The Fast & The Furious, Y&R Style?

So Jack (Peter Bergman) pops the question to Emily (Stacy Haiduk) after a whirlwind romance of what, three weeks now? Sharon (Sharon Case) says "I do" to Adam (Michael Muhney) after knowing him for about a month? Has The Young and the Restless adopted the three-day-a-week production plan As the World Turns’ showrunner Chris Goutman was pushing awhile back? If not, what is up with all the rushed, plot driven storytelling in Genoa City?

Everything onscreen these days seem to be moving faster than a quarterback on the homecoming queen at my old high school, and with much less character development. Jack has only been on a few dates with Patty’s doppelganger, now he’s about to make her his Mrs., for real? Meanwhile, Sharon, after promising her "dead" daughter she was going to live her life to the fullest and make smarter choices, is now married a known sociopath. So much for empowering women on Y&R. Why is Sharon’s character and intelligence being sacrificed all for the advancement of yet another arc in the neverending saga of Adam’s reign of terror?

Sure, Sharon doesn’t know Adam switched her baby with Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson), but she is well aware of the crimes he’s committed against Victor (Eric Braeden), like forging a diary to make it look like Sharon’s beloved father-in-law committed murder, and that Adam went so far as to seduce his male lawyer to keep someone on his side. She is also well aware of her new hubby’s biblical dislike for his half brother— the love of Sharon’s life. What on Earth would possibly motivate this longterm heroine to deliberately make such a stupid choice, after the year she just had? I know they say love is blind, but this is ridiculous!

Whatever happened to TPTB restoring Y&R’s signature brand of building up storylines slowly, rooted in character, and exploring psychological nuances? Instead of that, the soap’s storytelling is now all about racing from plot point to plot point. Isn’t that what tanked the previous regime?

Storylines on Y&R seem to be coming out of the blue these days, leaving the audience scratching our heads as we try to figure out why characters we’ve known and loved for decades are acting so out of character. We understand that given the terrible year soaps faced in 2009, daytime dramas aren’t really concentrating on longterm storytelling, and are simply trying to keep their heads above water, but wouldn’t it make more sense to go back to the basics of what enthralled soap opera fans in the first place— good storytelling, featuring beloved characters behaving in ways that lineup with who we know them to be?


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    Honestly, who’s writing this shit these days? This isn’t Maria’s writing we have seen in 2008 … this is horrible.

    Peter Bergman and Stacy Haiduk sure have chemistry, but that Emily is looking like Patty, who he just had an affair with before she went crazy, is something that should have been something that challanges their feelings for each other. Instead it’s not discussed by them at all.
    And now they are engaged after a few dates and a romantic christmas together??? Emily is in town for two months and is about to become Mrs. Jack Abbott. That’s really ridiculous!!!

    So is the writing for Sharon. Speaking about destroying a character. After everyhting you had to watch this year as a fan of her … it’s so unbelievable painful that there is no end in sight.

    Independent women at Y&R … something that you don’t see these days. Just whiny characters who have to get to a plot piont.
    Oh … and when Sharon can marry Adam after a month of knowing him and Jack asking Emily to marry him after a few dates … how about stopping these nonsense with Nick running out on his wife for the 1,000,000s time…???

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    I still watch Y&R everyday, and honestly, I really really want to love it like I used to.  There are moments of the old glory that get me salivating and thinking, ‘Finally, they’re getting back on track!’  And then there are the other moments, unfortunately, in the majority, that make me shake me head, and sometimes even cringe in discomfort and yes, even disgust.  I think that MAB sometimes knows what she’s doing, sometimes I don’t.  Could it possibly be that wearing both hats of EP & HW is too much, and she sometimes let’s the writing fall to HS?  Possibly.  It just makes me nervous, in these times where soap cancellations are becoming much too common, to see the finest daytime serial all of a sudden becoming something it never was.  A plot driven mess.  

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    Hogan Sheffer is the man ruining this show, that’s my guess anyway. What happened to Tommie Cassiello? I thought he was writing over there yet I never see his name on any episodes, but I sure see Hogan’s on many of them.

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    Tom C. is still a writer….but his name only appears on episodes he has written the breakdowns for.  I actually have been paying attention more to whose names appear in the credits.  I can honestly say even when characters I don’t like are on and he has written for them they don’t bother me.  The lines he gives the characters are in character regardless if the characters actions are not.  I really think he needs to be promoted and given more responsibilty.  He gets the characters, understands their history and I think he would be able to help get away from some of the plot driven s/l’s and back to the character driven ones that made Bill Bell and his shows such a success if he was promoted.  

    I am all for romance and glad to see Y&R trying to bring some of that back.  It always seems like feast or famine with something.  Either everyone is all happy at once or everyone is sad.  It’s either all business s/l’s or none.  Jack/Emily and Sharon/Adams romances both happened very quickly and it feels rushed and all for plot.  I can’t get behind Jack/Emily being together because I don’t know them as a couple.  I really enjoyed their Christmas scenes with skating, caroling, having dinner, etc.  With this fast pace of being engaged already  makes them unrootable for me because it’s playing too fast.  Then we have chance/chloe that I started rooting for and really enjoyed their story unravel but the pace has been slowed way down and I’m sure it’s because they have a big s/l down the pike that they want them to fit into to.  I don’t know if it is Hogan that is responsible….if they are MAB’s ideas…..if CBS is stepping into much or what.  They are giving us hints of the old Y&R but hints isn’t going to be enough….not in todays daytime condition.  

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    did u ever think to consider Y&R could possibly be the one show where they LISTEN to SOME fans and Newcomers… who want less drawn out storyline.. I agree the Emily/Jack and Sharon/Adam thing is a little rushed…

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    Personally, I wish the show would return the focus to the legacy characters(and when I say that I mean those legacy characters who actually are written true to character)–we have Jack(who apparently likes asking people who look like his nutjob ex-wife that was responsible for his niece’s death to marry him), Ashley(when she’s not being gaslighted or convinced she’s carrying a live baby), and Billy(who apparently is being written as the show’s new man-whore), but why the hell isn’t Traci back full time(and where the hell is Beth Maitland’s contract?).The Abbotts for me were and always will be the best thing about this show not to mention the best set of soap siblings around(when they’re being written right, which they aren’t on a consistent basis).  Add more Michael/Lauren screentime, more Paul/Nina(where’s Tricia Cast’s contract?), and more Katherine/Jill and the show would at least get back to some semblance of its’ former self (and to throw this in–I DO NOT miss the almighty Victor Newman one damn bit, thank you very much).   Instead, we get screentime wasted on characters who are either boring as hell or just don’t matter–hi, just because characters are tied to core families doesn’t make them interesting(that means you Adam, Amber, Daniel, Chance, Kevin, Gloria, and whichever Bardwell brother Ted Shackelford has the misfortune of playing these days–I’m not even sure…because I don’t care).  Just sayin’.

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     Its all so sad, isn’t it? 

    I’ve watched off and on for 15 years and picked it up again fully with the arrival of MAB. It seemed like the characters I knew and loved were returning. I was hopeful, happy and absolutely hooked. Then, something happened – the show turned to crap late last spring. 

    I think the writing for Sharon (my favorite character – I grew up with her for crying out loud) is a prime example of this. I’m glad the character has story (and loads of it) but – come on! You can’t tell me the Sharon I know would get accidently pregnant with three possible daddies without at least admonishing herself or having at least a general idea of who the father may be (its called a monthly cycle and women in their 30s know all about it). You can’t tell me that she would sleep walk through an entire year without a real home for her son (watch some old youtube clips of her and Cassie), a job, or some kind of ambition. You can’t tell me that the character we’ve known for so long would elope with Adam. Jeez! Its all in the name of plot. Some haters may call all of this in-character. Personally, I think they’ve twisted and pulled and torn apart this character to fit whatever lazy, obvious plot point works for them any given week. I can see the writers’ meetings now- "how can we sell to the audience that Sharon falls in love with Adam?" – how about we really play up a couple of the characters inherent personally traits (while neglecting the others) and exagerate them to the tenth degree. 

    I’ve hung on this long thinking "its going to get better. it has to get better". Unfortunately, it keeps getting worse. My resolution for 2010 – No more Y&R. Good luck to everyone whose hanging in there. I really do hope it turns around. 

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    i watch what the call Y&R but i don’t care  anymore for this peace of trash. But then on the Y&R message boards i bet 10 to 1 you will see all postive stuff by the fans, which is a joke. 

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    Stories come and goes but what irked me the most is when they destroy characters.

    Nick and Sharon are the most destroyed, to the point where you barely recognize either of them. I always thought they were Nikki and Victor2.0 and they were 10 years together, no soap had that, and they destroy THAT! Don’t they have any medium and long term vision? At all!

    Sheiffer really dumb down all woman; he did it on ATWT and he is doing it on Y&R! That MAB let him do it on Y&R is on her shoulder.

    I am starting to think that MAB is worst for Y&R than LML was, at least LML did not utterly destroyed character beyond recognition! She was just a poor storyteller, MAB is BOTH!

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     I haven’t watched Y&R in going on 3 months and I can honestly say that I don’t miss it.  Every time I read the message boards be it here or on another site, I just shake my head.  I have been faithfully watching Y&R since my early childhood and, yeah, I’m used to suspending my belief on certain things….comes with watching a soap, but what I don’t like is when the writers try to insult my intelligence.  Whomever thought that it was a good idea to have Jack fall in love with a woman who’s the mirror image of his  whack-a-loon ex that’s responsible for the death of his niece, needs to be strung up by their eyelashes!  What the hell?  I know Jack’s a horn toad and all but I’m having a hard time believing that Jack can honestly look at Emily and not be reminded of all the pain and suffering Patty caused.  

    Sharon and Adam is even more disgusting.  First off, I’m with the other poster who’s tired of Sharon tossing her damn goodies all over GC.  Second, just like Jack, I have a hard time believing that Sharon would want anything to do with Adam, let alone get hitched to the sleezeball.  Sharon’s loyalty to all things Victor has always been well known.  Hell, she defended Victor’s behavior to Jack while they were still married!  So now I’m supposed to believe that Sharon is okay with knowing that Adam tried to frame his pops for murder and went on the dl with his attorney to keep quiet?  And don’t even get me started on the whole gaslighting/baby swap mess.

    And why is everything moving at such a fast pace?  Viewers have always been more accepting of romances that are actually given time to develop.  I like watching the couples grow closer and coming to terms with their feelings.  You just don’t see that on many shows now and it’s frustrating.

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    This regime has a pet, a pet known as Adam, they love the character so much that they have to dumb down everyone else for him. Sharon is woman, they obviously don’t care about women.
    They also don’t care about the fact that they’re destroying a character we grew up with for 15 years, a character WE seem to know better than they do. It looks like to me, that keeping Michael Muhney on the show is more important than writing a good and enjoyable story for an emmy-winning actress with a big fanbase.

    Anyway, I’m not going to watch this crap anymore, it’s way too frustrating.

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    AMEN Jillian!  Moving along plot point 2 point is not why I watch Y&R.  A little build up goes a long way.  Y&R could cut some dead weight actors and focus on the good ones.  Mac is not cutting it at all.  Neither is Chance.  Billy’s the new man ho, Sharon is too busy in victim mode, and Ashley’s sanity comes and goes with a fake pregnancy.  Come ON!  We love ya Y&R, but we expect better.  Tell MAB to stop going to charity events and stay home or work and write.  I agree about Tom Casiello.  When I see his name in the credits, U can tell a difference with the characters, dialogue, and etc.  I’d like to see what Tom C, can do as a head writer.  Daytime’s down to six.  No need to keep the same horses in the stable.  Lets take a chance on these others with a vision.  imo

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    Doesn’t it makes you yearn for LML again?  At least the women on her watch was strong, even though the plots was horrible and s/ls was bad, but again women was written as strong as the men. 

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    YR has certainly gone downhill under Sheffers watch.  As a longtime shick fan I’m beyond sick at what we’ve seen as the worst massacre of a Bill Bell legacy couple.  It’s not so much that they are apart, it’s how they are as inviduals that is beyond sick.  Nick has been dumbed down to the lowest point and his being with phyllis is the most contrived nonsense I’ve ever seen.  All anyone has to do is go back and see old youtube cips to see Nick couldn’t stand the wench, she was never even a blip on his radar and yet now he’s with her?  This is crazy shit and hardly anyone is buying it,  if he was going to leave Sharon have it be with someone new you could believe.  Sharon herself has been destroyed all the HELP pimp this awful couple.  All that phick do is fight over her and use her as foreplay.  Enough, free Sharon and give this wonderful actress a sl that is worthy of her.  I could actually root for her and MM together because they have chemistry if they hadn’t done the stupid baby switch.  

    Regarding LML?  No thank, under her watch is the Michelle Stafford show and that isone character I can surely have less of.   Too much of the same one note crap with this character. 

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     They are insane over there at Y&R. This is how it will go with the Emily/Patty/Jack story line something we have already seen before. We will see Patty and Emily becoming friends and Emily staying on as Patty’s doctor.  Patty will  appear to trust Emily and then she will hit Emily over the head or something like that and appear as Emily with Jack. Jack will think that Patty is Emily for a while.  Maria and her writing crew need to be fired! I often wonder if they read this blog. As far as the Sharon storyline goes it’s a joke!

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    Always pay attention to the opening credits, because that’s when you recognize whether its gonna be a good show or not.  Whenever i see the name Janice Ferri Esser, I know its going to be a good episode.  She was there from 1989 until Lynn Marie Latham let her go in 2007 and Maria Arena Bell brought her back in 2008.  I think Hogan Sheffer is tinkering with Maria’s writing and that could spell doom because the same thing happened to Josh Griffith and we saw what happened to him. Sometimes it seems like Maria’s writing, other times it doesn’t.  When I see Amanda L. Beall, its comic relief, always pay attention to the opening credits cause that’ll let you know whether the show will be good or not.

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    Y&R, in my opinion, is finally stepping into the 21st century. In the 80s and 90s, this show used to be so pretentious, and oftentimes BORING!!! I still remember those long protracted scenes where there was nothing but TALK, TALK, TALK…Yes, it threw you some excitement every once in a while, but for the most part, I always found it to be lacking in personality and flavor—–even though it was, and still is sometimes, my favorite show.

    Nowadays, I find the show to be fresh and exciting. The dialogue has never been better. Yes, I may sound silly harping on dialogue, but daily dialogue can make or break a show. 2008/2009 was the BEST I had ever seen Y&R, with the exception of Sabrina and those ridiculous stories with the FOUR IDIOTS—I mean, Daniel, Jana, Kevin and Amber (seriously, why is Amber still in Genoa City?? She would be much better utilized in LA, and on B&B)

    If they could get rid of Patty and Emily, get Jack a REAL love interest, give Sharon back her baby, ship Cane out of town, ship PHILLIP back into town, bring back Victoria Rowell, and stop dragging their feet with the Sheila reveal, Y&R could be nearly perfect.

    Also, no more Neil and Ashley, they don’t do it for me. They seem to be "slung" together out of laziness and an inability of the writers to script a good black female character.

    BTW: Lynn Latham was a TRAIN WRECK!!! Just think Chuck Pratt and Megan McTavish combined. Yeah, that’s how bad she was. Enough said. Maria Bell has proven herself capable of scripting brilliant stories and characters, so I find any comparisons of her to LML to be purely RIDICULOUS!!!!

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