Wait, Is Crystal Hunt Leaving OLTL or Isn’t She?

The curious case of Crystal Hunt’s status at One Life to Live continues. Over the weekend Carolyn Hinsey posted on Facebook that she was hearing One Life to Live is getting rid of Hunt’s Stacy Morasco. TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco said he was hearing the same thing in today’s The Soapgeist. Now Soap Opera Digest is reporting Hunt has a major storyline coming up.

"Crystal Hunt will be in major story in the coming months as the story of Stacy and her baby builds to a climax. As far a rumors that she is leaving the show, we do not comment on rumors."

Hunt has a storyline that "bulids to a climax". Okay, that isn’t exactly a denial she is leaving… 

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    i think any story in which stacy might die leaving rex/gigi with the baby only to discover fish and kyle are the real parents would be interesting.

    i don’t not like crystal hunt, but her character seems to have run its course

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    Absolutely none of that statement denied she is leaving. They’re basically saying her story is going to ramp up and conclude. And obviously it’ll conclude with her leaving the show. If she weren’t leaving, they’d say it.

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    Yep, I also think she will be in a frontburner s/l  involving Mitch and Rex where Stacy ultimately dies because Mitch believes she is carrying Rex’s baby.  Easily this storyline could play out over the next few months.

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    In the Soapgeist for today, He says "Soap Opera Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey wrote on her Facebook wall that she was hearing Crystal Hunt was fired from One Life. Soapgeist can confirm the hair model was indeed let go late last week. It’s a done deal."

    So it isn’t a question of if, but when and how. Myself, I will be sad to see her go, I really have grown to dislike Rex and Gigi, and she was the best spoiler for the two of them.

    My questions are, if she is done filming, how is this going to work for the baby? Is she going to lose it? Is she going to run off? And why did Ron C. say that she would be a big part of the story for Kish when the real paternity was revealed, just to fire her a couple weeks later? This all sounds fishy to me.

    Jamey or Melodie, please  help us and tell us what is real and what is going to happen?

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    Yeah she’s leaving. It’s been confirmed.  Even after SOD posted TPTB’s comments, Carolyn Hinsey again posted on facebook that Stacy is leaving and Kim is staying. Then SOD posted the official confirmation that Crystal is out.  Interestingly, Hinsey then deleted her "Stacy is leaving/Kim is staying" post from early that day and reposted it. I wondering if she wanted it to look like she had posted it only after it was officially confirmed?? I’ve noticed before that she’s spilled things on facebook a little bit before it’s "official" – gotta love that, lol!

    Edit: just to clarify, CH posted the "Stacy is leaving" stuff yesterday and the 2 "Stacy is leaving/Kim is staying" posts today :)

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     I wouldn’t mind seeing Stacy on a front burner s/l before she eventually is killed off. Like Claudia on GH I think any character that threatens or harms a child is irredeemable. Even though Claudia didn’t hurt Michael on purpose she was trying to go after Kristina and Stacy would have let Shane die had Gigi not caved into her blackmail. Good riddance! My only hope is that if they allow her to go through with the full pregnancy, they should let Fish and Kyle have the baby. It might also make a good story if she loses the baby and Fish gets to mourn for his child with Kyle there to help him through it.  

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    Alright, ABC, listen up!!!

    I grew up watching "All of ABC"…. I picked up Y&R and the early 90’s on a college friend’s suggestion (okay, okay, she had a better tv and stockpiled Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese by the Boat load)….A decade later, In the heyday (read: GOOD) day’s of Soapnet, I found myself ‘back’ to that marathon from 7-11…… That Marathon is no more. Soapnot $ucks, I only DVR Y&R now. I stopped watching GH when – – ugh, I’ll just say like 3 years ago when it was (is?) just a non stop hour of vomit…. AMC is crap, and has been to close to a decade….

    OLTL….. This past May, I was watching one night, about to head to my (now ex) boyfriends house, watching the last few minutes of the Stacy Hour… I didn’t know what was worse. Playing pretend to this already Dead Carcass of a relationship, or Stacy Morasco/Crystal Hunt on my TV set. Simuntaniously the Relationships ended. The Reel one and the Real one. I vowed I will NOT tune back in to OLTL until Stacy was GONE!! The guy? Well, he just deserves someone LIKE Stacy now. And if there is a god….


    Seriously, folks. I have no clue what’s been going on in Llanview for well over 6 months now. I miss Nora tons. Bo. Oh, Bo…. And Jared died?? (I still see and read the articles in Digest every now and then) Mitch is back!!??

    ABC, you ARE IDIOTS, I’ve never disputed that. From top to bottom, from Real Greenlee’s, to Fake Fronsies…..Soapnet is horrid and the least talented actress on your roster is Crystal Hunt (imo a certain eye buldging, former Dancing with the Stars Contender, Pine Valley Hogging character wins the Actor prize)

    Dashing through the Snow….
    Crystal Hunt is fired today….
    She is Rex’s foe….
    and annoys me in every way….. 
    some call her a ding-a-ling 
    cuz she’s not very bright….
    What fun it is to whoop with glee
    cuz she is gone tonight!!

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    If they clear the decks of all the dead weight, like Stacy, Destiny and some others, OLTL would have the money needed for the bigger names coming. If Alicia Minshew migrates over to OLTL, why not have her portray Cassie? I think that would be inspired casting! Imagine Alicia’s CCassie going up against Dorian!

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    Crystal was fired Thursday. Don’t believe those liars at One Life. They don’t comment on rumours — only the ones they choose to. At the end of the day, isn’t this commenting on rumours? I don’t get it.

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    I’m just waiting for the "Wishful Casting: Crystal Hunt as recast Victoria Newman" blog. lol!

    I kid, I kid. Crystal Hunt is a lovely and talented young woman. Hopefully she’ll get another job soon – one that will better utilize her talents.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Daisyclover….. You SOOO just got smacked out of the Jasam club with THAT WC! Crystal Hunt would NEVA pass as Victoria, she’s way too much younger to play her. Now if Maria and co hadn’t killed off Colleen, I’d dig her in that role.

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    Jared was off-screen for about a month between his firing and final week of appearances. It wasn’t juicy for Jared/John..maybe for Natalie/Melissa Archer, but not him.

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    RE: I’m just waiting for the "Wishful Casting: Crystal Hunt as recast Victoria Newman" blog. lol!

    Hang on……I need to pick myself up off the floor. Banged my head mid fall….

    RE: Crystal Hunt for Belle Black! Crystal Hunt for Belle Black!

    STOP!!!! You kids are ruining my holiday season!!!!

    CH would be a great Acting Coach for a bunch of Middle Schoolers. Sure, I can see it!! (then thankfully, the kiddies would have their HIGH SCHOOL teachers to fix everything they’ve learned)

    Seriously. She better stay away from Genoa City…..

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     I don’t mind Stacy the character so much as I’m sick of her storyline, and sick of Rex. I’ll be happy once she’s gone to some other show, where she can get a better character. Chrystal Hunt will always be Lizzie Spaulding for me, I think I’m gonna give myself some therapy and dig up some old GL, wash the bad taste I’ve had from a recent marathon of OLTL…..

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