Constance Towers Returns to General Hospital

I hope General Hospital fans are ready for a little bit more of the dark side to come their way. Constance Towers is set to reprise her role as super villain Helena Cassadine on the sudser, according to Soap Opera Digest. The actress returns to Port Charles during February Sweeps and will mix it up with Nikolas, Lucky and Elizabeth. What does Helena have up her sleeve this time?

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3 July 2008
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I'm totally excited ... I've waited weeks for Helena's return. I'm happy the Cassadine storyline is finally coming. It's about time!!! :) 

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4 December 2009
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OH!  THANK THE SOAP GODS!!!  Now if they will just WRITE for her.  They have totally wasted her the last couple of times she came in.  She KNOWS about Niz.  Helena knows EVERYTHING!  She is awesome and I love her.  All hail Constance Towers!

I'm sure LUKE will be happy to see her, too! LOL

Can't wait for JJ/Constance scenes. If they write for Helena like Helena IS, there will be alot of innuendo type of stuff that Helena is famous for saying.

This is GREAT news!

Now for Anders Hove.........

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Can't wait for Helena to utter "Lucky" in that consescending way she does. You know what I mean.

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15 July 2008
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I just hope that give us real danger.  Maybe she should kill off a character - I nominate Lizard LOL.

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19 July 2008
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 SO excited. Can't wait.

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Im hoping connie stays for a while this time.As of right now gh isnt one of my must see soaps but with constance towers back it will be must see for me

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25 December 2008
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YAY Helena.

I can't wait to see her in the Spencer vs Cassadine feud....and all because Liz couldn't keep her legs closed. 
I should be grateful though, good drama coming up.

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25 March 2008
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I'd much rather she killed off Scamantha. Helena could do a DNA test and find out that Scam was never a Cassadine and Helena could waltz into town, spill the beans and off her...then they could get on with the actual story of Lucky/Nik v. Valentin.

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21 December 2009
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Finally!  She is one of the main reasons I watch GH.  I hope they write her like she used to be in the late 90's early 00's.  I am looking forward to this new Cassadine.  Maybe they can get rid of Sonny.

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14 December 2008
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Yay I can't wait for Constance Towers' return! This is awesome!

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I hope they write her to do more than lie in a hospital bed and/or roll around in a wheel chair...they bring her back and then what is the storyline?

To prop Rebecca, Ethan?

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13 November 2009
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Thank God the Cassadine story is back on the fromt burner. Was longing for it during this whole Franco crap.

I so love Helena. She so good at being bad (and insulting. I get a good laugh when she treats the common folk like crap).

Maybe her being back in town could remind Nikolas that he has a kid because I think he forgot and that he has a sister & a cousin that was almost killed. All he seems to care about not is went Liz is going to gave him her goodies again Smile

I hope they can involved all the Cassadines and Spencers in this storyline. Maybe Laura can return for short visit.

And I'm sorry Lorelai but I love Sam. Maybe not as Jason's girlfriend but as a Cassadine yes. I love seeing her and Alexis have their NICE mother and daughter moments.

And maybe Helena might actually say who the hell is her (Sam's) father because no one seems or ever asked who that is.

Can't wait to see the scenes between Lucky and Helena. I love the little teasers she was giving him when she was back the last time.

Why is it that all the Luckys are stupid. GV's Lucky was stupid and JJ's Lucky seems to be too. Just my observation.