Lucci, Mathison, Morgan and Budig at 9th Annual NYT Arts & Leisure Weekend

Some of All My Children’s biggest stars (Rebecca Budig, Cameron MathisonDebbi Morgan and Susan Lucci pictured with AMC creator Agnes Nixon above) turned out for the 9th Annual New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend at The Times Center. The event, which brought out everyone from Angela Lansbury to Natalie Portman and Alan Cummings, took place on Saturday, Jan. 9 in New York City.

Rebecca Budig, Susan Lucci, Agnes Nixon and Julie Hanan Carruthers

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    I was there, and it was so wonderful seeing Agnes Nixon in person. She and Susan Lucci even did a reading of an old script with Erica and Mona.

    What they talked about made me really optimistic for the show in the future.

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    I do not like Erica I think she is a terrible actress and I can understand why it took so long to get an award.  They keep making a story for her.  Why does she show up in places that has nothing to do with her.   Her and Ryan are a joke.  And her breast implants are so fake and they have her wearing ruffles to look bigger and she stands so arched.   She can go to Africa forever.  Love the show but switch whenever she is on.

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    I agree Susan lucci cant not act for hell and you right again Ryan and her as couple is a joke she could be is mother no chemistry at all.She does have breast implants and face implants botox  the list goes on and on and on.Susan will never get and Emmy  again they give it to her because she lost so many times.

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    I love how many of the AMC actresses debuted the same hair color at the same time….Rebecca…I understand your roots were supposed to have grown out in that year…but tell them to color you back to life…STAT!!!

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