Thom Bierdz Heads Back To Y&R

Soap Opera Digest is reporting Thom Bierdz will resume the role of Phillip Chancellor, III once again. According to the magazine, the actor will appear onscreen once again in early 2010.

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    Yay! I hope the writers have used the break from Phillip to come up with a strategy to use the character properly and not just crap all over him like they did from July-November.

    I like Thom’s acting, and I am cautiously optimistic about how he’ll be written when he returns (because let’s face it, the writing sucked. They brought him back, then they shoved him to the backburner/off screen without actually dealing with the fall out of his faked death/return, then they quickly had him patch things up with Chance and sent him out of town. That’s not Thom’s fault).

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    Scott Novick

    I’m with AlistaireCrane in hoping that Phillip’s return down under gave MAB and company a chance to come up with a decent story for him. Yes, Thom had some wooden moments when he first came back, but he had them in 1986 too and gradually improved, so I really think that the same thing can happen again.

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    I don’t actually expect them to write a story for Phillip, but as long as they use him as a strong supporting player in the lives of Jill, Nina, Kay, Chance, and Cane, I’ll be happy.

    Maybe they will finally explain how they made Kay believe she switched Phillip at birth. My simple explanation is this: the psychic Kay met was actually a hypnotist hired by Phillip and Cane to plant suggestions in Kay’s head making her think she switched babies. As for Amber, she was simply in the right place at the right time, and Cane took advantage of that to make his entrance.

    Would love to see him date a well-balanced fellow around his age. Just because Rafe is gay doesn’t mean they should hook up.

    I wonder if this means Cricket is not far behind now.

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    I’m glad that he’s coming back, but like many others, I hope that this time around they give him something to do.  I liked it when they were exploring his new friendship with Nina and how it seemed as if they were going to end up best friends.  I want to see how he handles being Chance’s dad now that he’s going to be around all the time.  That, and I do want to see him in some sort of relationship, whether it would be Rafe [where’s [he] been, anyway?] or not. 

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    It will be interesting to see Nina and Phillip become best friends after being lovers now that she’s becoming lovers with her best friend (currently on the show) Paul.

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    Nina & Phillip weren’t much of lovers 20 years.  He’s gay.  She knows it.  That’s all there is. Phillip can accept Nina’s relationship with Paul or not.  But why should she care what Phillip think?  She’s been married and divorced twice since he left GC. 

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    All I know is I’m over all the haters out there. THOM BIERDZ has a place in this show. The storyline could be amazing with the correct writing. RIP Bill Bell. True fans apologize for all these bad writing. I ditched Y&R since Thoms last airdate in November. But reading this article about his return I’m ready for it. I’ve been a Y&R fan for over 20 years but if he’s screwed out of a storyline as Phillip I’m done with this show.

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