Corday Productions Inks Book Publishing Deal for Days of Our Lives!

Okay, it’s official. I take back every nasty word I’ve ever typed about Ken Corday. Publishers Weekly is reporting Days of Our Lives‘ executive producer has inked a deal with Sourcebooks to publish fiction and non-fiction books based on the NBC sudser!

Days of Our Lives Publications will launch with the May 2010 title, by Corday (who is also the son of the creators of the show, Ted and Betty Corday), The Days of Our Lives: The Untold Story of One Family’s Deam and the True History of The Days of Our Lives. Sourcebooks calls the title "an insider memoir" about the family behind the soap, adding that it will show fans "the true stories that drive the fictional ones they love on TV." Sourcebooks is also planning a coffee table-style illustrated book to celebrate the show’s 45th anniversary for release in the fall, as well as a number of novels based on Days characters.

First DAYS smartly hires showrunner Gary Tomlin, Passions alum Lindsay Hartley (Arianna) and lures back Wally Kurth (Justin), Crystal Chappell (Carly) and Louise Sorel (Viviian), now they’re making me BOOKS?! Where is my Borders Reward card? I will never call Mr. Corday pig vomit again.

 Thanks Nancy for the tip!

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    I just recently bought a bunch of soap/show history books and was telling a few of my friends that they’ll probably never make another Anniversary Book for a US soap again. I’m so glad that I was wrong!!

    I hope these books (especially the non-fiction ones) sell well so that TPTB are convinced that it’s worth publishing this kind of stuff.

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    I am looking forward to pre ordering this book. I have been waiting a long time for a new book to come out. I had all but given up hope of that ever happening. I am anxious for this publication and getting my hands on it. I bet it sells like hotcakes as there are many Days fans who are very loyal to the show.

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    Wow! This is shocking news. I have the 30th anniversary book, and I recall a poster on another board asking if there was any more books and I could not find any on line. Interesting development.

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    If anyone is looking for soap books (show anniversary books as well as soap history books), you can get a lot of them pretty cheap at That’s where I got most of mine :)

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    Does anyone have any suggestions for fiction books that read like soaps? I’ve read romance novels but they just focus on one couple. I want a good soapy book. I read ‘Hidden Passions’ (of course) and loved it.  

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    Payton Place i believe is a soap novel that was made into a soap opera it was banned in Europe for being too steamy i believe there was a follow up book called Return to Peyton Place or something…i havent been able to find it…i cant wait for Corday’s tell all about days. i dont know about these character driven books cause im sure its going to be about melanie/phillip/nathan lol snnnoooore

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    RCLGuard: As tylerbo20 said, there’s Peyton Place. There are Jacqueline Sussan’s Valley of the Dolls and The Love Machine (warning: they are NOT well written, lol. But they’re fun and trashy.) I know Jamey likes Jackie Collins’ books, but I’ve never read any.

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    I’m definitely buying the one about the Corday family. I wish there’d be a similar book about the Bells and Agnes Nixon too. 

    If you’re a fan of B&B, you should buy their 20th anniversary book which was published in 2007. It’s the best, most beautiful soap anniversary book I’ve ever read. 

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    The 45th anniversary coffeetable book will be a must-own! I checked the 30th anniversary book out of the library a million times and it made me well-versed in Days history. It will be nice to have a book that details hot plots like Kristen/Susan, the Killing Pool, and the Salem Stalker.

    I also own A Tour Through Salem. It contains a map of Salem, plus blueprints for most everyone’s homes, as well as illustrations of what the outside of these buildings look like. Love it!

    Hidden Passions was a New York Times bestseller, so I’m still curious why the sequels never came to fruition. Passions novels would be a great way to keep the series alive, so maybe this Days news will inspire NBC/Universal and the Reilly estate.

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    Jamey Giddens

    RCL Guard, if you want soapy books, try Jackie Collins’ Hollywood Wives and the Santangelo Novels. As Daisy Clover mentioned, Valley of the Dolls, Peyton Place, Scruples. More modern examples, Tan Lines by jj Salem and Four Wives.

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    Jackie Collins "Lovers & Gamblers", You will not be disappointed!! Very soapy!
    ."  Lucky" was great 2!  Alot of E. Lynn Harris’ books are great.

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    Awesome suggestions, thanks guys! I’ve read a few Danielle Steel books but they failed to impress me. 

    I was also hoping for a Passions book series. I would’ve loved it.

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    I hope Days takes its longtime fans into consideration and features novels based on John and Marlena, Carrie and Austin, and Patch and Kayla. If we can’t get their continuing adventures on television, surely their stories can be told in novel form.

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    It is really looking like Days of Our Lives are in IT to win IT.  Whatever it may be.  They are doing so much right.  I just don’t know who to give the credit to…is it Gary Tomlin, Ted Corday, the PR staff, the casting staff, etc.  Actually it is really looking like a team effort at Days.  All of the group is working together to get the job done right.  Long live Days!

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    KC has the BEST PR STAFF in Daytime Soaps.  Since the beginning of the year and the last week in Dec DOOL has been on the SOD covers 3 out of 4 weeks.

    As for the book,  I have the Ultimate Trivia and A Tour Through Salem books.  I have also the first soundtrack KC put together in the late 90s.  I heard it’s going to be a 2-Disc one coming out soon.  Yet I’m probably going to buy this book for sure. 

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    oh i forgot if you want to read books about soaps read Elieen Davidsons pocket novels they are really good..oh and i have the 30th and the tour and also cooking recipes from all your favourite days characters…its actually a really good cook book lol

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    Hello there!  I’m Shawn and a new member of DC even though I have been lurking for the better part of more than a year!!  I’m really happy to hear about the DAYS tie-in books as I have owned most or all of the soap history books at one time.  

    My fave is Harding LeMay’s Eight Years in Another World and Inside Looking Out: A Personal Memoir.  Both are out of print but can be found on eBay, abebooks and of course!!  

    If you are really looking for a good soapy read and remember Michael Malone’s beautiful and layered writing on OLTL, I would recommend all of his novels since he was an accomplished novelist when he was hired to HW OLTL (that was back in the day when ABCD thought out of the box!  Remember his EP Linda Gottlieb and Heidee Granger on Loving LOL).  Here’s a list of all of his books compiled on amazon:

    If you like the classics I recommend originals such as Gone With The Wind and a new book called Roses by Leila Meacham which is now being called the next GTWT:

    And while the movie sucked, I recommend the Shopaholic chick lit series from Sophie Kinsella.  All books tie into each other in order and read like the perfect breezy soap opera with continuing characters lol!  She also has a few stand alone books as well that could all easily have soapy sequels:

    Pre-shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella wrote several chick lit novels under her original nom de plume, Madeline Wickham:

    I love to read too so I hope these suggestions help!!

    Shawn Brady (yep that’s my real name don’t wear it out lol)

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    @RCL Guard:  Ty for the warm welcome :)  Speaking of which yw re: the books.  I love to read – it’s like a lost art form I re-discover every so often lol.  Soapwise, now that we’re down to seven, I watch everything but AMC.  I’m trying to support the genre as much as I can and of course it helps to have an HD DVR ;)  Tho with Lorraine Broderick coming back to fix the mess I might have to watch AMC again too!   And another thing:  now that I’m spoiled by HDTV, I want all soaps to go HD!  That means YOU, DAYS & OLTL, & B &B!  Y&R & GH kick butt in HD!  

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