OLTL’s Carlivati, Evans, Claywell and Rodriguez Named After Elton’s Men of the Year!

Congratulations to our recent podcast guest, Ron Carlivati and the three actors who bring his red hot gay love triangle to life on One Life to Live— Scott Evans (Fish), Brett Claywell (Kyle) and Nick Rodriguez (Nick). The fab foursome have been named  Men of the Year, as a part of After Elton’s 2009 Visability Awards. Ron C. and the Boys beat out the likes of Adam Lambert and Neil Patrick Harris for this honor! WALK IT LIKE A DAWG!  Here’s a snippet of what the site had to say about Carlivati and crew:

If you don’t watch One Life to Live, you’re no doubt snickering that we chose three soap opera actors and their head writer as our Men of the Year. But if you’ve been watching One Life to Live’s remarkable gay love triangle as it’s played out all year on this long-running ABC soap, you know we absolutely made the right choice. Sure, it’s a soap, but it’s also some of the best, most daring writing and acting on television, soap opera or not.

(Wishful Network Executing: In addition to airing same day eppys of OLTL on SOAPnet and streaming them online at ABC.com, perhaps ABC Daytime could cut a deal with Bravo or Logo to syndicate they gay-friendly sudser? Or at the very least why not a Kish and Nick webisode spinoff?)


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    Nick & Kyle make a better couple.  There, I said it.  They have more chemistry.

    OLTL is making their gay couple just as dysfunctional as their straight counterparts. 

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    Bret Claywell single-handedly made me a Kish fan. When Kyle would look at Fish–just the look he gave made you believe that he’d been in (mostly unrequited) love with this man for 10 yrs, and I am a sucker for long-lost loves on soaps. Scott & Nick are good actors, but Brett really is the one who sold it to me. But congrats to all of them!

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    Congrats!  Love the whole storyline,  to all hats off.   Remember when OLTL had the black drag queen bartendering at Utrlaviolet, worked for RJ, wouldn’t it be cool, if there was another son the newly black family in Llanview.  A hush, hush situation and show how not accepting your own child and the struggles of what a family goes through when there isn’t understanding of a person’s sexuality.  Nick was her(him) boytoy.

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    Oh my….I added OLTL on my DVR this weekend..So today I get to see my first episode.

    I am an ultra-conservative with family values, so Hopefully I won’t be offended by what I see on my TV screen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please know I am kidding -

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    I dont like Nick and he is definitely not the one for kyle and i dont see any chemistry between them at all….the chemistry between Brett and Scott though is truly amazing and they dont even need words to convey the love between Kyle and Oliver but can do it with just one look alone…they are absolutely perfect together and the very best couple on TV…..I adore  Kish……Nick doesnt belong in their beautiful love story……

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    My Problem is .. I like Nick but i love Kyle and Oliver together.. Honestly Scott Evans as an out gay Actor SOLD the storyline…

    The fact that they chose to do this honestly with a Out Gay Writer with 2  Gay Actors acting his words on screen.. IS just LOVELY…

    Honestly I would love for Nick to stay on with further storyline of his own…

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    I agree with you when it comes to Nick. I’d like to see him stick around and have some story of his own…separate from Kish. He’s a good actor, and it’s always great to see my fellow Latinos reprezentin’.

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