B&B Catch Up: Dear Amelia Heinle, Take Notes, This Is How You Do It!

Last week’s B&B shenanigans started with Brooke confronting Steffy the strumpet, warning her not to get fresh with Bill again. Things simmered down pretty quickly. They came to an agreement, hugged, and were relieved further drama had been averted. Little did they know, Katie had already found out.

Katie channelled her inner Victoria Newman and gave bratty Steffy a major slap-down at Forrester Creations. Following Bill’s confession that Steffy had planted not one, but two smooches on him, Katie took things into her own hands. She fired the little weasel and tore her to shreds, saying that Steffy was only interested in taking Bill from Katie to avenge Forrester Creations being taken away from the Forresters.

Steffy licked her wounds and confessed her misdeeds to her brother Thomas. She blurted that she wanted “[Katie] to hurt like we hurt!” Thomas didn’t think that her feelings were healthy. I guess car bombs are more his style.

"If Victor could see us now…"

Bill and Katie had some sexy time on their beach house sofa. He gave her a diamond necklace, and Katie, cool as a cucumber, revealed “[Steffy] won’t be working for us anymore.” Ha!

Taylor’s had another internet date. Running late, she nipped into Jackie M to borrow one of Bridget’s designer frocks from her old chum Stephanie. Whilst there, Whip showed up and gave Taylor the third degree about her date. Somewhat overdressed for her date at Insomnia, Taylor sipped coffee and waited, only to be interrupted yet again by Whip. He managed to convince her that he wasn’t stalking her and was in fact her date. The two of them had some playful back-and-forth banter, with Whip revealing he thought Jackie was the one who got away, and that he was a little intimidated by Taylor. He managed to convince her to go out for dinner, but later in the week she got cold feet.

"Pills and booze worked for Ridge. What’s your poison, Whipster?"

Determined to get another chance with Taylor, Whip booked himself an appointment on her therapist’s couch, to work through his “issues”, which seemed to amount to Taylor cancelling their dinner. The session ended and he moved in for a smooch, Taylor advised him to see a different therapist if he wanted to get that close to her. They both had a sparkle in their eyes. This could be good. I need to see more passion before I decide.

"Honey, I hear you’re used to having three people in this marriage."

Nick remained suspicious of surrogate Sandy, but refrained from letting Bridget know. Instead he sought advice from Brooke, who encouraged him to keep an eye on her. Meanwhile, Bridget befriended Sandy and the two of them went for coffee, yoga and a veggie pizza. They get up to all types of fun stuff in LA. Sandy reluctantly let Nick drive her home, only to be grilled by Nick about her behavior. Arriving back at home, Sandy was scared to see that her trailer had been broken into. She saw a shadow of a man on her door and picked up a baseball bat…

"So, Brad, I talked to Sarah Buxton and Sydney Penny…"

Tune in this week to find out which of LA’s dirty dawgs gets a bat to the noggin.

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    Scott Novick

    It could be no one gets bashed in the noggin. If Sandy sees it’s Brad Bell skulking in her trailer, she might stop short of bashing her meal ticket. :-)

    While it’s no suprise Katie laid down the law for Steffy, Bill seemed hesitant about the firing, and I can see why. All you have to do is look at the Nick Marone era at Forrester to see that owning Forrester doesn’t mean much when there are no Forresters designing. With Eric in a supposed slump right now, the design burden is on Ridge, and firing his daughter isn’t exactly going to inspire him to create his best work. Then again, Katie’s new to this CEO stuff, despite what Bill always says, so that’s the kind of mistake a rookie would make. We’ll see how it turns out.

    I liked how Whip milked that therapy session for all it was worth. I’m glad he got through to Taylor, since her calling him one of "Brooke’s men" based on a brief, sexless annulled marriage is a stretch. I know she’s had issues with men she’s shared with Brooke (mostly Ridge and Nick), but this was too much, Maybe she realizes it now.

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    Soapscribe I just started watching and that is one of the things that keeps baffling me.  I cant believe some of the awful clothes.  There was a scene last week where Ridge (is there a good nickname for him, because he is so awful I have to come up with one if not LOL)  anyway, ridge is showing off his clothes and everyone is blathering on about how its his best work ever and I though DAMN if thats his best YIKES – I could find better out of the spiegel cataloge LOL.

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    I’d love to see Heather Tom’s face when she enters her dressing room and sees what Birgit Muller (B&B’s costume designer) has picked for her to wear in the next scenes. WTF is that awful blue dress and that hideous necklace doing on a woman who’s supposed to be CEO of a major fashion house?! And we had to watch that fugly thing all week! The costume design on this show is so bad it’s distracting.   

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    Darren Lomas

    Scott, I think Katie will end up with egg on her face, but in the meantime it’s nice to see her tear strips off Steffy  Taylor and Whip… I dunno… I’ll wait and see how they progress. 

    I agree with the other posters about the costumes… I think I said the same thing last week. There are some fugly frocks… and that Jackie M toga/fig leaf "line"  WTF?! Okay, I know they won’t be selling fig leaf g-strings in Macy’s, but that was dumb…

    EET, I have many nicknames for Ridge:
    – Rigid
    – Ridgimortis
    – Ridgiculous
    – Poser boy doofus pansy ass momma’s boy

    Okay, maybe the last one was a little long!

  5. Profile photo of Smitty

    Darren I love the title of this article!

    My two favorite things about last week’s shows were Victoria Katie firing Steffy and my unexpected liking of the pairing of Taylor and Whip.  I love this couple. 

    One thing I can say about B&B right now is they have the potential to really go somewhere with these new coupling.  I love Katie/Bill,  Donna/Justin have potential, and Taylor/Whip are HOT!

  6. Profile photo of Scott Novick
    Scott Novick

    I don’t know what Brad Bell has in mind, but if I was him, I’d have Katie realize that she’s being CEO not so much because it’s the right fit, but because she wants to prove to Bill that she’s worthy of the chance he’s given her. After yesterday’s talk between her and Bill about sound business moves, I think he’d appreciate it if she walked for the right reasons. Then Bill should put her in charge of EYE ON FASHION – because publicizing clothes is what she does best – and turn her loose in making Forrester and Jackie M earn their place on the cover. Being in her element would really let her channel her inner Victoria in dealing with the likes of Ridge, Brooke, Nick, Bridget and even Stephanie!

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    i was reading on other boards just now…. I had forgotten about how deep the chemistry is between Ashley Jones and Jack Wagner.  I love them on the show.  I hate any interloper, but it does make me get mad and wonder what will happen.  I saw a you tube just now that was SO amazing with the two of them.  Hot!

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