Jack Vs. Adam Showdown Remixed On Y&R

Smilin’ Jack (Peter Bergman) really isn’t one to play with Kansas!

Thanks to beautreal for the tip and TheYrfan09 for the clip!

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    UGH!!  Where is Crazy Patty when you need her!? She shoulda slapped that Ho Bag, Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Newman right back, defending her Jack’s honor!

    Seriously……. Sharon is acting like such a moron, I can’t WAIT till she finds out the truth.

  2. Profile photo of mll1206

    man MS needs to teach SC how to slap!!!  that was weak!!!

    Come on JACK….evict them!!!  You know it’s coming!! toss all their crap out in Hefty BAGS!!! 

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     I am so tired of everyone attacking Sharon!  The writers are the ones who deserve the attacks for these terrible storyline situations that Sharon finds herself in, not the character.  It seems that they are out to completely ruin her character in order to push forward their ridiculous plots.  I wish they would free her from both Adam AND Nick, and give her a career, making her the strong female this show so desperately lacks.  I am so close to ending my Y&R viewing habit once again.

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    Why is it that everyone but the people Adam has swindled can see that he is up to no good. Sharon, Ashley, and Victor as just clueless to it all…smh…just doesn’t make sense.

    Adam must die!  That’s the only pay off that I will accept!

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    Yes season1217, Jack as the revealor would make for high drama. I do love to hate him when he is being so self righteously high minded. I still do want to see him punished for being the head cheese in the diary fiasco though. I suppose that will come yet again from the steaming scheming mind of Victor, but something more would be nice for a change.

    And Smitty … everything will probably come out in the wash soon enough. Don’t forget, however, that there is only one other peripheral character who knows exactly what Adam has been up to. So it is logical that he would be trusted for now.

  6. Profile photo of Smitty

    Actually besides that Doctor that knows, Patty does know that Adam was gaslighting Ashley.  I have been waiting for her to say to Paul or someone that Adam had her help him gaslight Ashley.

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