AMC’s Hayley and Mateo are Back!

I am in heaven! The first of All My Children’s two-day 40th anniversary celebration aired today and kicked off with the arrival of Hayley (Kelly Ripa) and Mateo (Mark Consuelos). It is fantastic seeing them back, even if it is for such a short amount of time. Hayley’s one liners have me rolling. I can’t wait to see all the other familiar faces who have been missing from Pine Valley when they pop up today and tomorrow.

One complaint, anniversary episodes should not be wasted on characters like Madison (Stephanie Gatschet). Share your thoughts on AMC’s 40th anniversary after the jump. We’ll update the post with more screencaps later today.

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    Loved Kelly and Mark today, I just wish Hayley and Mateo and some others would come back full-time. You are right Luke, this is a celebration of AMC and Pine Valley, and as much as I like SG and Madison, she’s only been on but a minute and where’s JR? But the irony is that Pratt was fired shortly after the taping. So you wonder what went on behind the scenes, can’t wait until tomorrow, and I don’t it was Frons’ decision, I think it was someone higher-up, but can’t wait though.

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    It wasn’t wasted on Madison, it was wasted on Annie and Greenlee, whom the show revolved around. Hayley had more scenes with Annie than she did her own father and sister and not even any with her own brother JR.

    I see now if the rumors are try why this got Pratt fired. Annie’s smug smirking face complete with her constant whining wasn’t needed today, but at least Hayley has a brain and hated Annie from the get go.

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    Possibly the worst anniversary show in the history of soaps. My freaking God! Yes, it was nice to see Haley and Mateo but beyond that, it was same-old, same-old. We actually have most of the episode focusing on Madison and Annie, yet JR can’t be there? And I’m no Greenbeans fans, so I wasn’t thrilled about seeing her the whole episode either, by that’s just my opinion. Anniversary episodes are meant for surprise things to happen, there to be surprise plot twists, unexpected friends to pop in. Most of all, it is the show where the CORE characters are to be given priority. No Tad on the anniversary show? No last appearance by Dr. Joe and Ruth Martin? No Jake?  No Bianca? How about a Stuart ghost? Nope, it was all the same, boring, predictable garbage. I mean more obsessing about Adam and Annie. That is all they ever talk about.

    Now the "real" anniversay stuff is supposed to be tomorrow but, from what I hear and see, it will mainly be a clip show. All of the guests that come will be part of some taped interview, i.e. not interacting with other residents.

    Sad, sad, sad.

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    A complaint i had was with Erica.. As we all know this is for the 40th Anniversary and you cant celebrate the 40th anniversary without Susan Lucci in it.. but there should have been a better way to implament her in it than having her EVER present at Annie and Adams Vow renewal when clearly she LOATHES annie and can barely stand adam so in character analysis. I couldnt see the character celebrating their wedding vows… Actually Davids party should have been the 40th Anniversary because at least then it would give EVERYONE a REASON to COME .. because david has BEEN EVIL TO EVERYONE in PV history since his arrival.. but erica @ adam and annies vow renewal JUST PLAIN STUPID…

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    Beyond that, the episode should have focused more on Erica, Tad, the other core characters. Instead, we get 1/2 an episode with Madison?
    This was so sloppy. Tomorrow we will get dozens of clips from when the show was well written. And Brooke and the others will appear in lame video clips. In other words, something they can slop together with little or no planning or changes in current story lines. What a disaster.

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    The 40th should have been Joe Martin’s retirement party.  And if Pine Valley is the "best town in America" I’d hate to see the losers.  And if you’re kicking off a documentary on "The Best Town In America" do you really think interviewing a psychopath / murder is the right way to go?

    And a total cheat that you’re bringing back all these former stars to talk about ‘the best town in America’ WHEN NONE OF THEM LIVE THERE ANYMORE!!!!!

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    Dream Conversation from a former AMC viewer:

    R-r-r-ing, R-r-r-ring!
    "Hello, Regis Here"
    "Hi Regis, this is Chuck Splatt. Is Kelly there?"
    pause "Pipa? Some guy on the phone for you…"

    "This is Kelly!!!!"
    "Kelly, hi!! Chuck Splatt!"
    "Chuck. From AMC?"
    "ohhhh, Hi! didn’t know you were still there!"
    "I am!"
    "how nice. Ummmm, what can I do ya for!?"
    "we’d like to talk to you about ‘Haley and Mateo’ returning for a few episodes in early January for our BIG ANNIVERSARY!!" 
    "What’s that?"
    "Well, Chuck, I’m just not sure….."
    "Oh please!!??
    "well?? I’ve heard some ‘not so great things’ lately. So i have a list of Demands!!"
    "you do? what are they?"
    "FIRST- – no senses with that idiot, Ryan Lavery. Big Baffoon with the buldging eyes. It’s insane! And while we are on the topic — end this skeeze fest with him and Erica! It’s maddening!"
    "oh. Sorry you’re not liking our version of ‘Cougar Town, we actually think the vie – -"
    "STOP! No, the Viewers hate it. That’s all the Housewives in the LIVE studio talk about during commerical breaks. How crappy it’s been!"
    "Okay, Kelly – so you’re back then!! You and Mark! I can call the Daily’s and –
    "SHUT UP, Splatt!! I’m not DONE!"
    "Okay……" Chuck replies
    ‘I want Julia Barr offered her job back……Or at least write her OFF this time! It’s just disgusting what you’ve done to her"
    "I dunno about this, kid. I’m not getting the Vibe I want……I need to talk to my Regis and see what he thinks…..I’ll have to get back to ya….."

    The call ends and Regis turns to Kelly. "They want you back? I bet you Five Grand that neither one of you can get through your first scene without laughing. It’s so horrid, Pipa!!!" (laughing out loud)


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    I can’t beleive that they said this was an anniversary show – today was just another episode except with the bonus of Hailey and Mateo – loved seeing them…

    I was prepared to see some "classics" today.  Did TPTB think would win back viewers by showing this crap today?

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    Laughing at some of the comments. You guys are funny. I was home from work today, I tuned in to see Haley and Mateo (although I never truly cared for them before) and decided to take a nap until 2 o’clock when OLTL came on.  BTW, Erika S  and Brian K were stellar today.

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    Eh, it was okay. I’m assuming the "real" anniversary ep is tomorrow.

    Seeing Hayley and Mateo was nice, but what was with Mateo only have like 3 lines? He was basically window dressing.

    And seriously, Hayley’s snarkiness with Annie was over the top. I mean, she’s sooo worried about Adam? As if he’s some kind of a saint, lol. As I recall, Adam has been more dangerous to his wives than the other way around.  Besides, Annie can break Hayley in two, it’s probably not a good idea for Hayley to get on her bad side :)

    Oh and I loved this – Hayley to Annie: "A nasty divorce, a stay in a mental institution, nasty custody battle, killing your brother" Was she talking about Annie or Adam?? lol!

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    TV Gord

    I AM a Greenlee fan, but she and David really dragged the show down today.  It was also a mistake to waste time with the Madison Hubbard.  (Come on, you KNOW it’s only a matter of time.)  Did anyone else find it strange that there was not even any mention of Randi?  Did something happen with her?  Is she gone?  I’m just coming back for these anniversary shows, so I might have missed something.

    I am a fan of Kelly and Mark’s but everyone fawning over her today was a little over the top.  If she (the actress) hadn’t gone on to bigger things after leaving AMC, those scenes wouldn’t have been written that way.  Hayley was never so universally adored the way she was on today’s show.  Sure, no one really disliked her back then, but as has been reported previously, she and Erica barely ever appeared in scenes together.  The whole atmosphere of today’s show was just…wrong.

    It’s a definite cheat that they talked about all the stars who are coming back to the show, and now we find out they are all going to be crammed into less than 40 minutes tomorrow???  That is a travesty.

    I also wonder who came up with the idea of giving Erica a hairstyle from Olivia Newton-John’s "Let’s Get Physical" era.  (And not even ONJ’s hairstyle…I think it was one of her backup dancers!)  If they wanted her to look younger with Ryan, why didn’t they just go ahead and dress her in a bobby-soxer get up.  It’s not quite the French maid’s uniform of years gone by, but it would get the point across.

    ABC really needs to get the word out there about how soon Lorraine’s writing begins, because if I knew it was only a few weeks away, I might keep watching beyond tomorrow.  If we won’t start seeing her work in the summer, though, I’m not putting myself through the kind of dreck I sat through today.

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    I decided to watch AMC for the anniversary, but I thought I had the dates mixed up because it looked just like the AMC that I stopped waching months ago. It was only labeled an anniversary episode because Haley and Mateo were there. I will admit I enjoyed Haley’s return, although they did stick poor Mateo in the corner for the entire episode. Haley had some good one liners though.

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    I tried to watch today in hopes of seeing something that looked like what I used to love, but alas it was god awful…no Tad/Joe & Ruth Martin, Brooke, Palmer, no flashback of Phoebe/Myra/Nina/and just a few moments of Angie & Jessie……Not what I was hoping for…….I didn’t even watch when Kelly R. was on the show so it was not what I was hoping for!  Did any of you find it lacking and disappointing?

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    TV Gord

    I sure did.  I can’t believe they shuffled Joe & Ruth off to Florida LAST WEEK instead of making them part of this celebration.  An original cast member.  Nice.

    If it also turns out to be true that we’re only going to see Palmer and Brooke and the others in lame clips on Wave and not interacting with other characters, that will be the final indignity for fans of this show.

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    [quote=TV Gord]I sure did.  I can’t believe they shuffled Joe & Ruth off to Florida LAST WEEK instead of making them part of this celebration.  An original cast member.  Nice.

    If it also turns out to be true that we’re only going to see Palmer and Brooke and the others in lame clips on Wave and not interacting with other characters, that will be the final indignity for fans of this show.[/quote]
    TV Gord, this is quite disappointing to me…I’ve been looking forward for weeks for these two days and I guess it was all for not.  Sad……

    Happy New Year TV Gord! I hope the best is yet to come for you in 2010~

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    abc soap lover

    I am very disappointed in the first of the two-day 40th anniversary show.  Great seeing Haley and Mateo but that was it.  Are we sure they didn’t pull the plug on this show already?

    ABC should be ashamed.

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     I was actually looking forward to it. I even DVR’d so I could sit & watch. Sending off the 1st family of Pine Valley BEFORE the Anniversary special should have been the 1st clue for me. Didn’t seem at all like any anniversary show. Same old crap that’s on everyday. 

    While it was nice to see Haley & Mateo, I felt like I was watching Kelly & Mark. Hope today is better. 

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    The show yesterday exposed the crap that is AMC!
    Why wasn’t Madison written as Nina’s daughter? Palmer’s granddaughter?

    If the new writer doesn’t get rid of Annie……………..

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    [quote=inspiron]Why wasn’t Madison written as Nina’s daughter? Palmer’s granddaughter?[/quote]

    Oh God, NO! Not Nina’s. Maybe the long lost daughter of Ross. That way she’d be a Cortlandt and a Chandler. And Hayley needs to go see Amanda so they can reminisce about old Uncle Porkchop.

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    abc soap lover

    It was nice to see some old familiar faces…especially Palmer.  Too bad the storyline was not up to the challenge.  After what OLTL did for their 40th, I expected a lot.  Can we get a redo?

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