We Love Soaps Roger Newcomb is reporting that As The World Turns, Procter and Gamble’s lone soap opera in production has been cancelled! According to Newcomb, the soap will cease production in June and last air in Sept. 2010. Damn. Just damn.

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    This is unbelievable. As The World Turns has been turning around and has been so great. I am not a long time viewer only since 2007, but it is the first soap i got into and i love it more than any other show on TV. This is such a sad day. 

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    Brian Frons is salivating right now…I bet he is even now trying to set up deals to get some of those actors for All My Children.

    I feel so bad for ATWT…Damn P&G! And I work for them too!

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    What game show do we get now?

    I feel your pain ATWT fans. I don’t watch it anymore, but I watched GL.  This sucks!

    Has anyone checked on Mike yet? LOL

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    Oh no! Such sad, terrible news! Ellen Wheeler was announced as going to ATWT YESTERDAY!!! This must be some kind of record

    Even if you don’t watch this soap, it’s a terrible day for the genre as a whole. I’m so sorry ATWT fans!

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    This is devastating. I have been watching Guiding Light and As the World Turns since I was like five and my grandmother had cancer and lived with us. I was real upset when GL got cancelled but it was alright cuz ATWT was my absolute favorite.

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    For the 6 remaining soaps, take notice!  The writing is on the wall.  Soaps are dying…quickly!  One dead, one on the do not resuscitate list and 6 on the US government sponsored health plan….Damn!

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    To the cast and crew of ATWT, thank you for your many years of dedication and great work.  I appreciate the sacrifice you made in your personal lives to bring these wonderful stories and characters into our lives.

    Never Surrender, Never Forget.

    Please use the remaining time on CBS to tell a great story. 

    Best wishes to all of you.

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    [quote=Starrgirlfish]And then there were 6…….

    Gosh, this is awful…I don’t watch ATWT but I feel really bad for their fans.

    ITA. Plus, I worry how/if this will affect OLTL since it will be the ONLY soap taping in NYC now.  Truly a sad day. 

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    I was afraid this would happen but Nelson’s post last week gave me some hope that ATWT wouldn’t be cancelled this year.

    I’m sorry for the ATWT fans, I was gonna start watching it regularly when Cosgrove joined but what’s the point now.

    I HATE that this is happeing to our beloved industry.

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    Hopefully they will be no lets save this soap campaign. I want my soap to go out better than GL. I didn’t hate the GL conclusion but stuff leading up to it was stupid. And yes this is not EW fault.

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    I’m so heartbroken. 

    Why could ATWT delivered the kinds of great  stories its telling now a year or 2 ago?

    Now, I have to wonder about my beloved OLTL. 

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    Didn’t she just get hired YESTERDAY!!!!!!!???????????

    In all seriousness, GL and ATWT are sisters to my Y&R…..I wouldn’t know what I do if I had to say goodbye to the Chancellor’s, Baldwins, Winter’s and Newmans of the world.

    Soooo horribly sad. The only thing sadder is what it will be replaced with.

    My condolences to the fans of this show.

    (I call "Katie" as the new Vicki Newman!!)

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     – – And I’d just like to add ONE MORE THING…….



    I hate reading the posts where the thought that OLTL is next. IT TRULY PAINS ME!! (again, I stopped watching in May 2009 -Stacy. I say no more. But will resume very soon Stacy. Again. I say no more.)

    And AGAIN I say to the ABC MORONS that think a swift move to the Left Coast is a cure all  — IT’S NOT!!  The Acting and writing REALLY needs to step it up, cuz AMC should be next. Yes, SHOULD be next.


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     My condolences for all of the ATWT turns fans.  I know exactly what you are going through after the loss of my Guiding Light.  The one piece of advice I can give you is to NOT wait for it to be picked up.  I don’t intend to sound mean, but I have been through this before  Both Passions and GL had me waiting on the edge of my seat for a pick up.  Don’t forget that it’s P&G more than CBS.  

    I am affected by this news as well.  It really does hit me, just because I love this industry so much.  I am not shocked, just disappointed that it really happened,

    It’s like watching a patient on life support…..and now they only have 6 months to live.  :/

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    [quote=daisyclover1938]i just read that they end production in June and go off the air in September. Does that mean that maybe there’s still a chance?[/quote]

    Not unless you have some spare millions lying around to pay for the production. its all about the financial crisis these days and if shows aren’t making more than they cost to produce—- then you know what will happen. Cancellation!

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    This is heartbreaking. I started watching ATWT in the early 90s during the Angel Lange storyline.
    Could they have waited until AFTER Christmas to announce this?

    Nancy Hughes said the first words on this show: "Good morning."
    I’d love it if she said the last. "Good Night" would work.

    I just can’t believe this. It doesn’t surprise me as these shows aren’t the money machines they used to be but it still hurts. Hurts alot.

    I am sure Douglas Marland is weeping wherever he is. God bless him.

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    It was inevitable. I’m not surprised.  But it’s still a hard blow to soap opera.

    And OLTL being the only NY soap left? Don’t leave, AMC! I shutter to think of which soap is next to be axed. I dare not say anything more.

    Having watched on and off for less than 10 years, I’ll miss Maura West’s Carly most of all. Even though I don’t know ATWT’s history very well, it’d be great to see some old favorites return.

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    I don’t watch ATWT but when I read the news I had the same feeling in my stomach when I first heard about my only and favorite Soap GL was cancelled.  I know how all of you fans feel right now.  My thoughts are with you guys!

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    Roger Howarth goes back to OLTL as a new character named Tom who is almost exactly like Todd!

    Maura West goes to B&B.

    Michael Park goes to DAYS.

    Jon Hensley goes to GH.

    Van Hanis goes to AMC.

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    I can’t believe P&G and CBS have the gall to announce this right before the holidays. I knew ATWT would be canceled, but thought they would at least have the decency to wait until next year to announce it. Killing two of the longest running daytime dramas ever in one year is pretty low.

    ATWT has been lousy the last several years, but there have been signs that it’s improving lately. It’s awful that sincere effort to improve the product means nothing to TPTB. I hope they have some amazing storytelling to their end, and bring back some favorites from the past.

    I wonder if CBS is already gearing up an updated version of "Queen For A Day." I can hear some exec: "The economy’s in the tank, people are struggling. The time is right to exploit the suffering of the American people!"

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    I have been watching this show regularly for the last 25 years. I also saw it here and there growing up because my Mom watched every soap on CBS. One of my first tv memories is of either Ellen or Penny ironing.

    I can’t express how devastating this is for me and many other fans. I feel so bad for the fabulous cast and crew. Many of these folks lives are based on the east coast–and there won’t be too much around for them as far as work.

    I have my opinions on what went wrong–but I won’t post them right now.


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    I am at a loss for words. Well, there is 6 months left of production and 9 months left on the air. There is no goddamn reason why this show should not be saved. P&G, get Lifetime on the phone about their 2010/2011 Fall schedule, QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Maybe, ATWT will get the chance to move to another network, I read on the soapgeist that supposedly GL would of been picked up by Lifetime if cancelled a month earlier. Why is Barbara Bloom still employed? She’s canned two soaps one 72 and the other 54 year old shows that have died under her watch and then by chasing the "important demo" she’s given us Lets Make a Deal, and now god knows what else.

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    P&G is one of the biggest companies in the world, do not tell me they cannot afford to have their own cable network. If Oprah can afford her own cable network I do not understand why one of the largest companies in the world cannot.

    The channel would air new episodes of Guiding Light and As the World Turns and old episodes of other cancelled shows  i.e. Another World. They could air Venice and Gotham in between episodes and maybe even create new ones.

    The Nameof the Channel: TeleNext

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    Very sad, but not shocking.  I tuned back in yesterday out of curiosity over the supposed "improvement" and found what I’ve found for several years in Oakdale: Only a couple mildly entertaining stories (Meg vs. Lily), and some good dialogue writers struggling to write for a show that is plotted and paced like the entire staff is on PCP.  There is no nuance, no sense of rhythm or time or development, simply PLOT PLOT PLOT 100 miles an hour.  Who can explain that Carly and Rosanna nonsense yesterday?  What about Lily bopping from Holden to Damian in what, six months while he was DEAD?  Or the fountain of youth?  This show abandoned all interest in quality when Sheffer left and has devolved since.   I remember in the early 2000s turning my dial during OLTL’s commercial breaks and being incredibly jealous of the literate, whipsmart soap Sheffer and Goutman were putting out.  Now it’s a rotting joke, and Goutman the burnout case made it that way.  They speed through every story, every character, every idea just to get it over with.  Well, congratulations, Chris: Now it’s over with.  Try to give it some dignity on the way out.  Your girl couldn’t do it for GL.

    Like GL, ATWT is a tragedy.  A proud soap, a proud piece of TV history that died when it did not have to, from NEGLECT and RESENTMENT.  A lion dies and people accept its final gasps as inevitable instead of attempting to resuscitate it.  I am grateful that OLTL does not operate the same way.  But I will dearly miss Doug Marland’s ATWT and Sheffer’s and Irna’s and so forth.  If Goutman has any decency, he’ll bring Martha Byrne among MANY others back for the end (Lisa, give up Gotham, that ain’t working).

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    First, My sincere heartfelt sympathies to the Fans, Cast, and Crew of ATWT.

    I am so sorry this devastating news was delivered at all, let alone around the Holidays.

    I watched ATWT for the first time in a long time and I didn’t see the Hughes family at Thanksgiving.  That didn’t bode well for me.   Reminded me of the missing Bauer family at GL.

    The core of the show was missing.  There were cute elements but the show was missing an anchor.

    Ellen Wheller strikes again !!  Yes, I know she didn’t cancel the show, but she is not someone P&G would hire if they thought the show had a chance.

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    I am not a CBS soap viewer, but I am truly sorry for you fans that are. Two soaps cancelled in less than two years. MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! From everything, I heard I thought that it was going to be pick up for next year. I hope the favorites come back for the final few months.

    Just shows you that P&G wants to get out of soaps. Any chance it gets picked up by another network?

    As for CBS Daytime, I say get ready for a Newlywed Game or Press Your Luck remake!!!

    I know ABC is licking their chops on this news.

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     All soap viewers need to contact CBS and P&G to protest the cancellation. Not just call or email, but write letters. Have friends do the same thing. You see what happens when one show gets axed; it makes it easier to get rid of the next one. OLTL is looking like the next victim so OLTL fans to be especially vigilant. 

    We also need to contact Lifetime to say that we would love to see ATWT on their network.

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    I never watched atwt’s but from what i hear this past year the show was on the hot seat for cancellation.I think cbs has grossly mis managed its soap line up.For me when they cancelled guiding light it really hit me hard.I think nina tassler needs to fire babs bloom as jamey would say she’s a hack who doesnt care about the longevity of the genre.My hearts go out to the atwt’s fans i know how you feel im still getting over the cancellation of gl.

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    From Yahoo news with a quote from Eillen Fulton

    NEW YORK – CBS canceled "As the World Turns" on Tuesday, putting the company that coined the phrase "soap operas" out of the business of making daytime dramas for the first time in 76 years.

    "As the World Turns" has been on the air since 1956 and televised its 13,661st episode Tuesday. Its last episode will be next September, the network said.

    It’s the second daytime drama CBS has canceled in a year, after "Guiding Light." Both shows were produced by a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, the company for which the term "soap operas" was created because it used the shows to hawk products like Ivory soap and Duz laundry detergent.

    Daytime dramas have been fading as a genre for years with more women joining the work force and the increased number of channels offering alternatives like news, talk, reality and game shows. In tough economic times, paying casts, producers and writers proved prohibitive to networks when there were cheaper alternatives.

    The cancellation will leave CBS with only two daytime dramas: "The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold and Beautiful."

    Through the years, actors Marisa Tomei, Meg Ryan, Parker Posey and James Earl Jones have appeared on "As the World Turns." The show follows families in the Illinois town of Oakdale.

    "It’s a hell of a Christmas present," said actress Eileen Fulton, who will mark 50 years playing the character Lisa Grimaldi on the show. Her character has been through nine marriages and Fulton was hoping for a 10th before the signoff.

    "I’m just very sad," she said. "I’m sad for all of the people who work out there in Brooklyn (where the show is filmed). We’re a family. I hate to be split up. It’s like a divorce."

    Brian Cahill, senior vice president and managing director of the P&G subsidiary TeleNext Media Inc., said the company is actively seeking a new outlet to carry the show.

    TeleNext said the same thing about "Guiding Light," which went off the air in September, but has been unable to find a new home. Keeping the show alive online has been discussed, but that’s an alternative where cost may prove prohibitive.

    Procter & Gamble first began producing soap operas in 1933 with the radio show "Ma Perkins," and has made a total of 20 such programs in its history.

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    Damn! All the soaps I had watched for a long time are leaving our airwaves crap. P & G Wasted no time. This is hard hitting for the soap world…..Damn it!!!!!!

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    What a sad day for the genre. I was not a fan of ATWT, but as a longtime watcher of GL I understand what it’s fans are going through. I really thought ATWT was going to be saved and renewed for at least one more year. Sad, sad, sad!

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     While it’s sad to see yet another daytime serial get the ax, I can’t really say that I’m surprised.  The writing has been on the wall for ATWT for a good minute now and, just like GL, waited too little too late to make improvements.  I grew up watching ATWT with my mom and grandmothers.  I stopped watching permanently earlier this summer in favor of watching OLTL on a regular basis. 

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    I wish I could have say I’m shocked but sadly I am not.  I fully believe that if ATWT would have capitalized on the world-wide popularity of Luke and Noah by making Nuke it’s signature couple, we would not be discussing cancellation today. 

    The show often gave into homophobic intimidation (one year no-kissing ban) which led to the alienation of new viewers like myself who only turned in for Nuke.  Also, the show hurt itself by isolating characters in stories which often did not include family and friends which may it impossible for to become interested in any of the non-Nuke storylines.

    Since Nuke are bearly on air and haven’t had a descent story since the characters were paired two and half years ago, I found it more practical to watch ATWT on the video sharing site instead of my DVR.



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    Plus the writing was on the wall before Ellen joined the show.  The real blame goes on Goutman and Passante and Babara Bloom for keeping those two employed for so long.

  36. Profile photo of jpp1975

    My condolences to the ATWT fans. This sucks. I still haven’t forgiven P&G for Another World, and I am actually glad Ken Corday, not P&G, is in charge of DOOL.

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     Maybe Ellen Wheeler was hired BECAUSE the show was getting canceled?  Maybe they thought she did such a bang-up job with writing GL off the air that she would do the same with ATWT???  Although she’s not writing there.  I guess she’s directing ATWT off the air…

    So sad!

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    As a former insider, this news should not have surprised me considering what was done to GL, but I have to say, this news has rocked me to my core. I am devastated.

    I am a long time ATWT viewer. When I got the chance to work with the show, it was a dream come true. For the most part, the people who make that show happen are top notch, salt of the earth, nose to the grindstone folks. Every one of them cares so much about the show they put on every day and they give 100% to making sure that what you see is the best possible product they can present.  Despite the ups and downs of the storylines themselves, this is a tremendous daytime drama.

    As a former insider there is so much I could say about the reasons for this horrifying turn of events. I choose to take the high road and simply say, "what goes around comes around."

    My heart breaks over this news. I will watch it until the bitter end.

    As to the possibility of this show being shopped somewhere else, don’t hold your breath.

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    It’s incredibly sad. ATWT was the very first soap opera I ever considered "mine"…I used to rush home from school to watch Lily and Holden, Craig and Sierra, Lucinda, James Stenbeck and Barbara, and then Hal.

    I even came back to it in 2004 for Lusty (Lucy and Dusty).

    RIP ATWT, you deserved better than this.

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     NOOO!!!  No more Carly & Jack?!?!? Someone better snap up Maura West fast because she is amazing.. don’t know if she would move to the West coast though.  Please just give me 10 good months of happy and in love carjack!

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    Scott Novick

    This is really sad. A lot of people feared this would happen when the head of CBS Entertainment indicated during the up-fronts that ATWT was on the bubble, but then the show started turning around and there was even some rumblings of a renewal on the horizon. So much for rumors.

    The ones I feel for the most, just as I did with GL when it ended, are the cast and crew. They gave their all to put a show on the air, whether they agreed with the direction from TPTB or not, and it must be real disconcerting to have the news broken to them now without even a chance to keep showing that they can approve.

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    At this point, all I care about is Roger Howarth’s next job……..ATWT had some serious issues that no one was addressing like no interesting SLs……….characters being on once a week………Just plain boring writing.

    Roger, come back to OLTL where you belong!

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    "They’ve had long and distinguished runs, but their day is over."
    That’s what Les Moonves said about GL, ATWT, and soaps in general during an interview with CNBC. By the way, David Faber conducted the interview and he (Faber) is the son-in-law of ATWT’s Marie Masters (Susan). Talk about irony.
    Go to about 4:40 of the video to watch them talk about ATWT.
    The link to the video is here:

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    RIP ATWT… Knew it was coming, but hoped that it would be put off.

    I really wish that soaps would get it together. In the last decade Another World, Sunset \Beach, Passions Port Charles, Guiding Light, and now As The World Turns have left the airwaves. Daytime TV is in the fight of its life, and they really need to up the anty to keep things going. The OLTL rumors now have more validity, and that is the show that I have been watching for 25 years. ATWT production staff need to spend the next 10 months showcasing the beauty that this show has dislayed since 1956. The fans need it! 

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    At this rate in three years the only soaps left will be Dool, GH, and maybe Y&R (if they can get their crap together).I love OLTL but unless a miracle happens I don’t see the ratings going up.

  46. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

     We may not like what Les Moonves says, but no one can deny what he says.  The viewers just aren’t there anymore and nothing is bringing them back.  People’s lives have changed and there’s no room in most people’s days to even record their once-favorite soaps to watch later.  If you had to answer to network shareholders, no one could come up with a viable reason to keep these shows on the air anymore.

    At this point, we just have to be grateful there are six that remain…for now.

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    ATWT is dead! Long live ATWT!! A word of caution to the remaining soaps…..a harbinger of death by the last name of Wheeler is looming over the daytime landscape searching for its next victim!

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    OMFG! I feel so bad for ATWT fans! My deepest sympathies. Lets hope Ellen Wheeler doesn’t show up on any of the ABC sets, or any other soap set,  or it’s lights out! I swear, she is the Grim Reaper of daytime!

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    I’m so very sorry to hear this. I never really watched ATWT but it does air here in The Netherlands. With the cancellation of GL just months ago still fresh in my memory  I know how ATWT-fans must feel.

    P&G you just don’t see what you’re doing and it will hit you in the face someday soon and then you feel sorry.

  50. Profile photo of GAgal28

     Wow! What a sad day! I haven’t watched ATWT in a long time, but still it’s part of the soap family! My heart hurts for the soaps! It’s terrible what networks are doing to them! Don’t they get that soaps are part of what jump started the TV movement? Without soaps there would be no primetime dramas that the execs care so much about! Without soaps there would be no Meg Ryan, Demi Moore, etc., etc., etc.! You know I admit that I do complain about my soap of choice sometimes, but no more! Geesh this is just sad!

  51. Profile photo of Pastamom

    How sad!!!  Do you think EW was brought in to write the end of the show???

    Maybe we can convince ATWT viewers to turn into OLTL since it’s on at the same time (at least in our area)

  52. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Oh my God! Oh my God!
    I am still wrapping my mind around this. I am still coming to grips with GL going dark.
    To think I won’t be able to see Liz Hubbard steal a scene anymore and the rest of that glorious cast….very upsetting kids….

  53. Profile photo of Mark

    [quote=Ryan-Scott]To think I won’t be able to see Liz Hubbard steal a scene anymore and the rest of that glorious cast….[/quote]

    I’m devastated about ATWT being canceled, but since it’s happening now I hope Liz Hubbard can stay on Dutch soap opera Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden. It’s the only other soap besides ATWT I watch. She appeared for 2 weeks during the summer and returned at the end of November. She’s amazing on this show.

  54. Profile photo of YRFan

    I don’t blame Barbara Bloom for any of this instead the people I blame are the writers. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know when your loosing your audience with your writing. The ratings tell you! All the writers had to do was change it and maybe those few that left would of came back but they didn’t until they lost millions.

    Sadly I see the samething going on with Y&R because MAB has taken a show that had got 4’s in the ratings and was considered one of the best and turned it into a joke with her writing. 

    After listening to Les Moonves speak on CNBC I don’t think there will be any soap on CBS in a couple of years.

  55. Profile photo of ATWTFan1

    Why is this necessary?   – ATWT was one of 3 that I watch.  Can’t the Bell’s pick up ATWT (don’t they have B&B and Young & Restless)?  Sad to see some really good acting go to waste.

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