Debbi Morgan, Eva Marcille Among NAACP Image Award Nominees

The NAACP Image Awards announced their 41st annual nominees today. All My Children’s Debbi Morgan, One Life to Live’s Terrel Tilford and The Young and the Restless’ Eva Marcille were among the daytime nominees. CBS picked up six acting nominations while ABC landed four. See the full list of daytime acting nominations below.

Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series

Bryton JamesThe Young and The Restless
Cassius WillisThe Young and The Restless
Cornelius Smith, Jr. – All My Children
Terrell TilfordOne Life To Live
Texas Battle The Bold and the Beautiful

Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series

Daphne Duplaix One Life to Live
Debbi MorganAll My Children
Eva Marcille The Young and the Restless
Tatyana Ali The Young and The Restless
Tonya Lee WilliamsThe Young and the Restless

Debbi Morgan Photo by PR PHotos

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  1. Profile photo of season1217

    Some of these actors were literally on for about a total of five minutes last year. And Denise Vasi told me to ask the NAACP where the hell is her nomination if Eva Marcille got one!

  2. Profile photo of Smitty

    Thanks NAACP for making us look bad again, and again, and again…sigh

    Maybe they should discontinue the acting categories for daytime like they did for daytime series years ago…just a thought!

  3. Profile photo of goyankees

    Eva Marcille shouldn’t be in the same ROOM with Debi Morgan let alone UP FOR THE SAME AWARD!!!!!

    This, coming from a Y/R fan SLASH AMC loather. I’ll call a spade a spade – DM is one of the few OUTSTANDING actress’s on that show.

    I harly remember that whole Ty-Ty debacle in Genoa City anyway (shudder) That should tell these people something. If you’re Award Worthy, please – at least be memorable.

  4. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Ok what about Remy/Christina/Mel from GL? I realize not everyone embraced the new production model but if Texas Battle and Eva Marcille can get on the noms list why not them?

  5. Profile photo of doctormo77

    This list brought a much needed chuckle to my day.  Come on NAACP, Texas Battle!!!  Really?  Somebody needs to explain to them the definition of supporting actor and actress.

  6. Profile photo of season1217

    [quote=buddabridgewater]why don’t they just start giving the awards to extras b/c i didn’t even know who cassius willis was until i googled him lol[/quote]

    I swear I had to do the same thing. lol

    All he did last year was arrest that maid and Sharon.

  7. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Who is Cassius Willis?
    Seriously, no Tika Sumpter???? 
    Texas Battle, Terrell Tillford, did they purposely pick the worst of the worst?

    No words, I would prefer them discontinue the category quite frankly.

  8. Profile photo of josser

    What a disgraceful joke!  Eva Marcille instead of Renee Jones or Christel Khalil? 

    Texas Battle instead of James Reynolds or Kristoff St. John or Darnell Williams???

    Just a joke!

    Tatyana Ali??? Why the hell did she get nominated as a LEAD actress?  The woman just shows up and says hi and bye. 

    I’m appalled and embarrassed that this award has been hijacked. 

    What exactly did the guy who plays Det. Gil do to deserve a nomination? 

    Why some of these people are good actors, they simply did not earn a nomination.

  9. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    They just needed an excuse to put lots of eye candy in the audience…they use the actors and talent they consider the attractive ones, and then added 2 top actresses to give it some cred.

    This sucks

    Tika my Goddess is robbed
    Sonya Eddy is robbed

    ^all this talent, but instead NAACP wants to show the buff and or light skinned guys and light skinned gals with long flowing Auburn hair.

  10. Profile photo of josser


    You’re right!  Saint Victor and Mosley had substantial roles on GL unlike Tatyana Ali and the guy who played Det Gil on Y&R. 

    If Sandar Bullock can get an award nominee why not Latina Florencia Lozano?  Isn’t Kamar De Los Reyes part black?

    Someone needs to resign her/his post for allowing these nominations to go through.

    Could you imagine Eva Marcille accepting her award for best actress portraying and incestuous manipulative cryer? 

    Seriously, instead of Tatyana Ali, why not nominate Sonya Eddy from GH?  She actually speaks occassionally complete paragraphs of text instead of a single sentence hear or there. 

    (Look, I like Tatyana Ali.  If she actually had a role that required her to significantly act, I’d be happy to support her–l ike on Buppies.  This nomination is just wrong.)

  11. Profile photo of Thankulord13

    This is funny…. The NAACP needs to catch a clue.  Heads need to roll over this… maybe these people were nominated because they paid their NAACP dues on time or at least made a particle payment.

  12. Profile photo of east.west

    I will equate the oversights of James Renoylds and Darnell Williams to them most likely not submitting, but where’s Renee Jones and Sonya Eddy? And y’all this is Texas Battle second nom! Now how sad is that? Lawrence St. Victor is somewhere bench pressing in furry.

  13. Profile photo of josser


    Nope.  I’m not going to buy that Williams and Reynolds didn’t submit their names.  Do you think Sandra Bullock submitted her name? 

    Lawrence Saint Victor and Karla Mosley were both overlooked.  They both deserve nominations over Willis and Ali. 

    Where is Tika Sumpter????

    Hell!  Where’s Yvonna Kopacz-Wright?  My Mel Beaudreaux deserves a nomination over that hack Pigford. 

    In previous years, Image Award nominated Latina/os.  Why didn’t they nominate Florencia Lozano or Kamar de los Reyes–he’s Puerto Rican and obviously part black.  ;-)

    What’s really sad is that in 2009, although we still have a terrible lack of diversity on soaps, some of the few decent African-American actors and actresses can’t even get an EARNED(!!!) nomination from their own people!

    Give me a break!  Christel Khalil is half of one of Y&R’s most popular couples.   What a joke.

    Nope, I will not be watching this crap when it’s on the air.

    What a terrible insult to the actors, actresses, and their fans. 

  14. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    But these choices of nominees should show that they are a very lack of minorities roles on soaps and that AA is the majority of the viewer audience and not being given the fair roles or s/ls like the Causcians counterparts.

  15. Profile photo of TC irene
    TC irene

    These nominations get worse every year. They need to start handing out fresh butt whoopings on their judges panel or better yet they should be made to watch Eva,Terrell and Texas act .

    Why not Denise Vasi her hair is as pretty as Eva’s?

  16. Profile photo of east.west

    These awards have been crazy since last decade on the Daytime side. The requirement now is to be black or some other ethnicity and to at least appeared for more than 30 seconds in an episode.

  17. Profile photo of east.west

    These awards have been crazy since last decade on the Daytime side. The requirement now is to be black or some other ethnicity and to at least appeared for more than 30 seconds in an episode. I think the Latin equivelent of these awards have scaped this award. We should do the same here, b/c Texas Battle? Yesh!

  18. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Actually, I could almost live with the womens’ list if Eva Marcille weren’t on it–she’s as bad if not possibly worse than Denise Vasi.  And while I like Tatyani Ali(whose only on five minutes a month), Tonya Lee Williams(on five minutes every six months) and even Daphne Duplaix(on slightly more but paired with the worst actor on the show), Tika Sumpter is one of the absolute best things going right now on OLTL and has been for, I don’t know, EVER.  Hell, I could even stomach the highly inconsistent Christel Khalil.  But Marcille?  That one’s a dealbreaker. Thank heavens for that goddess Debbi Morgan,  still far and away AMC’s best actress.   And sadly, the men’s list is even worse–Bryton James and Cornelius Smith are the only ACTORS represented.  I mean, I don’t even like the character of Neil but I can appreciate the talents of Kristoff St. John.  And no Darnell Williams? Biggest. Travesty. This. Year. 

  19. Profile photo of Grimm

     NAACP proves its irrelevance once in this category.  Better to  have no nominations as a critique of the LACK of good roles for actors of color than to scrape the bottom of the barrel for nominations.  If the Oscars can do it, anyone can.

  20. Profile photo of weezny

    Bummer — OLTL has a whole troupe of terrific actors and actresses of color, and hardly any of them nominated (Duplaix merits it, Tilford most certainly does not).  (And the Darnell Williams slight has been mentioned already, glaring as it is!)

  21. Profile photo of josser


    There were better qualified black and Latino actors on daytime.  How could Tatyana Ali get nominated over Tika Sumpter, Renee Jones, Karla Mosley, Nia Peeples, Christel Khalil or Florencia Lozano?  Whoever made up these lists should be sent packing.

    It’s disgraceful that Darnell Williams was not nominated as that Willis guy was. 

  22. Profile photo of pecola

    If it were up to me: 

    Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Series
    Darnell Williams – All My Children
    David Fumero – One Life to Live
    Nicholas Rodriguez – One Life to Live
    Cornelius Smith, Jr. – All My Children
    EJ Bonilla – Guiding Light
    Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Series
    Tika Sumpter – One Life to Live
    Debbi Morgan – All My Children
    Florencia Lozano – One Life to Live

    Jessica Leccia – Guiding Light 
    Shenell Edmonds – One Life to Live

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