Catherine and Richard Connect in Gotham #3

Gotham the Series aired its third installment last night and there were improvements right from the start. The music in the opening sequence was moody, and there were snippets of the two previous episodes. After a little nudge from Anne Sayre‘s Tina at the beginning, it was all Martha Byrne and Michael Park.

The short episodes make for slow moving action. It was 45 seconds before anything happened and it was all over in little more than three minutes. It’s enough to keep me engaged in the conversation, but certainly not long enough to feel as connected as Catherine and Richard do. I need more! Byrne and Park do have great chemistry however, and it is clear that they have a great off-screen friendship as it comes across in their scenes. As always, I have problems adjusting to the shaky camera.  What do you think of the web series? Catch the latest episode after the jump.

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    I don’t know about anyone else but they need to be longer than 5 minutes just to get the story going and to get people hooked.    I understand that is not on the same caliber as Venice but before I gonna pass judgment on it, until I see few  a more episodes.   I did see on Martha Byrne’s chat (she chats 1 hr before the premiere of the new episodes), that the episodes are going to become longer.

    I did have a flashback to Dynasty when I saw Anne’s Sayre’s coat and all the fur (fake) flying about. :)

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     I have always enjoyed Gotham.  I was never a ATWT fan so this is just purely on what I am seeing here and now.  I like it, but I do agree they could be longer.  It’s nice, but the ending was a little too quick.  

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    I was just grateful people on Gotham had a coherent conversation, though it was nothing special and the show is still full of problems.  Venice is incoherent crap.

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    Let me start off by saying that I want all of these Web Series to be successful. I honestly think that web based programming is the way of the future (at least for scripted shows.) In general I think people are being way too critical of the format when we say they should be longer, they should be this and that…..I think we should remember that these series are just gaining in recognition and people like Martha Byrne and Crystal Chappell are pioneers. (I know some hate the work pioneer.) I have opinions on both Gotham and Venice and I believe they both have strengths and weaknesses. I want to see Martha get out there and promote this thing. And Crystal’s team needs to figure out the web-site issues. (But maybe its a good problem when thousands of people flood the site causing crashes.) I admire Crystal for moving towards subscriptions. In a year when soaps have shown signs of dying I love that these two ladies are stepping up and doing something…

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    I didn’t see Episode 2 but in my opinon, this was definitly an improvment over Episode 1. I loved the chemistry between the two leads and that the love story was getting going, the plot seems like something I could be interested in now. I agree that the ending seemed a little two abrupt and there should’ve been something there to give it an air of finality. I’m happy to hear the episodes are getting longer though, as that will give us more time to get involved in the story.
    Definitly something I’ll enjoy when new episodes xome out!

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    I look at two together so they seem longer really liked the 3rd installment with them just walking the scenery is beautiful, the hair/makeup thumbsup…I’m learning more about the characters still it leaves me longing for more at the end of the eppys…
    I want to know about these two characters..I can’t wait for more… Kudos to webisodes…I like them…

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