The Final Showdown on GH

James Franco’s stint on General Hospital is nearing its end, which means the final showdown between Jason (Steve Burton) and Franco is upon us. Poor Lulu (Julie Marie Berman), she never catches a break does she? Watch the promo after the jump!

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    For me, the only way this idiotic storyline can be saved is to have Franco kill Sam, Carly, Lulu, and Jason and be done with it.  Yeah, I know…

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    Hallelujah!!!  There is finally a light at the end of this boring tunnel.

    I am ok if Franco doesn’t hurt LuLu as she is better with Dante, I’ve always loved Carly but right now I would take Sam being an amnesiac who runs from Jason instead of towards him. I’m on the fence with Jason, I mean what would Guza do if Jason wasn’t on TV every episode. (note: sarcasm dripping with disdain)


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    Is it wrong that this made me laugh out loud? It’s just so…utterly GH. In all of the worst ways.

    I’m so happy this storyline is almost over.

    Dear James Franco,
    I heart you on the big screen. Not your fault Guza saddled you with this garbage storyline.


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    Yes now JaSam will move forward ….. and be stronger than ever …

    And I wished he would have taken Liz and get over with the Nightmare  that is Liz and Nick 

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    Again, I’ve got to give a shoutout to the GH promo people – they are fabulous at their job!! The story didn’t meet my expectations, but there were some (intentionally) amusing moments. Leave it to Guza to tell a homoerotic Fatal Attraction story, lol!!  Anyway, I look forward to the climax.

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    The problem with the Franco storyline was that there was very little Franco.  The showed him for 10 seconds in one episode here and there and the rest of the storyline was other characters talking about him.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the eps where he was actually featured but it has become so apparent that TPTB, to milk JF, they showcase him 10 seconds an episode.  Seriously,what was the point in seeing him dressed up on new years eating by himself but we didn’t see him actually kidnap Sam? WTF?

    Anyways, love James Franco (and  Franco) but I’m ready for the storyline to be over as well (although I will miss the pretty he brings to the show)

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    This storyline is exactly why I stopped watching the show.  The mob scene is so engrained into this show it’s ridiculous.  I like explosions as much as the next guy, but they’ve done waaaaaay to many storylines like it.  How many explosions and/or huge hostage situations does this make? Guza must do one at least once a year. 

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    TroyM ICAM with your post.  Good observation.

    Daisy I agree the promo is often better than the actual story.

    Ravennite just remember during Top Chef Season 3 Brian won the quick fire challenge by making a tasty dish out of a fried egg, onion straws and…wait for it…..SPAM.  The judges found the Spam to be quite yummy.

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    Excellent actor in lousy storyline
    sorry that they came up with another Save-The-Day
    unbelievable, unrealisltic storyline…

    I think Jason has saved everyone in town at least  three times over

    enough already…

    These save-the-day…save me save you are more of these sad Jason adventures…

    its old its boring..there is so much that could have been written for this actor.   I still enjoyed his performance  

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    Does this mean TIIC will finally see that Jason can’t carry a storyline.

    This whole storylines was purely Jason’s and it bombed very fast. 

    Also no one wants to see Guza’s homoerotic fantasies about Jason played out onscreen. 

    Now bring on more Niz and the reveal!!

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    todays’ episode is a perfect example of what I was saying.  (James) Franco was actually featured and the storyline moved along and he had some great oneliners.

    I think someone has to do a compilation of Franco’s oneliners and put it on youtube because they are darn funny!LOL

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     I Think Franco Story is Amazing …..
    And Jason can carry a story that is good and  amazing , the problem with This Franco thing is that he is not that much, we see more talk on Franco than  Franco himself …..
    Today episode  was really good Franco had amazing lines .. if they will put all the episodes he was and showed  it day after day without all the Franco talks I think it would have been better 

    And I don’t know if Niz thing can really improve the Ratings Niz was on the same as Franco if not more …. Niz is also Boring and seeing Lucky crying and yelling  at his brother and not the really guilty will be BORING 

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    i think the problem with this story line for most of us,  is we already know what the end result is going to be.

    kind of hard to enjoy a story that is supposed to be based on suspense,  when there is none.

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    jlj0117, exactly. And that’s a major problem with all the revolving door villians and their stories. We know exactly how it’s going to end and as you said, it takes away the suspense.  I mean, not only do we know that Jason and Sonny will beat them, but we know they (the villians) aren’t even going to be on the show that long. So how invested can I get in the stories? 

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    [quote]kind of hard to enjoy a story that is supposed to be based on suspense,  when there is none.[/quote]

    I agree.  Why couldn’t they have made him a long-lost Quartermaine or Cassadine?  Or a doctor?  Maybe he wanted to be a part of the mob thing, I don’t know, but as soon as I read he would be involved with Jason, I instantly became uninterested.  I realize they didn’t have a great deal of time to put together something for him, but did it have to be just another excuse for Guza write out another one of his Jason wet dreams?  And did it once again have to revolve around murder and end with yet another tedious kidnapping and another "Jason Saves The Day!" moment? 

    GH, you had James Franco, and you blew it on a completely uninteresting and stale story.  Congratulations.

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    I am so glad that this is finally over.  I wonder if James Franso is happy with the experience and the result.

    Today I wondered if Guza watched OLTL while Jessica had Natlie locked in a room and if Kelly Monaco had to be careful not to knock that plexiglass over.

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    Yeah, the Franco thing was difficult. Having him for such a short amount of time (since he bulk taped) really limited what they could have done with him. They didn’t have to put him in a mob story, but that said, let’s say they made him a Cassadine. It would have been a similar set up.  He would be a bad guy, he would have limited scenes/dialogue, some women would be in danger, and he’d be in and out in no time.

    The problem imo was they had to create an entire story around someone who was only going to be taping for a few days (can’t remember what the exact amount of time is). That’s an uphill battle.

    But the good news is that the Cassadine story will happen now and it won’t be rushed, which it would have been if it had centered around Franco.

    The only real regret I have with this is that they rushed Claudia’s story in order to be able to start the Franco story. IMO, that was a big mistake.

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    I mean, not only do we know that Jason and Sonny will beat them, but we know they (the villians) aren’t even going to be on the show that long.


    yeah.  the last real villian i liked was Jerry Jax.  he was vicious,  and it ROCKED.

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    jlj0117: Yeah, Sebastian Roche was FAB!!! And I Loved to Hate Jerry. They need to figure out a way to keep someone like Jerry on the show, continuing to cause trouble while at the same time being a viable character in his own right (w/o being sacraficed at the altar of Jason and Sonny).

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    Sebatian Roche IRL comes across as the nicest guy.  LOVE him being a baddie (although he has to stop messing with my gal Sam)  LOL

    And ICAM I would take SJB over Franco any day.

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    EET, SJB ROCKED on Bold and the Beautiful today. The scenes were uhm…somewhat surreal at first, but boy, towards the end of the ep she really did a fantastic job (the writing also got better for the scenes as the ep went on).

    btw, watched today’s ep and I can’t help it…I was amused by Franco once again. He’s just so nuts

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    GH Lover, I never said Niz is bring the ratings I just said I want to see them and the reveal. 

    Now when Niz was full blown, the ratings weren’t shabby.

    Also if you already hate Liz, you will think Niz is boring and hate the storyline.

    I love it. I stopped watching GH in 08 and Niz started me back watching again.

    I also love Sebatian Roche. But I think it’s more on the fact he’s marrying a sista!

    I think KeMo needs SR’s manager! That man has managed to guess star on show good shows and now he’s on Fringe.  She got popular from DTWTS yet her manager/boyfriend only was able to get her on a striptease Vegas show. That chick should have been guess starring and getting on some good shows by now. TIIC is cool with giving her time off to do side projects.

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    BigDede: Nope, TPTB are not cool with giving Kelly time off to do side projects. They’re cool with giving certain Men lots of time off, not her. The only way she got to do Peepshow (which got her and GH lots of positive mainstream press) was because she agreed to sign for another year. They didn’t just let her do it. GH has a history of being lenient with the guys, but being restrictive with the women. VM and Genie have been vocal about that in the past. And Kelly only being allowed to do the Vegas show because she re-signed was reported in various places. The women on the show simply do not get the sweet deals that MB, SBu, TG and Ingo get…

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