NBC Tried to Hire Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters may no longer be in the 18-49 demographic advertisers crave, but she's still got game. Today on the The View–during a discussion of the Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien late night shuffle– Walters revealed  NBC approached her about returning to NBC News.

"I have not talked about this before... Last June NBC came to me and to my amazement made me an offer to come back to NBC News. At my age it was a very flattering offer.. . I chose not to go because I have been very happy at ABC... It was a very difficult decision. I would have been able to continue to do "The View." I just want to say that in spite of the fact it is young, they did make me this offer, and now I can publicly thank them.

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I guess Edward R. Murrow was too busy being dead.

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In other news, NBC has tapped Betty White and Rue MacClanahan for "The Really, Really Golden Girls". The groundbreaking, five-night a week laffer is expected to fill Jay Leno's timeslot. Carol Burnett and Susan Lucci are expected to fill the roles vacated by the late Bea Arthur and Estell Getty.

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I thought she told that story to further illustrate that NBC decision makers are fucked...in...the head...

I don't know why I'm surprised, though.  This is the network that kept Bob Hope on contract 30 years after HE stopped being funny, too.  In that way, Jay is part of a long-standing tradition.

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Regarding :  "Barbara Walters may no longer be in the 18-49 demographic advertisers crave, but she's still got game. " 

Understatement of the new year. haha...  Is there a coveted 99-109 demographic that I haven't heard about?

What was her new show going to be called "View from the Grave"?