Snoop Dogg Gives a OLTL Sneak Peek

Snoop Dogg may not be returning to One Life to Live until Feb. 24, but fans can get a sneak peek, courtesy of According to the cabler's website, Snoop will perform "I Wanna Rock" during his second visit to Llanview. The Doggfather  has already taped his part of the show, and  posted clips on his official You Tube account. Snoop says he has been a fan of the soap "since he was a baby" and last appeared in 2008.

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Can hardly wait....loved his last appearance. I was in stiches that of all the residents in Llanview he was down with Bo..... 

Also, hope this gives OLTL some much needed media attention and ratings

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He also talked about OLTL during his interview on Chelsea Lately. Here's the clip if anyone's interested:

Starts at about the 2:50 mark.

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I love Snoop! He has been pimping my show....
Malic N Wonderland in stores now!!!!!

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I wonder if Frons tries to cancel OLTL, I would love to see Snoops reaction.  It wouldn't be pretty.

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Heh, I love that he's coming back!