Florencia Lozano Says “Struggle” Will Ensue With Dani’s Paternity On OLTL

On Air On Soap’ Michael Fairman dished with One Life To Live dynamo Florencia Lozano on what viewers can expect to see with her alter ego Tea’s drama involving daughter Danielle and Todd (Trevor St. John).

MICHAEL: So, right now Danielle hates her mother and her father.  What do you think we can look forward to?  Any resolution?

FLORENCIA: She is a teenager, and for a couple years there, it’s really a true test of faith. Adolescence, if you remember, (I vaguely do) it’s a really hard time.  Mothers often times get the brunt of that, especially with daughters.  There is a lot of separating from the mother yet wanting to stay merged with the mother.  In our case, she is about to find out her father is not who she thought he was.  So we are definitely going to have a struggle.  But I would hope our love would win out.

Lozano also gives a clue as to why her character is holding back on Todd filling Dani in on who her real father is.

MICHAEL: You are still telling Todd not to reveal himself to Danielle.  Why?

FLORENCIA: Initially, it came out in a very unhelpful way in the hotel room in Seattle and Danielle was not able to process it.  Tea screwed this up so badly on so many different levels!  She screwed Ross up.  He was a good guy, and he thought he was her father and he ripped her out of his world.  I hurt Danielle and Todd a lot.  So now, Téa is trying to do things the right way, which would not be just sort of saying, to Danielle, “Hey, this is your dad.”  She wants to find someway to connect with her daughter and get some trust going with her before she just drops it on her.

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    I don’t like Todd with ANYBODY.  I LOVE TSJ but Todd does not DESERVE to be with anybody at this point.  He cannot make up his friggin’ mind from day to day.  I love FL, I think she is beautiful but Tea really gets on my nerves.  Then again, so does Blair!  I get drunk EVERYDAY off her saying, "…for my children…"!    And SERIOUSLY!!  Do YOU know of ANY African American girls who would not have beat the living CRAP out of Dani today!?  PUH-LEESE!!

  2. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Jillian we cant agree on everything now can we LOL

    And where were you during the ABC podcast when they were basing Sam McCall again??  I think you owe me one.

    T-n-B 4 evah.

    Can I get a CHURCH??

    (actually I think they should bring back RH as the real todd, make TSJ a brainwashed Lawrence and then let Tea have TSJ and put Blair with the real deal.)

    Blair is already raising Sam, I think Daniella would only benefit from being away from Tea’s scenery chewing hysteria and towards the  Kramer woman environment!!

  3. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Owe you? Ha! You better go to Goldman Sachs for that! *LOL* Church was soo last year. ;) Todd and TEA punk! As for where I was during the podcast, I happened to be enjoying a lovely relationship with the good folks @ Sealy posturepedic.

  4. Profile photo of Islandof1

    Stupid, stupid storyline!
    Tea & Todd have one romp in the sand and fifteen years later she does a DNA test to see if the "love of her life" is Danialla’s bio-dad. Meanwhile, Ross thinks Dani is his daughter because Tea swore to him back then,  that she never had sex with Todd. Ross and Dani bond as father-daughter and then Tea has enough of Ross and tries to break them up by shipping Dani off to England. Forgets to tell Todd he has a daughter and has a fail wedding with him without once mentioning Dani. Nor tells Dani about the marriage (or thinks of inviting her to the marriage to meet her new husband, Todd). One failed kidnaping later Ross is dead and Dani is blaming Todd for killing her "father".

    Oh, and by the way Dani should be seven, not fifteen and older than Jack – who was on the Island with TnT.

    So, yes it is a Mess and I do not blame fans from scratching their heads and wonder if it is effecting the ratings.

  5. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Am I the only one that really likes this storyline and thinks that Danelle getting revenge on Todd will be fun to watch? Even a non-Todd fan should be happy about that. I can’t wait to see how Todd reacts and how this aftects the Blair/Todd/Tea triangle. Forencia Lozono’s acting is amazing ansso is Kelly Masaal’s! I can’t believe she is so young. She *really* comes off as a chip of the old Manning block to me!

  6. Profile photo of liason4real

    Dariclone ——- Ditto on your comments.  Starr is all lovey dovey with Todd right now and the contrast with Dani hating his guts is awesome. 

    I liked Blair/Ross, however, I would rather see Kevin, Joey and even Dr. Danny Wolek back in town before seeing Ross on a permanent basis. 

  7. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I was so annoyed with Fridays epi.  Tea yammering on about how everything is Blairs fault – PUH LEASE. Yes, Blair made mistakes, but  this mess was put in to motion by TEA.  Tea lying to Ross, Tea lying to Todd, Tea lying to Danni.  Ross had no right to get violent, but he wouldnt have had cause to get violent if Tea hadnt stolen his daughter and hid her away for more than a year.  She needs to take some damn responsibility for her OWN actions before pointing fingers at anyone else.

  8. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Liason4real, thanks for your reply. :) You make a good point about perfering to have older characters on the show than Ross. I’ll have to try to look at it that way!

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