firing of chuck. i don’t blame CS though. she would be a better mac on Y&R though. Jamey needs to bust out his wishful casting.

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    I echo the sentiments of those who said she was a bright spot on the show. I used to loveee AMC and Chrishell was a huge reason for that. I loved her acting and how she played Amanda. I’m also in her fanclub and treats her fans like gold.

    I wish her all the best and know she’ll land something soon. She’s definitely got a bright future ahead of her.

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    Ouch! That’s *really* rude to Chrishell! Nothing like not giving her a chance. I was hoping that Chrishell might stick around with Lorraine Broadrick in as headwriter. I hope they don’t recast her with some newbie who can’t act.

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    Chrishell just tweeted these messages:

    Hey guys to address the rumors-I just got word that I WILL be recurring with AMC while in LA.

    I want to branch out and do some other things and it looks like we will be able to work together on scheduling. Great news for everyone!

    (to someone on twitter): Thanks!! I won’t have to give any teary goodbyes on Friday-yay!!

    (to someone else on twitter): Thanks!!! Very excited it worked out!!!!

    Looks like she’s staying :)

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