Paolo Seganti Leaving As The World Turns

Paolo Seganti (Damian Grimaldi) is leaving As The World Turns. Paolo told his fans on his Facebook page that his time in Oakdale is up in January.


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    I am so glad. What beautiful music to my ears. I have not liked him from the get go and dislike this story equally. The only good coming out of it is the surprise acting via NutMeg. Who would have thunk! Now we need to get rid of this Mick dude. He too needs to go and take his story with him. BLAH!

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     Damien’s departure is truly music to my ears as well!  And, yes, where does this leave Meg?  Just how will Damien’s absence (or departure) )affect Meg?  Will he be killed or just disappear?  (We all know that where there threats, inevitably someone is blamed for murder!)  Will Lily really be pregnant (perish the thought!)? 

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