Caption This: Dump Couture on Y&R

Take your best Caption This shot at this scene from today’s The Young and the Restless. Apparently the Baldwin Fisher family know a thing or two about dump couture.

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    Lauren: I was once a trash talking diva and now I am a dumpster diving housewife.

    BOO Y&R!
    I know Tracey is on rec and probably likes that but thheir are other ways to better utilized this sexy Emmy winner

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    Tracey: We found some old Dynasty scripts, Scott! You want us to keep looking for more?!

    Greg: I had more dignity when I had my pants around my ankles on Imaginary Bitches.

    Emily: Even covered in filth I’m still classy. You can sell anything with a British accent.

    Christian: I don’t feel comfortable chewing scenery in this environment!

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    Lauren:  This is where the show is going?  To the trash can?  can I leave and got back to B&B as Eric’s mistress again?  Or a better s/l than MAB can ever write.

    Michael:  This what I get for demanding more screentime.

    Kevin:  I rather do the chipmunk mess than this crap

    Jana:  Can this show get any lower?  I want LML back if it get the show back on track.

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    Micheal: Gloria! Come out of hiding and help us. We all know this is your stomping ground!

    Lauren:  Even our Lost in Space suits can’t save us from the stench of this rotten storyline.

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    Melvin’s Mom beat me to my caption:

    Michael and Kevin "We found mom!!"

    Not really Y&R related, but Pop Culture: "Over here!!! Quick!! Tiger’s girlfriend #12 under this toilet!!!"

    Sorry for that Tiger reference. I guess I just like it dirty…..

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