Beth Maitland Returns to Y&R

According to Soap Opera Digest, Beth Maitland will reprise her role as Traci Abbott on The Young and the Restless on December 23, just in time for the holidays.

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    Scott Novick

    CBS probably won’t make B&B an hour, because they’ll have to increase the license fee in order for the Bells to ramp up production, and it’s not likely they’ll do that in this economy. And I’m not sure how much of Brad Bell’s dream that is anymore; in the last few years, when asked to comment, he’s indicated that he’s torn on the subject. While being an hour would give them more room for stories, they’d have to radically change their whole production model.

    Getting back to Y&R, it’ll be good to see Traci again, even if it’s a short term stint. If MAB and company were smart, they’d find ways of keeping her appearances more frequent, like they did with Tricia Cast and Nina. Beth hit one out of the park with her performances during Colleen’s death and the decision to give Victor Colleen’s heart. With the Mustache due back in January, would love to see Traci’s reaction about how he’s putting the gift she gave him to use.

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    This is such good news!

    I truly just wish they would bring her back full time!

    Beth Maitland is just a great actress.  She had me tearing up during all that stuff with Colleen.  I just love this character and I want her to come back full time. 

    I wish they would have Tracy get pregnant so that she can have another child.  I hate that they killed her only child.

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    It’s always great to see Traci return to Genoa City.

    I have to also say I met Ms. Maitland at the Y&R Fan Weekend in August and she was just fabulous! Just a genuine and kind person.

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    Great to see her back; that’s what they need to do is bring back more vet characters. Hope I don’t start anything but does anyone think they’ll make B&B an hour? That has been there dream. It’s not my favorite I’d rather see that then some dumb ass game show or talk show. Maybe they should go back to back to 30min. If that would be very cost effective or make a difference. ATWT and GL were 30 min. Sometimes feel like been watching B&B for an hour.

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    Maybe they should go back to back to 30min. If that would be very cost effective or make a difference. ATWT and GL were 30min. Sometimes feel like been watching B&B for an hour.

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    Now that Beth is coming back as Tracy… I suspect that Colleen will return as a ghost to bitch out Billy for being so mean to the V’s….. you know Victor the modern Hitler and his co- hort Vikki, Genoa City’s own Eva Braun

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    I am really glad to see them bring back Beth Maitland as Traci,  my only gripe is I wish she would go back to her natural light brown hair coloring as she looked much better than she does as a blonde.

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    It will be nice to have some good old blood back again, even if it is short term. I also would like her to soften her looks a bit, even if it is not the "soap" thing to do. Regarding a pregnancy for her … even though she is Ashley’s younger sister, at 51 she is slightly older in real life so that would probably not be appropriate.

    Now the Nazi references regarding the V’s is kind of funny. However, Victor started out his career as a Nazi hunter (Operation Eichmann) so that comment is kind of ironic.

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    Traci coming back can mean only one thing: SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE!!

    She’ll probably return to say that before Colleen died she and Steve harvested some of her eggs and she is now pregnant with her own GRANDCHILD!

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    All I have to say is THANK GOD! Y&R is starting the new year off right so far with Beth Maitland and Nikki and Victor all returning. Even if Traci only comes for a little while, it’s so great to see Beth Maitlands gorgeous face! I’m so happy she’s coming back for a while, hopefully sometime soon the show will come to their senses and cast her as a regular, GC needs a smile like hers everyday!

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