New Sneak Peek of Venice!

Get a glimpse of what’s coming up on the first season of Venice.


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    That teaser really has me interested in the side stories with the characters of Alan, Guya and Tina Sloan’s character. I am also looking forward to the crazy quad looking realationship with the four girls. I have seen one episode and two teasers and thats enough to get my money.

    Team Venice has handled themselves beautifully with all the ups and downs that went with bringing us this webseries. I am so looking forward to watching the episodes whenever they are ready for us to see them.

  2. Profile photo of SoapiSofia

    Hooray!!!!!!!  I can’t wait for more.  I love that women have banded together to bring LOVE to our screens.  The best kind of story telling if you ask me. 

    I’m hooked.  Hooray!

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