Danielle Threatens to Kill Todd on OLTL

With Tea (Florencia Lozano) and Todd (Trevor St. John) as parents we knew Danielle (Kelly Massal) would be a feisty one, but damn she’s already threatening to kill Todd. This girl doesn’t waste time, does she?

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    Oh, no she’s too good for Michael!  This girl can ACT!  OLTL does a great job of casting its youngsters (and Kim!).  Last weeks screamfest between Destiny and Dani was awesome. 

    BTW, I think Tea was a fool.  Had she just divorced Ross and shared custody with him like a  normal human being, none of this would have escalated to this disastrous situation.

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    There was no "screamfest" between Destiny and Dani!  DANI screamed, that’s all the girl can do.  She (KM) can ACT?  How do we know, all she’s done is SCREAM.  And PUH LEESE!  She is too good for Michael C. ?  Get out!  At least both of his parents aren’t friggin’ INSANE!!

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     Hell…. I’d age Cameron Webber and pair the two before I put her with Michael. Michael’s too much of a brat. I’d rather stick her with Zander’s son, who burns down houses… LOL

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     This little spitfire has already stolen my heart. When she was yelling at Tea in the airport? Amazing. And when she was yelling at Destiny? I fell in love.

    OLTL did a great casting job. A++.

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    I think there would be some AMAZING story potential if Dani, in her emotional state, were to fall under Mitch’s influence. Todd and Mitch have some intense history already, and this type of storyline would make for some dynamic, intriguing explosive storytelling!

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    all we’ve seen is anger out of this kid, so she does that well…although I wanted to bitch-slap her for yelling at Destiny….but until she shows another emotion, I’ll wait and see how this casting goes. But I do want to see her go up against little bro Jack…that ought to be very funny!

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    Dani wiped the floor in that Destiny scene…LOL!  Team Dani here!  That baby that plays Destiny can’t act!  Like I said on twitter yesterday she looked like a deer in headlights when Dani read her!  Good stuff!

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    And I thought we decided on the GH board a while back that Spencer (Corinthos) Cassadine wins the award for Most Likely to Grow Up Bats**t Crazy.  Still, when they inevitably play red-rover with GH and OLTL, I think Dani and Spencer would make a perfectly diabolical pair.  Their squish name could be Dancer or Spani, LOL.

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    Todd and Tea deserve each other,and whatever their spawn decides to dish out to them….zzzzzz……ffwd…..jmo.

    Can I get a Thorsten Kaye or a Roger Howarth in this town ASAP!!!!

    P.S. Poor Destiny never stood a chance

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    If Danielle and Jack were to team-up they would tear Llanview up!  In the early part of this decade Starr would’ve whupped up on Danielle, for messing with their father.  Now, Starr better get out of the way or Danielle will leave some serious skid marks!

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    DanYella’s mama is BSC; her daddy is a serial rapist and a murderer and she is their BSC, rabid spawn.  They deserve all of the vitriol that she dishes out, particularly against her mother who put her daughter last on her "To Do List".

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