Deacon & Phyllis Team Up For The Greater Good

Forget Texas, don’t mess with Big Red and her kid!

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     This is bound to be an interesting story. Classic Phyllis is back. The selfish, manipulative, self-destroying woman we all love. I can’t wait to see everything fall apart. I can’t wait until Daniel finds out and finally cuts dear old mommy out of his life for good. Daniel and Amber have yet another great love story coming up. <3 Sounds great! :)

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     C’mon Maria, just cut the crap and let Phyllis and Deacon walk it like a  dog already.  The  chemistry is soooo there.  I do believe that Daniel deserves to read Phyllis royally for that scheme.

    Btw, I like Heather.  Can we have just one  scene  where she tells either Phyllis or Michael to kiss her ass and how to do it?  

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    Yikes. What is that Phyllis up too? (okay, it’s obvious) but when Nick and Daniel find out about this …..whoah, boy.

    I think Phyllis took one look at Amber’s hot pink lips and sparkly aqua eyeshadow yesterday, and figured that was indeed a horrid Restless Style, and therefore, she has to go….

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