Ex- DAYS Star Deidre Hall Puts Rumors of Crystal Chappell Feud to Rest

In a blockbuster interview with TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco, ousted Days of Our Lives legend Deidre Hall (ex-Marlena) finally speaks out on her exit from the series she helped keep on the air for decades. Hall also addressed those pesky rumors of a feud between herself and Crystal Chappell (Carly), which have followed both actresses since Chappell originally left DAYS in 1993.

TVG: Speaking of relationships, in a recent interview with Crystal Chappell [Ed. Note: click here for the interview], I asked her about the reported feud between you both. She said, “If there were issues with Deidre, I didn’t know about them. I would guess that she didn’t like me very much, but I could be wrong about that. I was a troubled young person. I was overworked. I made a lot of problems for myself. I was suicidal. I was in a very, very bad place. I left, not because I thought I’d be a big star; I left because I needed to get my health back. As for the rifts, I don’t know. I was very miserable to be around at that time. I spent most of time in between DAYS and One Life in therapy.” Do you have a reaction?
DH: I never understood why there was a question over the fact that we never got along. Like so many things, it is a mystery now and still is. I have always thought Crystal is an incredible actress — and still is. Her work is so intense. I still remember a scene she did with Peter Reckell over a pool table which prompted me to say out loud, “God, where does that intensity come from?” I’m sorry to hear she was having personal difficulty during that time. But I never had an issue with Crystal. I didn’t know her well. But when I got there, she was gone soon after so there is no basis for that rumour.

Well, now that that’s settled, can somebody please bring my Marlena back to Salem? Sami (Alison Sweeney) needs her mama now more than ever!

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    This interview is so good. Deidre is such a lovely lady. I’m one of those people who won’t ever watch Days again until "Doc" is back.

    I was enjoying John/Pawn falling in love again with Marlena, but that was totally ruined by their abrupt firing. Deidre wasn’t even asked to take a pay cut, but she would have. Damn Ken Corday! I also don’t blame her for not watching Days. She’s right—there are too many new faces.

    Loved the confirmation that the serial killer victims were supposed to remain dead. Would’ve been interesting to see what the show looked like after that. I really wish JER were alive, writing this show, with John and Marlena on the front burner.

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    What a wonderful interview. I was in tears as such precious memories of her on Days flooded my mind. I still miss her and find myself watching so many of her and John clips on you tube. I can never get enough. I wal LOL @ her talking about Hatti and the bubble gum incident http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v287/bethan_oki/Hattie%20Adams/Hatti-John2.jpg LOL Dridre is always so up front about everything and it is really a tradegy she was never even given a fighting chance at taking a cut in pay. Seldom does such a team player like her come along and Days really blew it with her. This is still Days loss and always will be. My hats off to Deidre. She id definately a class act both on and off the screen.

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    Eileen Davidson and Deirde Hall were the business as Kristen vs. Marlena!

    Eileen Davidson got me watching DAYS when I tuned if for a few years.  That show was so good.  I loved when Kristen and Marlena were locked in the secret room together.  Talk about good tv!  That show was really on fire then.

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    Im sorry but the fact that this question was even rendered is ridiculous … If this website were a tabloid people would be saying MIND YOUR BUSINESS KEEP OUT OF PEOPLES LIVES.. i love nelsons views but this honestly is borderline CROSSING THE LINE…

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    Jamey Giddens

    Im sorry but the fact that this question was even rendered is ridiculous … If this website were a tabloid people would be saying MIND YOUR BUSINESS KEEP OUT OF PEOPLES LIVES.. i love nelsons views but this honestly is borderline CROSSING THE LINE…

    This website didn’t ask the question. Nelson Branco works for TV Guide Canada. This is Daytime Confidential. We link interviews pertaining soaps from TV Guide.com, TV Guidemagazine.com, MichaelFairmanSoaps.com, WeLoveSoaps.com, and yes, TV Guide.ca, but they are not "this" website’s interviews. Do I need to take out a billboard??? That being said, there was absolutely nothing wrong with Nelson asking that question. It was a much bandied about topic for almost two decades. Kudos to Nelson, for having the guts to ask it. And as for "keeping out of people’s business" Why does anyone look at anything in the media? Why do we watch the nightly news, to hear about the farmer who lost his farm, or the politician with the dirty emails? That’s all those "people lives". If Dee had a problem answering the question I am quite certain she would have said so. But again, and for the record, THIS is DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL, not TV Guide Canada. We are SEPARATE entities.

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    If it was really necessary to ask I’m glad is was answered by both parties so it can be buried forever with all of the other trashy rumors about costars who don’t get along.  Really, who cares unless it affects the work and in this case it never would because both ladies are pros.

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    Nice long interview, have not heard from her in a while.
    It’s a shame Diedre and Drake did not get a shot at a staying on the show. I guess that’s because Days had a lot of super-couples they cut one by one as the ratings shrank. Jack and Jennifer being the first to be gutted. They just went with Bo & Hope.

    I was devastated when they announced their firing, and the other departures of vets, but I did keep watching the show.

    Anything with Chappell in the title gets hits so I can’t blame them for using the feud in the title. I myself was curious about that rumor too.

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    Jack and Jennifer weren’t really fired—Melissa Reeves chose to leave because she was unhappy with her storyline, and they decided to write Matthew Ashford out with her. So, half fired, I guess.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Nelson only asked the question MANY in the press wanted to ask in regards to Hall and Chappell’s "feud." How in the world is that, "TABLOID?" Chappell herself spoke about it in interviews before including one with Nelson, so again how is that tabloid? Your acting as though they were fighting over the same onscreen leading man or were brawling on the Salem Place set and it was something not to be discussed in the media.

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