The Battle For Dollar Bill Heats Up On B&B

Uh oh, Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) been listening to Salt-N-Pepa’s "I’ll Take Your Man." Shoutout to Beautreal for the tip and TheYrfan09 for the clip!

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    My thoughts exactly … WHO CARES?

    This show is far away from what it used to be. Katie as Victoria Newman is part-time fun to watch … but as the main heroine of the show, which she apparently has become over night, isn’t working. HT should run, go back to Y&R, take her place and we all would be happy to see her on our screens.

    And McInnes Wood isn’t working at all. And NO, Steffy is no Brooke Logan. Use the original. Don’t want to see a cheep copy on my screen with an actress who can NOT act.

    The stories in general … you know … there were times where I couldn’t leave out a single episode, where I was totally hooked. I haven’t had this feeling with B&B in years. The last time I really felt like I need to watch it was when Brooke was Nick. Even though the writing wasn’t that good, at least KKL and JW had a magical chemistry that wanted you to watch B&B.
    But the last really good storyline for me was when Brooke had the affair with Deacon and everything that came after that – ending with the first pseudo incest between Ridge and Bridget.

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    There is very little love on this site for B&B. It is not a bad show. Is it as good as it was in the past? No. Well most shows are not as good as they were in the past. I am glad that the DC staff gave the show some credit in the POW episodes. You B&B haters need to stop criticizing this show. It is not that bad!

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    I agree with reggyreg. The show is finally trying to find a way to expand beyond the same old characters. To deny the newbies a chance to shine is unfair. And the whole Heather Tom as Victoria thing is silly. She may never be Victoria Newman again. If shes that good at playing a vengeful bitch they will continue to write her as one regardless of her previous roles. Get over it. :crown:

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    You said it. We need to forget about Heather Tom rejoining the cast of Y&R. I don’t think it is going to happen. I think she is doing a good job on B&B. Giving her and Don a chance to shine is a good thing. Give Katherine Kelly Lang and Susan Flannery some down time and then maybe later in the year bring them back with a big story. I miss their intense rivalry.

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     I am caught between a rock and a hard spot where Katie is concerned. She is the only Logan woman that I ever really liked and yet she irks me to no end because she is so hung-up on her sisters’ approval and love. 

    Now she has this dynamic man in her life. $B is handsome, rich and would never betray her with the likes of Brooke and Dumma. He has given her a position of responsibility and his heart— Katie is still insecure, she still doesn’t get what she has and probably why she has what she has. 

    That she walked out on him while he defended her honor was so off the wall, that I say she doesn’t deserve him…. STILL…………………….. 

    I did not see why Stuffit was there. She told her Family that Katie couldn’t get Bill to give the company back, but she thought she could? He asked her to leave more than once and she stood there, challenging him, taunting him and watched him getting drunk. That he kissed her was not okay, it made no sense after the last two moments alone, that he would. But…………. the rest is history. I can’t say that I blame Katie for being peeved about this little homewrecker trying her patience, but she needs to clear that with her man.

    Katie’s options?
    She can try to talk to Stuffit again and if the attempts fail, she can speak to Ridge, telling him that his Daughter is looking at unemployment if she doesn’t keep her butt at FC during work-hours and a restraining order if she doesn’t keep her butt away from the Spencer home. 

    Or she can pull out all the stops and do as is spoiled. Become just as devious, use Hope redirect Stuffit’s attention and then watch the girls play hard-ball.

    I like the second option! I love it that Katie is going to turn the tables and in doing so, giving Stuffit something to do other than play in her hair. What I don’t like is that she is still a whiner. If Brad would write that part out of Katie, break her free from Brooke’s skirt tales, I would definately not be disappointed.

    For those who don’t care— I ask myself why they watched the clip? The article clearly stated what it was about, so I just don’t get it. There always has to be the stompers before they even look to see what is in front of them which annoys the hell out of me. I love this show, for bad and the little good there is. Getting the Logans out of controlling power at FC is my only wish. Katie has never truly given air to the Loganistics of her being, which leads me to believe that she isn’t a Logan at all. I still believe she will turn out to be Erwimps daughter. With that in mind, I say, fight Katie! If she is a true Forrester, what better reason to kick Stuffit to the curb. Let her hang herself, keep the marriage strong and stop wuzzing out on the only man who will ever free your Mind and your troubled soul.

    As far as the Hope/Stuffit engagements… let the dice roll. Leave $B out of it and everything will be just fine. 

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    I agree Reggyreg B&B has been a decent soap lately!  I have been satisfied by it.  Last week the soap was by far my favorite soap!  It was the bomb dot com!

    If Jacqueline MacInnes Wood can bring it like she did when she gave that tongue lashing to the Logan "Hoes" then she could be a good rival for Katie.  I just wish they would use Thorne more.  I don’t understand why he wasn’t included in the scenes at Forrester when Bill ripped into the Forresters. 

    I have to say I have enjoyed B&B since I started tuning back in regularly in September.  Still has some quirks…Sandy storyline I really could care less about, but the show has been good.

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    I’ve enjoyed Bold and Beautiful and even on comments are did they get new writers:

    The dialog has been awesome lateley Don Diamont rocked it taking Ridge/Eric/and the Logan Sisters to school and Sarah J. Brown’s Sandy’s breakdown in the police evidence room is equally as good.  I dont have a problem with B/B at the moment….and find the script writing fair superior to some ABC daytime dramas right now

    I’ve been  intrigued by the Spencer / Logan feud…even though its still a threat to Foresster Creations which has been done before but for some reason I’m interested in this one.

    yes it can be a bit too soap campy but after some of the terrible I’ve seen elsewhere its really not that bad  especially since …I’ve totally given up on FronsTV.  I don’t have many options.

    Besides, Bill said some things I’ve wanted to hear the way I’ve wanted to hear it……

    Good scene also between Bill and Katey, Heather Tom brought in for me when she left him and came back…there have been some good scenes between the Logan Sisters…Bill/Steffie…Steffie got down for her dust in a scene telling how she really felt about the "Logan" sisters as well…I also liked the storm as a backdrop for the drama hearing the lightening and all that…It was very good for me. 

    I didn’t realize that Kately wasn’t not used previously since she has been on pretty regularly since her wedding to Bill I’ve seen her constantly…I think they do wonders for an 19 to 20 minute show. 

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    Smitty, I agree with you. The show is doing fine. I also like Steffy as a bad girl. It almost seems as if her acting has improved when she is being nasty. I hope the show continues to improve!

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