WTF? Katherine Chancellor Dumpster Diving?

By now viewers of The Young and the Restless are well aware of the fact that grande dame Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) is fond of young Daniel Romalotti, Jr. (Michael Graziadei), due in part to his relationship with her good buddy Amber (Adrienne Frantz). Kay and Daniel have an even greater reason to be close. She was married to the ever-struggling artist’s late grandfather, Rex Sterling (Quinn Redeker), hell Kay even put the boy’s aunt and father in her will! 

Y&R fans totally get Mrs. C’s fierce dedication to Daniel, and that she would do almost anything to help him try to reclaim his freedom. The key word here is “almost”.  This Y&R watcher is not trying to buy the most powerful woman in GC roaming around a damn waste dump looking for evidence that could save Daniel, when she could have easily hired a team of people to do it.
Will someone please let TPTB in on a not-so-little secret? No one tunes in to see The Young and the Restless,—a soap opera once which once upon a time was synonymous with daytime decadence, glitz, power and wealth— having the bejeweled and bedazzling Katherine Chancellor Sterling Murphy digging around in the damn garbage. Maria, Hogan, Scott, WHOEVER, this mess ain’t cute!
What shenanigans do we have to look forward to next on Y&R? Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) remaking himself once again, only this time into a rodeo clown? Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) working at the Genoa City Car Wash? Since when do CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and socialites play in trash? Bill Gates told me to tell Y&R that’s what peons are for. 
I get that the soap was going for heart warming. “Wouldn’t it be moving to see all the town sifting through soiled tissues and rotten food for one of their own?” was probably how some misguided scribe pitched the plot point. Next time they might want to read the late great Douglas Marland’s “How Not To Wreck A Show?” essay before going in to the writers’ room.
Rule Number 6 states: "Don’t change a core character. You can certainly give them edges they didn’t have before, or give them a logical reason to change their behavior. But when the audience says, "He would never do that," then you have failed. "
By Marland’s standard, Y&R failed miserably today. Kay Chancellor would no more dig around in a landfill, than she would wear a faux fur coat, or concern herself with making sure her diamonds were “conflict free”. Did LML kidnap Maria and steal her laptop?

One of the most successful media moguls around, Tyler Perry, recently revealed in Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 special how his late mother wanted to have what Mrs. Chancellor had— the house, the maids to pamper and take care of her— and how that fueled Perry’s career aspirations. Something tells me the man who made  Madea famous never visualized the late Mama Perry sifting through rubish.

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    Chapter Jillian. Did not see the show, but she actually got inside the trash! Now I can buy her being w/the gang and having her boo Murphey doing that, but no! Glad you call the brass out b/c this some regular bull, Ellen Wheeler bull.

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    what you all said on the last podcast about Sharon falls right into this same category.  She wouldn’t be caught dead with Adam.  makes me furious just thinking about that relationship.

    Somebody has dropped the ball at Y&R and they need to pick it up and do it quickly! 

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    If Katherine really wanted to help Daniel, she could hire people to go through the landfill. She could hire the company that cleans up houses on the show Hoarders. They’ve seen worse than that landfill. BTW, that is the smallest and cleanest landfill I’ve ever seen! Watch Amber come out of a new chlothing line made from trash bags to sell at Fenmore’s. The people on Project Runway do it all the time.


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    I loved Katherine in the landfill. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty to support a friend. It’s bitchy Jill who would’ve hired a crew to do it, but Kay is much more human.

    Good move, Y&R!

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    Jillian Bowe

    AlistairCrane there’s nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty or helping a friend.  HOWEVER! This mess with Katherine is BEYOND out of character and just plain stupid on Y&R’s part. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY who’s a billionaire would partake in that tom foolery!

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    It’s just so stupid and so hard to watch this show these days. ITA, Katherine Chancellor would NEVER do something like this. I don’t know what the writers are thinking. And Jack too? Hells NO!!!

    I don’t know why Phyllis – who is a Newman and has money – wouldn’t hire a crew to do it in the first place. No "mother of the year" must search the trash all by herself, after Daniel didn’t even seem alive when he was arrested the first time and Phyllis had to give Nick so much love.

    It’s pathetic to think that this makes any sense. But then again … with Y&R these days, pretty much everything is BIG mess.
    They can’t even write business stories anymore…. It’s a shame.

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    Got to agree with Jillian.  Aint no way Katherine Chancellor would have been all up in that "landfill".  I could see her going down there to lend some moral support….But she would have brought in a team of "peons" to do the real digging.  Y&R was just too damn cheap to pay 6 or 7 extras for the roles.  LAME!

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    Today was the first time I watch Y&R in a long time since I had the day off. 

    It wasn’t just Katherine dumpster diving that was very odd but that freakin sweater she had on looked like something from the Salvation Army!  That outfit was the real felony.

    First time I saw that Tucker cat.  He does not look right. My mother told me he doesn’t fit the role and he really doesn’t. He looks like he should be a gym teacher or something not a billionare.

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    Melvins mom

    This was exactly the first thing I thought when I saw the previews for this show the day before.  I couldn’t imagine that the Katherine Chancellor I had grown up watching would go out there—send her beloved Esther out there, perhaps, but definitely hire a team to do the dirty work.  This isn’t even counting the idiot (no doubt Nick) that actually called Katherine and asked this 80-year-old woman and best friend of his mother to crawl around a landfill digging through trash.
      Ugh.  Someone help this show. 
    Last year I was so thrilled to see my characters beginning to resemble themselves again after several years of odd behavior, and now it feels as though all that progress has been nearly completely lost.

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    It’s not out of character for Katherine. If you’ve noticed, she’s softened in recent years, particularly because of the Marge business and losing Jill as her daughter.

    Characters on long-running tv shows are supposed to evolve, ya know.

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    I’ve grown up watching the Y&R, so the past 23 years or so. One of my earliest memories is Cricket dressed up in her Santa outfit. I called her the "Ho Ho Girl". Also remember her playing strip poker with Danny in their very-80s apartment.

    Also loved Molly Carter’s "Sh..Sh…Sheila!"

    Another stand-out memory is Nina’s Hawaiian honeymoon with David Kimble, and then his trash compactor death.

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    I’ve been watching Y&R for over 10 years and I LOVED the scene.  Katherine may not have done this a few years ago but Katherine has changed. I love her with Murphy. I love her new attitude and outlook on things.  PEOPLE CHANGE.  Even soap characters.

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    Jillian, good article, thanks.  This garbage picking episode scared me, along with the debut of Tucker Mcholl – first 2 times I was afraid I was watching the moments when the show would forever be seen ‘jumping the shark’. 
    Still love my Y and R, but can the writer who is doing Days of Our Lives stuff. That show went GH early 80’s, lost its’ base, and never recaptured the ‘real’ stories it once stood for.
    Good moves lately:  Victoria’s marriage  trouble – please replace her.  Billy and Mac split – please replace her.  More to come please – a teen who can act opposite Noah.  Abby – please replace.  After Nick’s next move towards Sharon – let Phyllis get fed up and have some hot fun with Deacon.  The Fisher clan is in serious trouble, and the Daniel/Kevin stories are now painful.  Still love Michael and Lauren.  Ryder has to go.  Use Tricia Cast properly or we will lose her again.  Get rid of Emily and somehow bring Patty back.
    How’s that?

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    I think even Jill Abbott would’ve been like, "Kathryn, baby, we’ve had our differences and I’ve called you many things but hell to the no will I stand by and watch you wallow around in trash. SEE MURPHY, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"  LOL!!!

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    It was a good scene, and it was truly Katherine. I’m just so glad she’s not the shrew who killed Phillip in the 70s.

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    Daniel’s "storyline" – the plot, every twist and turn – is simply awful.

    Y&R as a whole is CRIMINALLY boring. The ONLY time the show comes alive is when Deacon and Phyllis share a scene.

    And, by the way, Heather has become more interesting as Vail Bloom has grown as an actress. Y&R would be wise to further test the chemistry between Billy and Heather. A Billy/Heather pairing would be a great nod to history considering Jack and Patty’s past. Plus, it would spin Billy and Mac in different orbits and those two REALLY need to stick a fork in it because that pairing is DONE!

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    My biggest problem with this scenario was what followed the landfill exploration. Why did characters show up at Crimson Lights without cleaning up? That was just nasty.

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    Jillian Bowe

    AlistairCrane its really funny you say characters can evovle considering your beloved Passions had a heifer named Theresa that chased Ethan all over Harmony for the entire run. SHE never evolved. It is beyond out of character for Kay regardless of her changing over the years. This is something she’d NEVER do, not even for Nikki and that is her ace!

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    Scott Novick

    While Katherine has changed in a lot of ways since living Marge’s life and marrying Murphy, I still don’t see her digging in the dirt herself. I definitely see her being there to pitch in because of her ties to Daniel (through Amber and Rex), but she’d do it in her own unique Kay Chancellor way. What would fit for Katherine would have been for her to drag Esther along as well. She’d be telling Esther to coordinate the digging crews she hired while yelling at Murphy that he better not bring any of that dirt home to their bedroom tonight! And to heck with Murphy running home after to change: Kay would have had change of wardrobe for both of them in the car so they could make a pit stop at the Athletic Club to change before going on to Crimson Lights.

    I can somehow buy Nick and even Jack getting in there and digging; while they are CEOs, they’ve never been the pampered type who would run at the site of dirt. But Kay on the other hand is another story altogether.

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    I have much more objection to Kay as astute business woman than her dumpster diving.  This strong, powerful magnate she’s been the last few years is so at odds with the lonely lady who sat in her living room — even when she was sober — for the first 30 years of the show.  I don’t object, but that is a sudden character change worth noting.

    One of my all-time favorite scenes on this show came from the Jack Smith era, when Nikki and Sharon went down the sewer with Wartman, looking for the body of Cameron Kirsten.  Sony recently put the key scene up on their Crackle mini-sode network.  Watching Nikki harumph about the indignity of it was terrific, and there was bona fide good suspense and humor in it.  Plus we got another brick in the wall of the Sharon-Nikki complex relationship.

    The problem was not Kay mucking through a landfill.  That could have been terrific.  The problem was that there was no humor, and it was rushed.  They should have had great fun with the grande dame in dirt.

    Things have changed a lot.  A year ago (about) Y&R was having fun with Kay-as-waitress.  Remember her photoshoot as various queens of the diner?  Why did they stop taking time and having fun with these things?

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    The dumpster diving scenes were virtually UNWATCHABLE. The entire EPISODE was unwatchable except for the Jill/Tucker McCall scenes, which had me intrigued.

    Hogan Scheffer’s wrinkly ass needs to be F-I-R-E-D. Y&R has become a steaming pile of crap ever since he came on board. The show was 1000 times better with just Maria Arena Bell and Paul Rauch at the helm.

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