Diehard Fans Help Crystal Chappell Fund Second Season of Venice!

The online soap opera may have aired only one episode, but Crystal Chappell's Venice has already made enough money to fund a full second season of the serial! Chappell tells Soap Opera Digest purchases fans made from Venice's online store funded the sapphic sudser's premiere season, and that enough money was made just from the initial airing of Venice to produce a second season. Someone hire Chappell to run a daytime division already!

According to  the article, the official Venice website has had over 24 million hits since September, and saw 225,000 unique visitors in just the first week of December, which would explain those crashes. Never fear; La Chappell has hired a Colorado firm to add four new servers for all her rampant fans,  the actress/producer tells Digest.
I for one can definitely attest to the power of Chappell lovers. The day my article on Chappell and Venice posted on Curve Magazine's website, that site crashed too. Coincidence? Me thinks not! 

 A quick look at website ranking site Alexa.com  readily cosigns Chappell's assertations about Venice's website traffic. The official website for the series is currently ranked 34,698 in the United States. That is unheard of for a new website! Just to give you a bit of comparison, the official website for the recently-cancelled Procter and Gamble sudser As The World Turns is ranked 184,300 in the U.S.

Chappell goes on to tell Digest, the indie soap is doing well enough to even pay its actors— just in time for the holidays— when actors on most independent web serials rarely see a dime, especially after only one episode has aired! 

I'm going to be able to give my actors some money, a little bonus for Christmas and then next season, I'm hoping to have sponsorship. Fortunately, because of the fans' response, we've had people contact us about meetings about sponsorships, so we're heading into that next phase."

The second episode of Venice's premiere season airs this Friday, Dec. 18 at PST at venicetheseries.com, but remember you'll have to purchase a season pass for $9.99 to keep up with the goings on of Gina (Chappell), Ani (Jessica Leccia), Owen (Galen Gering) and the rest. The revolution will be webivised!


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Thanks for reporting this Jamey...if only to discover Alexa.com (I'm gonna be on this site for HOURS today) - fascinating stuff. Looks like DC's pretty happening too by the looks of things Smile

I'm glad to know that somehow some constructive criticism made it through all the "you're so perfect, you walk on water" messages (certainly what CC will be addressing in season two were a huge part of my concerns)...we also support through truth telling people! Venice has major potential (you cannot help but be excited by the cast she's lined up, and the writing/construction needs to come up to match it), but all in all, I find it very encouraging.

I'm also happy to know the actors are getting some money for season one, merry christmas indeed! Given the bad news at ATWT (and that horrible travesty of GL being no more), we should be applauding if CC has managed to find a way to get actors paid...that in itself is huge. As a big soap fan, love the actors, and want them to get some compensation, which can only further ensure ongoing participation.  As soap fans I think we sometimes take for granted that we'll always be able to see our favorite actors...as this year has shown, we can take absolutely nothing for granted. And yeah, I'll pay to see them - far better than the other option.

Okay...back to my new obsession...looking up every website I can possibly think of...

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Interesting. Thanks for the stats on the website. I guess it is doing well then. So, I guess season two is a go then. If they can get sponsoship that would be huge! 

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U know P&G should really look at maybe launching some web series I think they should atleast be 15 min lon or 3O, but they have so man shows people would watch and trust me if a site is hitting half of the 24 million then they can make some money and possibly have a feen but the writing has to be top notch

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The fact that www.venicetheseries.com has that kind of ranking is absolutely incredible.   Crystal Chappell is giving the fans exactly what they want and I am glad she is getting rewarded for listening to them.   I think the Venice project is absolutely amazing, the cast is superb, and it is shot beautifully.   Kudos to her and Kimmy Turrisi for bringing this to us.

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I'm not surprised when I saw the quality of the production, writing, and the love of the genre shining through.  I believed to hope that it would succeed.  I am pleasantly surprised and I too since reading this have contributed..Thanks Imaginary Bs, Wedlock, Gotham, Venice for giving us what we have been clamoring for....I am also enjoying written webisodes.

Also all of the actors/actresses of daytime way  too many to list but you get the gist of this.... especially the actors who toil in the trenches with shabby stories and horrible dialog; all who are  fighting "for"  this American art form...KUDOS!  And Kudos to DayTime Confidential its authors and podcast hosts/hostesses.  I wub this place

....Happy Holidays to all

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Congrats to Crystal Chappel !    If anything should happen to Days of The Week, she's okay because she has Venice

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Congratulations Crystal Chappell!

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It all boils down to a pretty simple formula: the viewers want something and you give them what they want and they'll watch it. But the important thing here is knowing what they want and not what you THINK they want.

Network TV has become so driven by what the advertisers want which might not always go hand in hand with the viewers and certainly not with the network executives and the big wigs at the companies who sell advertisement to the shows.

I recon there's plenty of viewers and a lot more people would be willing and open minded enough to watch shows like Venice but it would never get a green light from the network executives because they're too afraid to upset the advertisers.

AND they rely on faulty ratings numbers (they don't get an accurate read on who actually watches the shows and who doesn't). When it's on the internet, it's a lot easier to count unique viewers and subscribers and it's not a guessing game so much as ... oooh let's say Nielsen ratings Wink

So yeah, it's not surprising at all that Venice has been doing as well as it is. There's a need and CC saw it and gave people what they wanted. It's pretty much how it SHOULD work.

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Crystal is an amazing talent.  I would help fund anything she was involved on...so glad she is getting the recognition.