Who Will Jason Save This Week on GH?

Who will Jason (Steve Burton) save this week on General Hospital? I hope it’s Carly (Laura Wright). Watch the promo after the jump.

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    O.M.G.  Awesome promo.  "The love of his life"…Liz NOT in promo!  YEEEAH!  (But I think the love of his life is Carly! Not romantically, of course.)  I heard KeMo was gonna be off for a few days, so I guess he finds Carly 1st.  Can’t WAIT for this, I HOPE they(TPTB) don’t screw it up!

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    Please, Franco should have kidnapped Sonny, the REAL love of Jason’s life. 

    This has been the most unintentional gay story on soaps. Ever.  And not in a good way.

    Blah!  GH should have stuck with its original plan to feature a Cassadine story.  I can’t fault the show for wanting to try something with James Franco, but the guy is the worst actor on GH.  When he isn’t giving Jason come-hither looks, Franco looks like he just woke up from a nap or seems really developmentally challenged.

    Steve Burton’s agent should use Burton and Franco’s clips to sell Hollywood on Burton’s ability to out act a supposed A-level actor. 


    GH should have hired Eric Braeden as Mikos Cassadine.  Mikos would have taken Port Charles by storm. He could get Nikolas, Alex, Sam, Helena and Luke in one hell of a story. 

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    I’m only partly joking.  Franco seems to be confusing hero worship with dreamy-eyed love.  It’s a shame that GH chose to bring James Franco in this way.  I wish that they had come up with a better way of using him. 

    Someone had suggested that Franco return as A.J.  That could have been interesting. 

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to a big Cassadine story. 

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    josstheguy- ME TOO!  I’ve been waiting on this Valentin Cassadine for MONTHS!  Every since Helena had that birth certif. and we don’t know whose it is!  My vote was that it was Lucky’s and GV would be outted as "not Lucky" but one of Helena and FAISON’s  peeps!  I TOTALLY want another s/l with Helena!  Love her!  But FRANCO as AJ?  No, I wouldn’t have bought that.  BRING ON THE CASSADINES!!

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    OH BOY who will the hitman save this time?  Can’t wait.  Bated breath.  (Or is that just morning breath because I fell asleep again?)

    At least there’s something to fast-forward so I can get through episodes quicker.  I have no need to watch one serial killer save two helpless women from… another serial killer.

    I do love that James Franco has made this hilarious.  I don’t know if he was supposed to play it that way, but it’s a terrible storyline and at least he went full-force bringing out the obvious homoerotic stuff and playing it all the way.  Watching him hit on Jason has been fun at least.

    They could’ve done something good with this amazing actor, but this stretching-out of his 3 days of taping has made it incredibly tedious. 

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    This promo looks good …
    I am big Jarly and JaSam fan …..
    He will save Carly first his best friend and than his real love of his life Sam ….

    Ps it is time for CarSam Friendship  

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    [quote=CarlyCfan]Saint Jasus the Holly Hitman will save everybody as he always does.


    I might be in the minority but I hate this Franco storyline and can’t wait until it’s over. Don’t get me wrong, I love James Franco…but this storyline could have been done by almost anyone. It’s standard GH fare. 

    They should’ve really thought out of the box and developed a storyline on par with Franco’s talents.

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    I wish Carly and Sam could save themselves.

    I enjoy the Franco storyline when he is actually in it but  that hasn’t been a lot.  Watching Jason and Co. TALK about Franco and how dangerous he is, is just boring.

    I’m actually looking forward to the fallout of the Franco storyline which I hope will be good and actually have an impact on Jason.

    Count me in as another person looking forward to teh Cassadine storyline.  I’m glad that James Franco wasn’t cast as a Cassadine or as a new AJ because a) I still want AJ to return and b) I want the new Cassadine character to stick around. 

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    OF COURSE Jason will save them all!  He’s SUPERMAN!   (Insert cape here!)  While it would be BEYOND awesome if all 3 girls could save themselves(I mean-CARLY!, SAM!, LuLu!) who should be better equiped to deal with a psycho than these 3?  Carly and Sam have already PROVEN themselves against the crazies, but we’ll have to see what LuLu does.  I agree that Carly is Jason’s SOULMATE.  Of course they ROMANTICALLY love other people but NOTHING, I mean NOTHING could tear apart Jason and Carly!  I KNOW that there will never be a romantic thing for them, I HOPE there never is because after all that they have been through, NOBODY knows Carly better than Jason and NOBODY knows Jason better than Carly! And romantically, it would have to be a looooonnnggg drawn out thing for me to believe in them in that way. 

    PLEASE bring on the Cassadines! 

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    You knew it would happen sooner or later.  GH has broken out its ‘roulette of death’!  Now let the games begin, though I do not believe Franco will kill either of them.

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    No way will Franco kill any of these 3 girls…they are all pretty much front burners right now.  But I DID hear that James Franco so enjoyed his time at GH that he said he would do a comeback!  That makes me HAPPY!   

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    TIIC must have been watching Batman Forever.

    I also hope he saves Carly first.  He has always put her first before Sam in their relationship so him saving carly first makes more sense.

    I also can’t wait for the Cassdine story to start.  I can’t wait for that girl who is from Lucky’s past to come to PC.  I can’t wait for Valetin to come.

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    josstheguy, I don’t think the homoerotic tone of the story is unintentional — I think JF and Guza are very much doing it intentionally – I mean, it’s not subtle at all, in JF’s performance or the dialogue. Personally, I find it amusing. For all the talk from some people about Kelly being Frons’ favorite, I think it’s pretty obvious that TPTB have massive boy crushes on Steve and Maurice, which makes this story even more humorous. JMO

    I loved the promo, but would really like it if Sam saved Carly or vice versa, that would be great!! And then Jason shows up to save the day, and they’ve handled the situation, lol. Ah well… this will be fun to watch too :)

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    I just want to see the cassadine s/l this whole franco s/l has bored me to death i really wish franco would kidnap all of them and blow their heads off execution style that is the only way i would love this story.Dammit franco can’t you at least paralyze that bastard the borg on your way out .

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    " i really wish franco would kidnap all of them and blow their heads off execution style that is the only way i would love this story. Dammit franco can’t you at least paralyze that bastard the borg on your way out ."

    cokeyloveshersoaps –  I don’t know you but based on just your words you sound like one messed up person IMHO!

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    I am not messed up i simply hate all these characters and don’t mind seeing them hurt GH is a mob show so i just said something guza  can relate to violence  cause he dam sure does not like to write anything else.I would never wish harm on a real person but  character’s on a soap is fair game.

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    Definitely Carly. As a longtime Jarly fan I think they are soulmates too. Not as lovers but forever in each others lives through and through. He could also back up his choice by saying he saved the mother of 3 children too!!!

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    I love Jason with both these women, so I am unconcerned about who he gets to first, as long as he gets to both of them! I am pretty sure that Sam knows that with Jason Carly will always come first and that is why they work so well together, true soulmates.

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    I think if Jason was in a position of chosing he would probably opt to save Carly first because he thinks of the two Sam is the more capable of the women to save herself. 

    I love Jarly and JaSam.  3 awesome characters

    And if we are wishing violence then bring on Helena.  I would love to see her flipping Lizards of a parrapet. ;0)

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     Oh Yeaa I can’t wait for the Cassadine to come and hurt fair Elizabeth it will make my year so good….

    I am fan of JaSam and JaRly … so I don’t care who he saves first as long as he saves them and Carly will remain his best friend and Sam the love of his life …..
    Both Carly and Sam knows who is who and My hope is that we will have CarSam friendship 

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    i think sam will tell jason to save carly first (if it’s a choice between the two) then he’ll go after sam.

    but i always love the idea of sam kicking butt and saving herself!

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     THIS is what the Franco story has been for?  WHO WILL JASON SAVE?  *again*?

    I had a feeling there was a Cassadine storyline that was yanked in favor of James Franco’s addition as a "special guest star".  There was Helena and that paiting that had the hidden birth certificate, the introduction of Mischa and the threat of Valentin (Matthew Borlenghi cast).  Comments here seem to confirm that.
    The sidelining of the storyline is unfortunate.
    I would guess that the darkening of Nikolas also suffered from not playing out with that family drama simultaneously.  (note to GH writers: check out OLTL and the writing for Clint – THATS how you write brother vs brother and make one of the characters go to the dark side.)  How much better would the Nik/Liz/Lucky story have been with Nik being a bit less apologetic about it?  Which would have made his scene of vulnerability at Emily’s grave all the more touching.  Nik needs some depth PRONTO.  Pay more than lip service to him "going Cassadine".
    (I still like my version of Rebecca’s exit: she and Nik leave for the trip to Greece and he comes back without her, leaving her status in question.  Did he kill her, strand her, sell her into slavery?   etc)

    Back to FRANCO.  Having the hype of James Franco and wasting it on another serial killing misogynistic character is an ultimate "FAIL".   I really lost hope when his agent with whom he was sleeping (Gillian/Marsha Thomason) said "You don’t like me half the time" and he responded "I don’t like you ALL of the time".  Wow, romance is dead isn’t it?

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    I completely agree that they screwed up some prime moments to carry out the new Cassadine story.  It was STUPID that they brought Helena in for a MINUTE to let us see the birth cert, then she comes back and kidnaps Luke, then the whole "Helena’s drugged, Luke’s locked up" thing with Luke’s kids saving him.  Valentin’s this horrible guy, WHERE IS HE!?  Has he NOTICED that Helena and Luke are gone and if he DOES then why is he not coming after them?  Also, COMPLETELY STUPID, bringing JJ back WHILE Helena was in town and not playing off the s/l that  JJ was the "real" Lucky and GV was one of Helena or Faison’s people.  HATE the hanging storylines!

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    Is it just me or is this s/l ripped from the end of The Music Box Killer (or Killing Club; I get the 2 confused) s/l on OLTL? Remember when both Evangeline and Natalie were tied up and John had to decide which of his lady loves he’d save first?  All that’s missing here is the cheerleading uniforms. Rah rah. Note sarcasm.  I think it would be SO nice if just once, a woman saved herself on a soap.  Where’s Big Alice the wrestler when you need her?

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    I vote Carly, too!

    What’s funny is that ALL of this could have been avoided if Jason would have just eaten the damned chips and dip!  Let this be a lesson to us all – if you refuse a person’s hospitality, your loved ones might get killed.

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    In a story based on the idea of Franco vs Jason, no I dont think Sam will rescue herself, but Sam has saved herself and others many times – think B&W ball and the tmk story for two examples.  carly also has been pretty tough over the years – think blowing the fuse in the panic room for one.

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    Didn’t Sam get kidnapped from her apartment by Diego?  Shouldn’t she have some security in place?  She is supposed to be a private detective and was in charge of security at Franco’s art show.  Why wouldn’t she lock her door or put an alarm on it?  Why would she leave herself open to being in the same situation again?  This plot has been played out so many times.  Here we go again………. Jason saves the damsel in distress!!!  This time he has to save three instead of two.   Isn’t there any originality on this show?  Couldn’t they let even one female step up and save herself?  Or, not get in this position repeatedly?  I am so over it.

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    Look I think they do the damsel in distress way too much on this show too. I like a little bit of it, but not all the time. That said, women have saved themselves, and each other, on this show repeatedly.  Yes, the TMK kidnapped Sam and Liz from Sam’s place, but Sam also kicked his *ss when he went after Alexis. I just wish we could get more of that.  That said, with Sam it’s a no-win situation. Sam haters complain when she’s saved and they complain when she saves herself or someone else too. It’s the same with Carly sometimes too.  I HATE Carly with every ounce of my being, but when she saves someone I love it!

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    All I can say is Thank God Franco let Sam change into some sensible clothes, I did not want to watch hubby drool over Sam, a bikini and a box .

    I personally don’t think Helena will be mad at Liz, I mean all of this could lead Nik back into the person Helena has long wanted him to be…a True Cassadine

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