OLTL is the Number One ABC Soap in Viewer Engagement

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General Hospital may have big name guest stars like James Franco and All My Children may be getting a fancy, new studio in L.A., but when it comes to viewer engagemen,t ABC ratings underdogOne Life to Live is Number One. OLTL was the only soap to earn a spot on Rentrak's top 25 "Stickiness" index for its primetime airings on SOAPnet during the week of Dec. 21 - 27. The index measures viewer engagement and "is based on the average percentage of the program viewed, divided by the average percentage viewed for all series of that duration during Monday-Saturday primetime (8pm-11pm) and Sunday primetime (7pm-11pm)." SOAPnet airs ABC's three soaps 8pm-11pm. To simplify, SOAPnet viewers of OLTL aren't doing much fast forwarding!