Sydney’s Kidnapper Revealed on DAYS

On Days of Our Lives next week, Sami (Alison Sweeney) accuses Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) of being behind Sydney’s kidnapping, but little does she know who is really responsible…


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    Stefano is responsible!   He called Sydney’s kidnapper-asked her how things were going.

    I do not think it is Anna Dimera!  She hates Stephano!  They would not be working together!

    Stepfano admitted to Sammy that she will never see Sydney!  He hates EJ now, and is punishing him by kidnapping Sydney.

    The things Stephano said to Sammy were disgusting!  Sammy was so right to want
    to keep her new baby away from STEPHANO!

    Stephano destroyed the wire Sammy was wearing right?  So there is no evidence
    of Sammy and Stephano’s argument, right?

    I have waited a year for Sammy to be reunited with Sydney, Sydney was with her
    mother for such a short time!
    I don’t like this story line!  Let Sammy have her baby!

    Certainly Rafe being FBI can find Syndey??  I hope so.  I love Sammy and Rafe together!

    I wish Nicole would have told Rafe what the lady said to Sydney.  I think that is a huge
    clue, who calls a baby sweet pea? 

    I hate Nicole with the dark hair! 

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