Mark Pinter Returns to General Hospital

Agent Rayner is making his return to Port Charles! Soap Opera Digest reports  Mark Pinter will reprise his role as the FBI agent on January 26th. Does his return have to do with Franco, or the town’s resident mobsters Sonny and Jason? With Bob Guza at the helm you never know.


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    Hooray! I was just thinking about Mark Pinter the other day. I’ve loved Mark Pinter since his Another World days and loved him as Greenlee’s (original) dad on AMC, too. I missed the wrap-up of the "toxic balls" s/l and wondered how Agent Rayner and Winnie were written off. I was thinking Winnie should come back and give Spinelli a little TLC over Maxie cheating on him.  Maybe Agent Rayner IS Dante’s boss? That would be good, expecially if Dante falters in his mission once he finds out Sonny is his daddy.

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    What are they going to do with him?  They bring in loads of characters and do nothing with them.

    I mean the last I saw him he had Jason wired up and then he was gone
    I don’t see the necessity.  I like Pinter and his wife are two of my favs but
    unless they are going to write a compelling story for him why bother?

    No law enforcer is going to get the best of Sonny and Jason…Dante whom I absolutely adore isn’t going to take him down once he finds out he’s dear old

    Its more of a running joke. I’d like to see a story where they are really in dire straits about being convicted..really concerned about it and spend some time in jail like Anthony Z.  Guza won’t write Jason and Sonny like that so why even bother with an FBI story that I can predict the outcome.  Its a waste of air time.

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