SALEM SHOCKER: Is Anna DiMera Sydney’s Kidnapper on DAYS?

SPOILER ALERT: The online rumor mill is abuzz with news of  Leann Hunley  reprising the role as Anna Brady DiMera on Days of Our Lives.  The actress has reportedly been secretly filming upcoming scenes in which Anna is revealed to be Sydney’s kidnapper. 

Anna was last seen on DAYS back in April, angrily slapping Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), blaming him for the death of husband Tony (Thaao Penghlis).  So why take Sydney?  While Tony failed to reveal Sydney’s true parentage to brother EJ (James Scott) before his death, he may well have shared what he knew with Anna. What better way to exact revenge on the DiMera family than by targetting one of their own?  Either way, I’ll be tuning in to watch!

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    Never would have seen that coming.  I wasn’t watching when Leann Hunley was last on screen, but I was watching Days back in the 80s when she was on.  Glad I decided to tune back into Days.  Days is on a serious hot streak right now.

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    Maybe she will take Sydney to Switzerland to visit Carrie and Austin…

    This could be the story that ushers Christie Clark back onto our screens!! :D :D :D

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    One gripe – DC confidential put the name in the tweet about the post twist. Could have put Days shocker- kidnapping twist, then the like to the story. Then would have a choice to follow the link to find out who.

    Is it ok to put spoilers right in the main tweet now?

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     Anna Dimera is my girl…..and would make a great tie in to this story.  Even if it’s just a 6 week stint, that would be perfect for the fans.  They don’t want to see some newbie getting involved….but a familiar face….and a Dimera. OH yea!     What I would do for them to lock Anna, Vivian and Kate in a room together!

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    Hot Mama Jama

    I am extremely excited at the way Days are going all out. As long as they reasonably pace out their different s/l, then they are on to a winning formula.

    I actually turned off just after baby Grace died, as I couldn’t stomach the possibility of the truth finally coming out maybe when an adult Sydney was in the labour ward and some particular type of treatment was needed from a formula made up using a skin patch from the foot of her biological mother  When you have watched Days as long as I have, then you’ll know that isn’t so far-fetched.

    I wish TIIC over @ Y&R will take note and tidy up their mess over in Genoa City. The list is just too long……..Newman kids, Daniel & Co and obviously Patty is gonna do a switch-a-roo with Smiln’ Jack’s lady doctor.

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    I like the twist and love how the current writing team and producers use history!  Anna is a favorite to many fans, so to bring her back, even if briefly, is a smart decision- AND- it fits the story.  Way to go, Days!!

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    I just started watching Days since Crystal Chappell’s return, but even I know Leann! Love her!! Am thrilled they are bringing her back on. Hope she stays a while. First Carly, then Vivian, now Anna DiMera… Days keeps getting better and better. Yay!!

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    If Anna’s return leads to the return of Carrie, I’d actually start watching again! Loves me some Christie Clark, and IIRC, she and Leann Hunley have never shared scenes before.

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    Imagine if Anna told Carrie and Austin she was going to arrange an adoption for them, and broought them Sydney! It would kick the Carrie/Sami rivalry into high gear!

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