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I feel like I’m always saying sorry for my absence but I’ve had tons going on… after the jump I’ll dish on that dirt, it’s only fair and long past due. But really you all have been missing the GH dirt so let’s handle the business at hand, ok?

I have to agree with our girl Perkie. I love me some JJ but come on! Greg Vaughan was here and so was Jacob Young and their versions of Lucky Spencer were not in love with Jason Morgan. In fact, until JJ returned, Lucky and Jason were definitely at odds. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I simply don’t downshift that fast at least not without some explanation. Hello writers, you’re writers, write a line to explain Lucky and Jason’s newfound love affair, ok? Simple solution. Is this all leading to Lucky leaving the force? What’s with his complete disregard for all things PCPD and procedure?

On the personal side of things for Lucky he’ll confront his brother about Elizabeth and his feelings for her. Elizabeth stops Nikolas from jetting away claiming that she loves both he and Lucky but as far as Lucky knows it’s only Nikolas who loves Elizabeth. The Cassadine Prince begs Elizabeth to tell Lucky about their affair but she refuses. Will the truth push Lucky back to his addictions? RUMORS have him on a drunken bender and Elizabeth MAY give Nikolas the old college try. Will it stick when they go public? It looks like Lucky’s demons COULD have her going back to her roots. The SPOILERS have the reveal to be a real doozy. Apparently, despite Elizabeth’s success in getting Nikolas to deplane, Lulu convinces her brother its best that he takes that mini-vacay he originally planned. She also convinces Lucky that although he’s pissed at Nik, he should at least bid his brother farewell and when he goes to do just that he gets a little more than he bargained for. Let’s just say, you’d go drink too.

Since Lulu is in Franco’s clutches and his stay in Port Chuck is over soon, the above GOSSIP tells you that Lulu is rescued from the psycho artist. Also, some SPOILER pics floating around show Jason (of course) rescuing Sam and RUMORS say Dante is in the mix. I would ASSUME Dante rescues his lady love.

Speaking of Dante and Lulu… I simply love them together. Things MAY get a little testy for the love birds though when Dante pushes Lulu away in preparation for the bust on Sonny. He’s pretty sure Sonny knocked off Claudia and is ready to make his move but wants Lulu out of harm’s way.

Scrubs Stuff… Patrick’s ex-flame wasn’t brought on to play nice. She MAY even mess with Robin’s HIV meds. This is a nugget out there about Robin taking Emma to visit Grandma Anna and while she’s away Lisa just may make her move will a fall. Yeah, I saw one of those fake falls on The Bachelor the other night.

RANDOM RUMORS… Does Ronnie know Franco? Franco has been studying Jason for a long time, what else does he know? Remember Maxie saw blood on Sonny’s shirt the night Claudia died. Can Jason convince her to keep that to herself? Didn’t she already let it slip? Kristina is ticked off at dear old dad so she decides to sleep with Kiefer. Alexis thinks Kiefer is the better option over Ethan. Will someone finally clue her in on her daughter’s bad news boyfriend? Can Dante help Lulu pick Lucky up and dust him off? Michael knows that Dante is a cop. Could we finally get that Sam’s birthfather storyline? Another Jason and Sonny fight? RUMOR has it someone will be in handcuffs for Claudia’s murder.

The DIRT on me… Long overdue, I know and I apologize. Some of it is very personal and I just never knew when the time was right. As some of you may have already realized I have had some health issues this past year. Back in April of 2009 I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer (a type of Uterine Cancer). At the time, they thought it was caught very early so they started me on some drug therapies to preserve my fertility (I’m 33 with no children) but unfortunately they did not work as the cancer was more progressed than they originally thought. So in July, I had a complete hysterectomy to prevent any recurrence. I had some radiation treatments in September and my first screening for cancer cells was after Thanksgiving. I got a clean bill in December which was a huge relief. I’ll continue getting screenings every three months and my doctors see no reason that they won’t all come back just fine. Despite not knowing exactly what was going on, you were all really great so I want to THANK YOU all very much. I especially want to thank Luke, Jamey and the ENTIRE DC Crew who had my back during this entire ordeal. I cannot thank them enough, especially Luke, who has been an amazing friend. He remembered every doctor’s appointment and checked in on me all the time with phone calls, texts and emails. So that’s the skinny and most importantly, I’m fine and cancer free. I’m still trying to get back in the swing of things so please hang in there with me. I will be posting when I can. Happy 2010!

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    First of all, I am SO GLAD to read that your health has improved! We’ve all really missed you, and it’s so wonderful to read about your clean bill of health.

    I have no comments on the spoilers, since I am not watching at the moment. But I just wanted to say that I hope you continue to feel fine and healthy!

  2. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    OMG!  I am so glad to hear that you are better.  It must’ve been a scary time for you. 
    Good luck and good health to you!

    I absolutely LOVE Dante/Lulu, they are adorable, I’m glad to see they’re gonna have a good storyline together with the Lucky thing.  Sounds good.

    I am SOOO ready for the Niz reveal, I seriously wanted to SMACK Nik when he was being an ass to SLW.  WTH?

    Looking forward to the "who killed Claudia" thing, cuz how are they gonna even prove she’s dead when they have no body?  Lord knows what Franco did with it. (Yes, that is still freakin’ me out!) LOL

    Thanks for the SPOILERS!

  3. Profile photo of Smitty

    Regan I am glad you got a clean bill of health.  I will keep you in my prayers!  Nice to see you posting again!  You have been missed!  I’m not a GH watcher but I listen to you on the podcasts and have enjoyed you in the past.  Also can’t forget…GO BUCKS!!!

  4. Profile photo of TXScrubsFan

    Welcome back, Regan…and BIG congrats on the clean bill of health!  I am very, very happy for you, dear! 

    Love the spoilers, and am looking forward to Patrick and Robin finding out Lisa’s true agenda and calling her on it, or even having L go a little psycho on them and Patrick coming to Robin’s rescue!

    Speaking of rescue…I’d love to see Dante coming to Lulu’s rescue and then Jason, Dante, and Lucky giving Franco a serious butt-kicking.  Hey, it’s the mob, it’s PC…it calls for violence! 

    You have a fabulous new year, dear, and congrats again on your good news!

  5. Profile photo of Danielle

    You are truly an inspiration to all!!!! I love you and am honored to call you friend!!!! Even though I no longer watch and am no longer apart of DC I will continue to support you and this amazing site!!!! D.

  6. Profile photo of GH LOVER

     Regan I am happy that you are well .. that is all that matters …
    I hope that you will have a happy and healthy year ..
    As always I am also your fan by tweeter and all 
    Be safe 

    GH –  I love Jucky this is the way Lucky should have been all this years 
    Lucky is not Jason fun I see him still thinking Jason is bad ..  
    He just don’t tear him apart like hypocrite Jax 
    Lucky of the old was a loser …

    Ps I know many people don’t like Franco Storyline I love it !!
    But either way I think Steve is doing amazing amazing amazing job ……..
    I just hope someone will give him the honor of Emmy …

  7. Profile photo of keanna

    First off Welcome Back Regan!!!!!
    I am so thrilled that you got a clean bill of health and that everything is okay!!!!!


    As for the spoilers, I loved Lante, they are so cute. I think I know who they are going to get to take the fall for Claudia’s murder.

    Can’t wait for the Niz reveal and what the fallout will be for Niz and Lucky.

    So they recast the role of Lisa so they can do a "Fatal Attraction" type of storyline with Scrubs. Really??? Where’s Anna when you need her.

    We’ll see what happens.

    Again,thanks for the spoilers, Regan, and continue great health.



  8. Profile photo of AWfanforever

    I’m a new member of DC so I had no idea what was going on.  You are a brave lady to tell everyone something so personal, Regan.  I’m really glad that your health has improved and I look forward to seeing you around more.  God Bless.

  9. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Welcome back, Regan!!  I’m so happy to hear that you are doing better.  I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  It takes a truly strong person to deal with and overcome such an illness.  Congrats on being cancer free!  Happy New Year!

  10. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Thank you all again for your kind words. AWfanforever, welcome to DC. I’m not sure how brave I am, I felt the topic had been avoided, for lack of a better word, long enough. The readers who follow me came faithfully every day for a very long time and my absence had been longer than expected. I had struggled over when and how to tell the readers at large exactly what was going on and now that things are better I felt more comfortable.

    I will say this… with a majority of our readers being female, I can’t stress the importance of getting your ANNUAL checkups. It’s how I was diagnosed. Menopause sucks, as some of you may already know, but I’m dealing with it, thankfully winter in Ohio helps with a simple step outside! LOL!

  11. Profile photo of jmoney

    Long time lerker, new poster, let me just say I am so glad you are healthy and feeling better.  Congratulations, and continued happiness to you! 

    I missed your spoilers, you’re the best in the game!

  12. Profile photo of arielade

    Omigod Regan I am SO HAPPY that you are healthy now and through what must have been a horrific ordeal!! My mom is going through treatment for liver cancer right now and things are not looking too hopeful. While I am sure you must have some grief over your fertility, remember that there are so many ways to be a mother and I’m sure when the time is right you will be a fantastic mom! Thank you so much for being so brave to share this with us and being such an inspiration and such a strong young woman. YOU GO GIRL!!

  13. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I am very sorry to hear about your mom. Its a hard disease to deal with in any form and I considered myseld to be fortunate to have an easier go with it then most do. I am completely open to other avenues of becoming a parent. Hopefully one day I can! If not though, I’ve been a godmother 6 times!

  14. Profile photo of GH LOVER

     Reagn I am ,long time reader  at your blog  ….
    I was worried for you … 
    I understood you are going something but I thought it was not my biz to know ……
    I want to say to you  from all my heart That I really appreciate you coming forward with this personal thing 
    I admire you more than I ever thought I could ……..
    You are inspiration to us all….
    I wish you a happy healthy new year ..
    And more Blogging with us GH crazy fans , when I say Crazy I mean Me LOL LOL LOL 

  15. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Regan, you truly deserve a big giant hug, what some people fail to realize that sometimes the hardest thing is just saying the C-word (and I am not referring to my secret name for Kung-Fu Barbie)

    I wish you all the best in 2010, as well as every year after.  To me there can always be spoilers but only one Regan to tell them in her special way.

  16. Profile photo of ahanshew

    Hugs to you Reagan!  So glad you received a clean bill of health.  Thanks for letting us know what has been going on.  I’m sure that was not an easy decision to make.

    On another note.  TEAM LIASON!!!!

  17. Profile photo of pisces

    Welcome back, Regan. Thank God you’re cancer free now. Hugs.

    I don’t see Lucky and Jason being in love, or even being friends. I just see them working together for Sam and Lucky respecting Sam’s views on Jason and how this should be handled even if he doesn’t agree with them. Also, Lucky knows Jason didn’t ask for an artist with a psycho chip to come into his life and start playing games with him and everyone he loves. Franco is not part of the mob; if he were, it would be a different story and in that case Jason would have asked for it.

    Please, Regan, I am begging you! Tell me there will soon be an end to the mess that has become Spixie! Tell me that the writers will put them back on track in a believable way that does not involve this stupid revenge sex plot or that the couple will break up so Spinelli can find someone who actually respects him and won’t drop her dress and spread her legs at the drop of a hat just because the other guy who is not the man she claims to love happens to be there and she feels like having sex!

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    There was a lot of chatter on daytime dish about a possible Lucky/Sam/Jason triangle but I will believe it when I see it – although that was my dream when GV was int he role.

  19. Profile photo of jasamfan98

    So glad that you are healthy and cancer free Regan.  We sure have missed you.

    EET– I hope there is not a Lucky/Sam/Jason triangle.  I just can’t JJ being involved with Sam.  If it was GV like you said I would be all for it but not with JJ.

  20. Profile photo of melanie

    I’m signing on for the first time in months (need to get a new password).  I still check in here most days and listen to podcasts, I just haven’t been posting.

    I’m so glad to hear you are well.  It sounds like it was a hard road.  Even though I don’t know you personally, I have a soft spot in my heart for you b/c I started reading your posts while going through a health crisis with my young child.  Your posts and GH helped me to relax for a few minutes each day – this was a life saver for me.  I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person here who sees what you guys do here in that light.  So, I’m sending you all my best wishes for continued health, cool nights and motherhood if you should so choose.  There are so many wonderful options now. 

    BTW, Liason forever too.

  21. Profile photo of BigDede

    I missed your blogs.  Happy to hear that you are cancer free. I work at a cancer center and I see how strong the patients are that come in.  Here’s to your strength!

  22. Profile photo of growpeas

    Regan, It’s great to hear from you and to know that you are doing well.  Here’s to a very, very Happy New Year for you.  Cheers!

    I don’t post very much regarding GH.  I get tired of complaining about it.  Yes – I do still watch – but, mostly for LuLu and Dante and for the off chance that Liz’s story will get better (I detest Niz and am not into LnL – even with JJ in the role).  I actually did quit for awhile – mostly my way of protesting JaSam – but, the lure of the Valentine(?)Cassadine story brought me back (LoL – where did that get me?).

  23. Profile photo of Delia Diva
    Delia Diva

    Great news about your health!! Welcome back!!

    Looking forward to when Dante & Sonny find out about each other and the effects on their relationships with Lulu & Olivia.  Could be interesting IF written correctly!!

    Again, welcome back

  24. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    Regan…I’m thankful that the prognosis is excellent and am praying that you continue to get good news at every one of those follow-up appointments.  You’re awesome fun and I appreciate your point of view around here.


  25. Profile photo of aussie-gal

    Regan, I’m so glad you’re all better.  It must’ve been so scary for you.  Sometimes, you learn from these things and lead a better and healthier life.

    I wish you only the best.

    We missed you on the podcast and I hope you return soon.  

  26. Profile photo of Teach19

    Regan, I am so glad to hear of your positive health report!!  I hope you  have a great 2010!
    As for GH spoilers, 2010 sounds like a F/F year for me—A die hard Liason fan!!!
    I am enjoying Dante and Lulu, but nothing else!!!

  27. Profile photo of BrielleI

    I hope you wanted some The Bachelor Spoilers. Ali is going to leave the show on her own on Tuesday, the 2nd of February, and also that whole scandal involving Rosalyn was faked. Jake isn’t going to have to send anyone home, and it had everything to do with him keeping Vienna. No need to pay me, or get payday loans to reward me with, it was my pleasure to put out spoilers for that show. You can also thank Reality Steve, the website, for it.

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