Is the Jig Up For Adam On Y&R?

Seems like Adam’s (Michael Muhney) house of cards is about to fall… Thanks to Beautreal for the tip and TheYrfan09 for the clip!

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    Since Y&R has committed this storyline, It would be very disappointing if the show suddenly concludes the baby swap in 3 months; the storyline has to play out for 6 to 12 months.

    I like Michael Muhney and want him to be apart of Y&R for years to come.  The tricky part will be how will the writers redeem

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    I agree 100% with Joss the Guy!

    Wait. I agree with Ldykng too.

    Don’t mind Adam at ALL – -I love how he gets under Nick’s Skin… ANNNND cuz he’s a child of the Main Character on the show that wasn’t pulled outta thin air (Paging Erica Kane’s Unaborted…!! ) the viewers are "invested" in him, I guess you’d say.

    6 Months ago, all I wanted was my world restored. Nick back with Sharon, Jack back with Red. But then Sharon got all stupid and that insepid Doctor Pee blew into town…..ugh. Who to root for?? 

    I guess I’m just rooting that Fisher the Pooch makes it out of the fire a-okay?

    I still say the Baby Switch Reveal will happen at EXACTLY the same time that Sharon finds herself prego’s with Adam’s Spawn.

    And when Patty bust’s out of her padded room and swaps lives with Pee? I hope it STICKS!

    No Viking fan deserves to live amoungst the Cheeseheads….

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    I would have loved to see Kim Zimmer take Jill on. But I guess their is still talks with Bell, Inc. that she may go to B&B, damm now I’ll have to force myself to watch B&B, maybe she can take on the bleach blond bimbos over there.

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    I love how a blind Adam ran into a burning house and saved Noah, Eden and the dog. He didn’t even run into anything. It was simply a plot point to partially "redeem" Adam. It’s too bad that he didn’t get trapped and burst into flames.

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     Adam is a certified angus Beast of Beef! He will NEVER DIE…NEVER DIE.

    Long may he be around to stick that prick of a so-called brother, Nick in the ass.

    Adam is half-Blind..Crippled…and Crazy, but I love him.

    Keep ADAM alive! We Love Him!

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    Was JoJo the part that was concidered for Kim Zimmer? Oh bad decision La Zimmer… After GL … I would have taken a part like this … specially since she can work with Jeanne Cooper and Jess Walton… Can you ask for more in daytime???
    Oh yeah, you can ask for B&B where you’re going to marry once a year and if you’re lucky have a divorce on the same day… three episodes later..^^

    The Adam storyline is a mess. I hate it! It would have been so much better if TBTB would have left this entire baby switch story and pair Adam with Ashley … giving Victor the shock of his life.
    Sharon and Adam … I don’t feel it at all. They know each other for weeks, they are married by now … and as Sharon rightfully pointed out don’t even know what the other likes to eat. That’s horrible! How can you write such crap??? And yeah, I agree at that point – Adam has to die!!!

    A reveal? NO, not in a million years. I promise … this promo is totally misleading!

    Sharon and Nick back together? Honestly, I’m a Shick supporter and fan, but both roles are written so damaged that they should stay away from each other for a while. Nick should end his joke of a marriage and Sharon should just be without a man for more than ten seconds. MAB and her team destroyed that character over the last year. Time to at least try some damage control here!!!!

    Emily/Patty … just another plot mess that went down too fast without much emotions. I would have loved to see Jack having problems to fall for a woman who looks EXACTLY like his crazy ex-wife. Now they are engaged and about to get married … Wow, do I watch Y&R or B&B??? You don’t know these days…

    At least … they give Lauren a new office. Even though it should be storywise to give Lauren a place to herself where the devil or in better words Sheila Carter can show up and make her life a living hell once again…
    And yeah, as much as I believe that Sheila is one of the best villains soap land has brought on our screens … Lauren as a target gets so old. Even with Amber and apparently Deacon and Daniel/Phyllis in the mix.

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    Does anyone else think it would be nice to see a couple of GL families join Y&R? could we have a poll?

    I can see the Newmans/Abbots/Chancellors mixing it up with the Spauldings/Lewis’s/Coopers! It might even save Y&R!!

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    aveRex … yes Nick does need to be knocked down a peg or two, or three.

    This promo means nothing at all. So many promos over the past few years have promised much but delivered absolutely nothing. Adam probably will get his due, but he will live and will be around for a long time. As I said previously, the love child of a major Victor marriage cannot be just written away as being too evil to live. Also to our knowledge he has not yet committed murder; which is the one crime that most soap characters probably cannot get away with.

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    I HATE the Jo-Jo storyline.  Ughhh!  This show needs to shape up. Get started by getting rid of Hogan Sheffer!!!!!!
    I think Maria Arena Bell is a lot like Dena Higley.  She’s a figurehead.

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