RUMOR REPORT: Is Wendy Riche Returning to ABC Daytime?!

A little birdie just landed next to my laptop and whistled a nice, little song about famed General Hospital executive producer Wendy Riche being thisclose to inking a deal to return to ABC Daytime. Sorry GH fans, we’re hearing it isn’t the soap she successfully helmed from 1992-2001 that Riche will be assigned to. Instead she would fill the second-in-command producer slot at All My Children, recently vacated by Lisa de Cazotte, who decided not to stay with the sudser once it made the move to La La Land.

After leaving daytime, Riche (who also co-created the GH spinoff Port Charles) moved on to reality TV, serving as co-executive producer on the premiere season of MTV’s monster hit reality soap Laguna Beach. In other AMC news, we hear former Days of Our Lives executive producer Shelley Curtis has once again been tapped to work on AMC as a director, Curtis last directed for the soap in 2007.

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    I think both of these moves would be great for AMC. I loved GH under Wendy Riche. Those were the mid-to-late 1990’s  w/ Monica’s breast cancer, Stone’s AIDS, Liz’s rape s/l’s. Granted, she wasn’t the writer, but the show looked good and had balance then.  They won Best Show Emmys and deservedly so then, not for just one day’s episode, but for the entire year. Shelley Curtis used to direct for Days and I know she did a good job, there. AMC needs all the help it can get, and these are both good choices for the show.

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    Wendy Riche had my heart during her stint at GH…I was a fantic back then. Second in command? Damn, what do we have to do to get rid of Jhc?! Who is she blackmailing at ABC to keep her job?

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    OMG if this does happen as a 90’s GH fan/Robin Scorpio fan I can’t tell you how jealous I will be……seriously turning green as I type…. looks I’m adding AMC to my viewing list again…..

    Wendy GH needs you just as bad :(

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    *sigh* I have been SO hoping for Riche to return to GH…but I am pretty sure she would never do that as long as Guza is there. And Guza is obviously going to be allowed to drive GH into the ground.

    On the plus side, I definitely will be adding AMC to my DVR list if this is true!

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    Ugh why don’t they get rid of JHC! This news would be more exciting if that happened. Well step in the right direction. Now if the HW is good, Frons is making his choice to cancel OLTL justifiable in his eyes.

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    Why did Lisa leave AMC? She was on the West Coast for Passions for nine years, and then moved East and decided to stay there?

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    ^^^^I wondered that to, AlistairCrane.

    But I think this is good news for AMC. It’s definitely a step in the right direction, if true. Shows that ABC is really dedicated to bringing AMC back to what it used to be. I so hope this is true, and I hope more decisions like this are made throughout the year.

    I’m pretty sure the Shelley Curtis rumor is true to. It was mentioned last night on the SON boards by someone.

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    I hope this is true because Wendy was instrumental in the best years of gh mid 90’s era.I just hope they toss juli hanan carruthers out the door.As for head writer im still holding out hope that they find a way to keep lorraine broderick.If not maybe frons will surprise us and offer claire labine the gig

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    So let’s get rid of Guza.  And face it, who cares if Tony and Wendy aren’t best buds?  Tony apparently pushed for Ethan to be Luke’s son and we all know how that turned out.  GH needs a tough producer who will look out for the overall good of the show – not play favorites like Phelps and Guza do.

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    disillusioned GH fan

    Under Ritchie, she brought us the return of the Spencer family (Luke/Laurs?Lucky), she introduced the Ward family (a story I totally loved) and she brought back the Cassadines, from Nicholas to Stefan, to Helena, Alexis and Katherine Bell. What else was there? Oh, Brenda Barrett, Robin and Stone, the BJ/Maxie story, … but I do believe we have to blame her for Jason turning into stone cold and the introduction of Carly. I won’t even mention Sonny….

    I think Wendy butted heads w/ both Geary and Francis, but back then GH was a gazillion times better than it is now, so whatever our feelings were at the time… I look back on it as the last of a good a show before she departed and we got the mess we have now.

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    [quote]So let’s get rid of Guza. And face it, who cares if Tony and Wendy aren’t best buds? Tony apparently pushed for Ethan to be Luke’s son and we all know how that turned out. GH needs a tough producer who will look out for the overall good of the show – not play favorites like Phelps and Guza do.[/quote]

    Ditto. I’ll take Wendy Riche back over Guza and Geary any day.

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    As much as I’ve always loved TG, I have to agree.  They don’t write anything good for him, he’s never in a big s/l anymore.  He can’t BE in a big s/l because he’s ON VACATION 6 months out of the year.  They haven’t had Luke doing anything important in years.  It’s ridiculous.  If they’re gonna have a talent like TG, for god’s sake DO something with it.

    If TG has to go for GH to get some descent writing……

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    Tony is partly responsible for the way Luke is written and the fan backlash against his character. Claire Labine stated a couple of times in her interview with We Love Soaps that Tony hated the way Luke was written. He felt Claire didn’t understand Luke. Which I don’t get because Luke, to me, was written as a much more complex man under Claire but for some reason Tony seems to like the cartoon of a character that Luke has become.

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