TV Guide Canada Publishes Fearless Soap Predictions for 2010

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TV Guide Canada'sNelson Branco is strapping on his gladiator armour and sharpening his sword-like pen to make his fearless soap predictions for 2010. Here are a couple of his saterical predictions.

On Days of our Lives:

Sami successfully pitches her own reality show — Sami & [Insert Name of her latest suitor] Plus a Crap-load of Children.

On All My Children:

When AMC’s Erica Kane crosses over to Port Charles, she reveals that Luke Spencer is Bianca’s father.

On The Young and the Restless:

Sheila Carter returns — and she’s Katherine Chancellor’s daughter!

Sheila Carter returns — and she’s Daisy and Ryder’s mother!

Let’s try that again: Sheila Carter returns — and no one cares.

Kimberlin Brown Photo by PR Photos